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20 delicious St. Patrick’s Day treats and dessert recipes

by Ünal Güler


I can’t wait to make these 20 delicious desserts for St. Patrick’s Day! These St. Patrick’s Day treats are sweet, festive and fun, perfect for celebrating. Making St. Patrick’s candy is a great way to spend quality time with your family. Keep these St Patricks treats for yourself or share them, it’s up to you!

Text: St. Patrick's Day Sweet Treats - Collage of 6 pictures of St. Patrick's treats, ideas from cupcakes to green brownies - Kids Activity Blog
Let’s make some yummy St. Patrick’s treats! Yummy!

Dessert Recipes You Can Make for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because, just like Easter, it means spring and warmer weather is near. If you’re looking for some new goodies, we’ve found them 20 delicious desserts for St. Patrick’s Day!

Delicious green treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Text: St. Patrick's Day Desserts - Collage of St. Patrick's treats including Green Rice Krispie Treats, Muddy Buds and Green Bundt Cake
Let’s talk delicious green treats!

1. Leprechaun Cookies

You don’t need mint extract for this mint treat. Use Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to craft this festive Leprechaun Cookie Bark. It’s chocolatey, full of yummy sprinkles, sweets like M&Ms, and pretzels for the perfect crunch! Don’t have skinny mint cookies for Girl Scouts? You can use Andean mint.

2. St. Patrick’s Day candy spoon

This St. Patrick’s Day candy spoon, from Quite the bomb, is made of green melting chocolate and super cute fondant! Perfect for stirring milk or hot cocoa. It would be fun to stir into white chocolate hot chocolate or warm milk as it would turn green!

3. Oreo Truffle Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Oreo truffles at my house are usually referred to as wonderful balls of goodness, and these are no different. This recipe calls for green Oreos. Can’t find some? We can help you find some. Use these green Oreos to make your favorite truffle cookie Hoosier homemade.

4. Rainbow Cupcakes

Move over rainbow crafts! We have rainbow treats. Jump to My Lou‘s Rainbow Cupcakes are so pretty, you almost don’t want to eat them! Who wouldn’t want a St. Patrick’s Day cake? However, these are almost too cute to eat with their candy rainbow and pot of gold!

5. Green Puppy Chow Recipe Treat

I love puppy food! And with this puppy food recipe, you can make a holiday version of your favorite mud buddies Gal on a mission. It has a fun minty touch! What a fun idea for a fun holiday!

6. Cool Green Oreo Cookie Recipe

Green Oreos are so easy to make! However, if you don’t have the stuff on hand, we can help. Dive Oreos a (melted) green candy melts And sprinkles for a quick and festive treat, from Quite the bomb.

Easy St. Patrick’s Day treats

Here is the list of super east treats you can make when you are on a tight schedule.

Two more St. Patrick's Day treats pictured with two gold coin and rainbow St. Patty's Day cupcake ideas
More St. Patrick’s Day Treats!

7. St. Patrick’s Day bark

This St. Patrick’s Day bark looks so cute! Do you need green M&M’s for that? we got you White chocolate bark with green M&M’s is one of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day desserts Celebrity Baby Laundry. There are so many different ways to make this incredibly delicious. It’s one of the easiest recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.

8. Delicious Green Cheesecake

Do you want to prepare green treats? If you’re a cheesecake fan, you’ll love this green cheesecake recipe About a mother. The whole thing isn’t green, just the bottom, which is why I think this is one of my favorite green desserts for St. Patrick’s Day.

9. Sweet golden cupcakes

These pot of gold cupcakes are so cute. The rainbow frosting on it is so cool! Top it off with one chocolate coin. Check out the recipe Bake a moment. These would be perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Looking for a fun St. Patrick’s Day cookie recipe? Then you will love this Brookie recipe! What is a Brookie? It’s a cookie and a brownie combined with M&M’s on top! We love this tasty idea by Two in the kitchen.

11. St. Patrick’s Day Jello Recipes

Need a St. Patrick’s Day jello recipe? We have it! This jello sundae from Tasteful. Economical is green and perfect for St. Paddy’s Day. What a celebratory dessert.

More from St. Patty’s Sweet Treats

More candy, more fun! Hey, they’re easy to make too!

12. Leprechaun Popcorn

These leprechaun popcorn balls from Belle of the kitchen are so good! Not only is it sweet from all the marshmallows and good luck charms, but it’s also salty from the popcorn! Perfect combination!

13. Green and White Bundt Cake

love from the oven‘s green and white Bundt cake is beautiful and totally festive. Drizzle over green and white icing and add sprinkles and then this green and white marbled cake is done!

14. Rice Krispie Treats

Everyone loves rice krispie treats. However, did you know that you can make rice krispie treats festive? Yes indeed! All you need are the marshmallows from lucky charm Grain! Well, that and some green food coloring! Then tada, your Lucky Charms Rice Krispie treats are ready to eat! Check out the recipe Noble mess.

15. Shamrock Shake Recipe for Kids

I love this kids shamrock shake recipe! It’s rich, sweet, green and delicious! Oh, don’t forget, it has a hint of mint too! It almost reminds me of the McDonalds shamrock shake.

16. Green cinnamon rolls

Green Cinnamon Buns on the Plate for St. Patrick's Day - Kids Activities Blog
More St. Patrick’s candy for the day!

Cinnamon Buns are the only treat that can get me in trouble! I love her so much! That’s why I love these green cinnamon rolls so much! They are sweet and delicious, but also festive. Don’t forget the golden sprinkles on top!

St. Patrick’s Day dessert drinks

Fun Green Drinks for the Holidays - Text: Drinks for St. Paddy's Day
Cheers with Green Drinks for St. Paddy’s Day!

When you’ve got the treats, don’t forget the drinks! Here’s a list of St. Patrick’s Day drink ideas you can make.

17. Lime Sherbet Punch

This easy lime sorbet punch recipe from Live simply is green and cute – perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! This is perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

18. Green drinks for kids

This green drink for kids has gummy worms! It is so much fun! You put this bubbly frozen disc with gummy rubs in your drink! Check out the recipe from Bitz ‘n giggles.

19. Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch

This Shamrock Lime Sherbet Punch is perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day get together. It’s super easy to make and super cute! above The tinkered sparrow

20. Shamrock Shake Recipe

This shamrock shake recipe is a fun green milkshake to try, yum! Don’t forget to top it off with whipped cream and green sprinkles! above Three children and a fish

21. Hot mint chocolate

This hot mint chocolate is great for a chilly march. You will want to try The madam‘s Green Hot Cocoa! This is one of the easier desserts, but it’s a great dessert and one of my favorite recipes.

St. Patrick's Day Tea Party With Kids - Host a green tea party with your kids where the food is green - green food on platters
More fun things to do on St. Patrick’s Day!

More St. Patrick’s Day recipes and crafts

What St. Patrick’s Day sweet treat are you planning to make first? Comment below!

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