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12 creative ways to reuse plastic Easter eggs

by Ünal Güler

Reusing plastic Easter eggs is an easy way to recycle, but in a fun way. We’ve collected our favorite way to repurpose those brightly colored plastic eggs. Use them for fun crafts, games, educational activities and more! Kids younger and older, kids of all ages really, will love all of these fun ideas.

You’ll love all these creative ways to reuse plastic eggs!

Reuse plastic Easter eggs

I’ve officially lost count of how many Easter egg hunts we’ve had. My kids love their plastic Easter eggs.

They love to store their toys and sweets in it. They love putting the two halves together. They love to chase them, both indoors and outdoors. But I know there will come a time (soon) when they will get tired of using them the same way.

So what do you do with all those plastic eggs? Have you ever wondered what to do with plastic Easter eggs? Sure, you could put them away until next year. Or try one of these fun ideas!

The best part is that you can use colored Easter eggs or even clear plastic Easter eggs and most of these will still work as you only need half the plastic egg in most cases.

Easter Eggs Educational Activities

1. Letter Matching Game

Practice letter matching with this letter matching game. Using a Sharpie marker, write a capital letter on one half of an egg. Write a lowercase letter on the other half. Challenge your child to take on him!

2. How to write activities

Teach your kids how to spell (and rhyme) with these spelling exercises. For this activity, they match initial sounds with final sounds to form words.

4. Math Eggs

Do math problems with these math eggs. Write the problem/equation on a page with a Sharpie. On the other hand, type the answer and challenge your kids to match it correctly. (Out of Plasticine for Plato)

Letter Easter Egg Numbers and Letters game with blue, yellow, dark pink and light pink eggs on a beige rug held by a little boy with dark hair wearing a yellow and white shirt.
Learn numbers and your ABCs with these fun games you can make from recycled plastic Easter eggs.

Reuse plaster Easter eggs to make a game

3. The Missing Game

Practice counting with this fun The Missing Game. The only supplies you need are eggs, a sharpie, and paper. It’s like a memory game. (Out of Mom explores)

5. Egg rocket

Build an egg rocket using water, Alka Seltzer tablets, plastic Easter eggs and empty toilet paper rolls. Children can also decorate the “rocket” before launching it, with adult supervision of course! (Out of Team Cartwright)

6. Egg Challenge

Challenge your kids to a tower building egg challenge! Once they’ve mastered building with the eggs, encourage them to try building with a color pattern. You can also have them made in different sizes, e.g. B. Big Towers and Tiny Tower Easter Eggs. (Out of The resourceful mom)

Plastic Easter eggs, pink, yellow and purple, and marker
Are you ready to try these awesome ways to make crafts, DIY games and more with plastic Easter eggs?

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Turn plastic Easter eggs into awesome crafts

7. Music Shaker

Turn plastic Easter eggs into music shakers by filling them with things that can make noise (like beans, rice, or popcorn kernels). Seal the eggs with heavy-duty tape. (Out of take a mother)

8. Make bird seed eggs

Make bird seed eggs to leave in your yard. Here’s how.

9. Caterpillar

To make a caterpillar, your kids need to stack plastic Easter eggs instead of snapping them together. Other materials you will need are pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and felt tip pen. (Out of Erin Hill)

10. Superhero Eggs

Create little egg superheroes with felt, googly eyes, stickers and markers. Since this requires a hot glue gun, be sure to help your little ones with this. (Out of Glued to my Crafts blog). This method can also be used to make egg monsters!

11. Plastic Easter egg wreath

Make an Easter egg wreath. This plastic Easter egg wreath is perfect for decorating for Easter next year! (Out of KC adventure)

12. Plastic egg crafts

Turn plastic Easter eggs into mini potted plants. This is one of my favorite plastic egg crafts. It’s a great way to reuse plastic eggs but also bring more green into this world. (Out of The Crazy Craft Lady)

What fun Easter egg project or learning activity do you get started with?

Looking for more ways to reuse items in your home?

Plastic eggs aren't the only thing you can reuse, you can reuse plastic bottles too

Love the fun and different ways we’ve upcycled plastic Easter eggs? Then you will love these other ideas to upcycle more things in your house! You can do so many amazing things.

What do you do with your extra plastic Easter eggs? We’d love to hear from you.

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