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15 clever storage ideas for toy cars and hot wheels

by Ünal Güler

Vroom! We have toy car storage solutions that make Hot Wheels store. Toy storage always seems to be a challenge after a vacation or birthday, especially with small toys like toy cars, hot wheels, matchbox cars, toy trains or other small vehicles. These toy garage ideas are the best Hot Wheels storage ideas out there.

Clever toy car storage ideas, hot wheels and creating toy car garage areas for little girls and little boys - 5 toy car storage ideas, from using toilet paper rolls to hanging them on magnets on the wall
Let’s take a closer look at storage options for Hot Wheels and toy cars to make housekeeping fun…

Clever toy car storage ideas for the playroom and beyond

My boys little cars seem to multiply as fast as toy trains. We have tons of great ideas on how to make better use of toy car storage.

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If you have children at home – a little girl or a little boy, then I guess you have toy cars everywhere! I love this collection of toy car storage solutions that includes Hot Wheels cars, Matchbox cars and even toy trains in a great way to not only put away little cars but also to display them nicely!

Storage ideas for Hot Wheels

What’s unique about Hot Wheels cars and Matchbox cars is that these toy cars seem to multiply to a level where it’s hard to imagine just putting them away. Here are some great ideas for car storage units…

1. DIY parking garage toy

build your own parking garage that will have a fun way of storing all your Hot Wheels cars in recycled cardboard tubes. Keep all your favorite cars in one safe place! via Frugal Fun for Boys

2. Matchbox Cars Vertical Parking Lot

Hang yours cars on the wall (within children’s reach) with magnetic metal knife bars can be found on Amazon. That’s so smart! Now you don’t have to worry about your Hot Wheels vehicles everywhere! via Keeping Up With The Smiths

3. Use a book ledge for toy car display and storage

I love these storage ideas from Hot Wheels. You can also hang all those little toy cars on the walls book rails! This also makes the perfect Hot Wheels display case. via Stacy’s Savings

4. Over the door portable storage unit solution

The above the door of the car body allows you to view all your Hot Wheels and folds down and down easily.

5. Hot wheel storage with carry handle for storage

Would you like a high-quality carrier bag for your car? Use a tackle box for storing up to 100 toy cars. This is a cheap car organizer. This is great so you can take them from room to room! via Adventure’s of Action Jackson

15 clever toy car storage ideas - toy car shelves, toy car storage in bins and great way to have portable storage with a handle
Other great toy car storage solutions… one even has a carrying handle!

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Small toy car storage ideas

6. Clever reuse of large car tires

You can create a truly unique car storage box from a recycled tire. This idea is so much fun! above Spaceships and laser beams

7. Easy storage for Matchbox cars

make your own hanging organizer So your cars can hang on the wall but also fold up. via Pick Up Some Creativity

8. Car glass storage idea

Spray paint a toy car and the lid of a jar to create something super cool auto glass. about simplicity in the south

9. Ultimate travel toy

A simple plastic Thread organizer Works great for toy cars! This allows a little boy or girl to carry their Hot Wheels collection with them using the carry handle.

15 Clever Toy Car Wall Storage Ideas - With a shoe cabinet at the back of the door or a built-in shelf painted to match the wall
Store toy cars on the wall – either temporarily or permanently with these storage furniture.

Ways to organize toy cars for kids

10. Wooden shelf garage for storing Hot Wheels

Here’s another simple one DIY wall storage Idea that anyone can build! via Little Bits of Home

11. Bucket full of cars

I love this idea of ​​lettering a metal bucket and fill it with your toy cars. What an easy cleanup! via Shanty 2 Chic

12. Hot Wheels Travel Case

That is fun Hot Wheels car trunk can take 100 cars anywhere. Complete with handle and wheels!

13. Upcycled toy car shoe rack

You have to see how this simple shoe rack becomes gorgeous wall garage. about A Lo And Behold Life

14. Play & Fold Hotwheels Storage

The toy car mat Lays flat for play and then folds the cars for storage! i love this idea via Etsy.

15. Label for easy storage

if you have one huge collection like this, labeling them is a great idea. via Listen to Lena

16. Toy Clutter Solutions for Hotwheels and more…

Are you ready to organize the whole house? We love this decluttering course! It’s perfect for busy families!

More toy car fun and toy storage solutions from the Kids Activities Blog

Which toy storage solution will you try to get rid of the hot wheel mess?

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