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12+ cute flower cookies: to make and eat

by Ünal Güler

Flower cookies are so great! They are cute, fun to make and so pretty! We have other flower recipes too, but our favorite spring treats are the flower cookies! Kids of all ages and everyone will love making these cute and colorful flower cookies, cakes and treats.

Text: 12 Cute Flowers to Bake and Eat - Flower Cookies, Flower Cakes, Flower Candy, Flower Marshmallows, Sliced ​​Fruits that look like flowers
Beautiful and delicious flower cookies, flower cakes and more!

Let’s bake some flower cookies with the kids

Beautiful flowers don’t just have to grow in your garden! You can craft or make flowers from paper and pipe cleaners cute flower cookies, cupcakes and candies Eat.

I’ve put together a collection of real flower cookies and gorgeous candies that look like daisies, roses and daffodils to name a few!

Your kids will have loads of fun getting their hands dirty while planting a lollipop and marshmallow flower in a chocolate cupcake cup or planting pineapple sunflowers in strawberry planters.

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Flower cookies recipe

Use traditional orange and yellow candycorn or bright pink and purple candycorn to decorate peanut butter crackers sunflower cookie pops. Look how bright and cheerful these are from Sweet Sugar Belle. You need one Sunflower Cookie Cutter because a round cookie cutter won’t work here. The only circle is in the center of the flower. You will also need one rolling pin to roll out the flower cookies too!

What could be easier than to decorate Flower cookie pops using colored sugar and adding paper leaves to make cute flower cookie pops? Check out this one from The Decorated Cookie for Sheek Shindigs! This is a delicious sugar cookie recipe. You are flower shape!

Oreos dipped in white candy melts can be decorated to look like flower pops with Jordan Almonds and sprinkles. These Oreo flowers from Sweet Simple Stuff are gorgeous and delicious! You don’t have to split the batter or anything special like jelly beans or English lavender, a big egg or anything. These are the most budget-friendly flower cookies!

4. Flower Shortbread Cookies

These shortbread cookies are amazing and they are so cute. They are lemony and have edible flowers Two cups of flour. They are easy to prepare and easier to bake. Like most cookies, all you need is parchment paper, a baking sheet, and a large bowl.

5. Edible Flower Cookies

These bright and spring like cookies are amazing. They’re buttery, floral, with hints of vanilla extract. Absolutely beautiful and delicious by girl style. Make sure you use ungreased baking sheets. The fresh flowers are edible.

6. Homemade Royal Icing Flower Cookies

Take out the all-purpose flour, room temperature butter and a wire rack to make these easy recipes for the cutest flower cookies. This Sugar cookie flowers with royal icing are delicious. And they are beautiful with their light pink, dark pink and white petals. Then the pearl sprinkles…these are amazing from Foodal. This is also a delicious sugar cookie dough recipe.

Recipes for daisy cakes, fruit flowers, lollipop flower cupcakes and flower cookies
Did someone say “flowers”? I love these flower cookies and other flower desserts.

Flower cake recipes

6. Easy Flower Cupcake Recipe

Place a single Lollipop blooming from a cupcake makes the cutest little flower. Add some leaves and sprinkles and you have a really pretty springtime treat. This Flower Cupcake from Bubbly Nature Creations is sure to be a hit.

7. Daisy Cake Recipes

Flower cookies aren’t the only cute flower to eat! Use these Hungry Happenings Daisy Cake Recipes to color cake batter and smear it into flower-like shapes to create bright and glowing shapes happy daisy cakes. These can be used as cupcake toppers or turned into a beautiful bouquet.

8. Lollipop Flower Cupcakes Recipe

These lollipop flower cupcakes from Domestic Fits are almost too cute to eat…almost. Marshmallows can be cut into pretty petals lollipop flowers and look pretty popping out of chocolate chip cookie covered muffins.

Want an extravagant flower cake pop? Then you will love these blooming flower cake bangs, they are so bright and vibrant! Great idea from Wilton.

10. Easy Flower Cupcake Cake

This floral cupcake cake from Culinary Couture is a cake to pull apart! It’s a super easy way to create one bouquet cake consists of using individual cupcakes that are arranged and decorated with icing.

Flower cookies, flower cakes, edible daffodils and other edible flowers
Look how bright and pretty these flower cookies and cute flower desserts are!

Flower candy recipes

11. Candy Bouquet Ideas

Real flowers are beautiful, but so are these candy bouquet ideas. Transform a plain store-bought marshmallow into a gorgeous one Marshmallow Rose with some pretty pink sugar and frosting. Nice idea from Sugartown Sweets. Make rose petals easily.

12. Colorful Flowerpot Recipe

This flower pot recipe from Erica’s Sweet Tooth gives your floral treats a great base. Cookie cup filled with Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Make perfectly shaped flower pots for sunflower and tulip cookie pops.

13. Edible recipe for sweet daffodils

This edible daffodil from Hungry Happenings is my absolute favourite. Yellow candy melts can be crafted into shells and squirted into petals Daffodil Candy Cup. These can be filled with candies or lemon mousse.

Recipes for healthy flower snacks

14. Healthy and sweet flower snack

You can use grape-filled strawberries to make cute little flower pots to hold Yellow Pineapple Daisies to make amazing and delicious (I already have healthy) flower snacks! Funny idea from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons!

Beautiful flower crafts for your kids to make from kids activities blog

Have fun designing your edible garden full of cookie flower pops, cupcake bouquets and daffodil candy cups!

What easy flower cookie or flower dessert recipe do you make for your family?

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