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15+ Crazy Things You Never Thought You Could Send

by Ünal Güler

Have you ever wondered how to send something crazy? I was so excited when I realized that there are a whole bunch of weird things you can mail someone (small unusual gifts you can mail). Envelopes and boxes will look dead boring when you see some of the crazy things you can legally mail through the US Post Office, and here’s how…

15+ things (surprises) you never thought you could send - card envelope in the mailbox, small package, sending a ball, balloon message
squeak I never thought I could send a ball? CRAZY!

Here’s how to email something unusual

Looking for a fun graduation gift? Send a birthday present? Do you want to stand out this holiday season?

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The answer to all of these questions is to put a smile on someone’s face by sending them one of these great ideas for things you never thought you could send! Oh, and we’ll show you how to mail them!

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Send unexpected gifts in the mail

1. Send Teeny Tiny packages

You can buy Tiny, tiny packages perfectly packaged and filled with random surprises for your pen pal. These are so cute. They are brown paper packets simply tied together with string my favorite things

2. Google Map envelopes that you can mail

Instead of sending a postcard from your travels, send one Custom Envelope of the area you are visiting or the map of a place you want to visit. This genius cover idea includes a Google map of a desired location. How fun would that be for an upcoming trip, birthday surprise, or family vacation plan?

3. How to send a ball in the mail

Send a ball in the mail? You can do that? YES! Email a Ball on a birthdaywith this idea of The House of Hendrix. What a fun treasure for the kids to discover in the mailbox on their special day! How much fun is this brilliant mailing idea?

4. Send a balloon

Send a message in a balloon! Follow these Easy steps to balloon shipping. The recipient of your balloon message has to help deliver it, but there’s a super fun surprise in their mailbox.

Unusual things to send in the mail - pill bottle, water bottle and pig with postage
OK, I really need to send a piggy in the mail. A pig with postage chuckle!

5. Send sprinkles to your kids’ mailboxes

I love this idea from Givers Log to send out a container of this sprinkles to surprise the birthday boy! You can strategically choose what type of sprinkles or what color they are based on the message you want to convey with a sprinkles message. We’ve picked one of our favorites, which is a rainbow letter.

6. Send a message in a water bottle

Shopping for a creative kid? Send them a water bottle full of fun craft supplies for them to enjoy with this cute idea Sarah Maker. This is a versatile idea for creative mailing. Just think of all the bottle filling ideas you could come up with!

7. Pig in the Post Project to Mail

You can send the strangest things – for example simple toys! International Union of Mail Artists shows how this toy pig was “spam” in someone’s mailbox!

15 Crazy Things to Send - Shown are sticky notes, stress balls, flip flops, coconut and a box of balloons
OK, stop everything. I have to send some flip flops. phew!

Crazy things to send in the mail

8. Post-it Note Posts

post post-it notes with this fun idea from Givers Log! We all know someone who has a bunch of them hanging everywhere. I bet they would love a fresh stack of rainbows! Send a batch to a friend

9. Send a beach ball in the mail

Email a water polo as an invitation to a party or as a fancy thank you! This is a great idea as an invitation to a beach party or as a reminder of your last beach vacation.

10. My favorite thing to send in the mail: flip flops!

Why should you send your jealous friends a postcard from the beach? Send a pair of these flip flops, with this fun idea from The Letter Exchange! Actually, you can just mail one. And it doesn’t even have to be their size. This will just freak out your friends because it’s so awesome.

11. Special Delivery by Coconut Mail

Are you visiting Hawaii? Send home a coconut with this tutorial by Hawaii Magazine. Absolute genius. And you might want to include instructions on how to get into the coconut!

12. Balloon Mail vs. Airmail

Cash she is smart‘s tutorial and Mail a box of balloons as a fun birthday or graduation surprise! I love the idea of ​​a kid finding a box of balloons in the mailbox.

Crazy ways to mail - basketball, a see-through container and the unique folding of an envelope
Oh, all the ways to email…

Interesting stuff you never thought you could mail

13. Create a mailbox

Make a box from an envelope! This trick was learned by Post staff and uploaded to Pinterest via a user.

14. Push mail weight limit for mail items

13 ounces or less. This is the weight limit for what you can mail – pack some fun treasures in a plastic paint can and mail them! Cash Treasures for the little ones For more information!

15. Send a ball! Once again!

Send a basketball. This idea from Curiousmatic will cost more since they usually weigh more than 13 ounces. However, it is worth surprising a loved one! This tutorial is no longer available online.

16. Gift of bouncy balls in the mail

Add some oomph to her step by gifting a collection of bouncy balls with this idea flickr. When they open the package, all the balls fall out!

Send brown paper packages with yellow strings and fill them with fun gifts
Let’s gift something fun…

More fun gift ideas to send on the Kids Activities Blog

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever sent in the mail? Did you send a funny gift?

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