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15 genius Barbie hacks and Barbie DIY furniture and accessories

by Ünal Güler

Get more out of your Barbie doll show at home, save money, and get creative in the Barbie world with these genius Barbie hacks. We’ve put together this collection of DIY Barbie accessories and Barbie furniture along with some Barbie organizing tips.

15 Barbie Hacks and DIYs - collage of various Barbie hacks including Barbie wardrobe, Barbie hair repair, Barbie hair dye and Barbie DIY accessories
Have fun playing with barbies!

Barbie ideas for kids of all ages

If you have a child like mine who loves all things Barbie, these ideas will blow your mind. I didn’t think you could give her so many different hairstyles.

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Barbie dolls are synonymous with childhood and many of us have had a stack of Barbies in our closet or dresser drawer. As the stack was played with more and more…well, Barbie got a little messy! Here are some ideas on how to spice up Barbie and make it more fun to play with. I can’t wait to get started on all of this Barbie hacks!

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Favorite Barbie DIY Ideas

1. Make Barbie her own wardrobe

Use cardboard and craft sticks to make something wonderful out of it Barbie closet! above Hey, it’s muff

2. How to store all the Barbie doll accessories

Store all barbies tiny accessories like her shoes and purses in a craft organizer. above On site

3. How to fix matted Barbie hair

Is barbies Hair a mess? Here’s how to fix it! above A forest shelter

4. How to dye Barbie’s hair

Or give her a new shade! You can easily do that Dye Barbie’s hair with food coloring. above How to grow up

5. Give Barbie a dream closet

The Barbie Store It All has a place for everything! This little container is amazing.

6. How to curl barbie hair

Give Barbie curls as a present! If you have a Barbie with straight hair and want to give her curls, here’s how to do it. above How to grow up

DIY Barbie furniture crafts

15 Barbie hacks and DIYs - how to curl Barbie's hair, build a Barbie chaise lounge and build a Barbie closet
Oh what great DIY Barbie projects!

7. Build Barbie a boat

Use a couple of empty plastic bottles for this Build your barbie a boat, perfect for bathing! above Tableware functional designs

8. Feed Barbie dolls with DIY doll food

That is so cool! Make Imagine doll food of coupons and other magazine ads! above Tangerine nuances

9. Build some lawn chairs for Barbie and Ken

Or make a couple with her and Ken garden chairs! above Fynes designs

10. Hang up Barbie’s clothes

Use it to create a place for all your outfits Wooden clothes rack. above lil blue boo

11. Make Barbie hangers… they’re tiny!

Use paperclips to make them tiny Barbie hanger for her clothes. above And Yonet

12. Make Barbie a shopping bag

do them a shopping bag from an empty mini shampoo bottle and duct tape! above Be a fun mom

More Barbie Doll Stuff We Love

15 Barbie Hacks and DIYs - Barbie hangers, Barbie luggage and Barbie storage
DIY Barbie ideas you can make at home.

13. Build a DIY Barbie bed for Barbie

Turn a small plastic storage bag into a barbie bed this is adorable and functional.

14. Make Barbie luggage

Make something Barbie Baggage with a soap holder! I love this fun idea. above kids cubby

15. Make Barbie the ultimate Barbie dream house

Own the coolest and most modern dollhouse there is! The Upcycled Barbie House is unbelievable. above Funky Junk Interiors

More fun Barbie accessories

15 Barbie Hacks & DIY's - Barbie accessories and Barbie furniture
Oh, so many Barbie accessories!

More doll fun from the Kids Activities Blog

Which DIY Barbie hack or DIY Barbie furniture idea would you and your child like to try first?

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