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fun crayon art for kids

20+ easy and colorful crayon art ideas for kids

by Ünal Güler

pencil art goes beyond just coloring! Crayons are fun to paint with and are considered a staple of preschool crafts everywhere. In addition to coloring and crayon crafts, we’ve rounded up the best art projects to enjoy with kids of all ages. Use these colored pencil art ideas at home or in the classroom.

Melted crayons colorful abstract painted background on canvas with text 20+ kid friendly crayon art ideas - blog about activities for kids
Let’s try one of these colored pencil art ideas today!

Favorite chalk art ideas for kids

This collection of our favorite colored pencil art ideas is great for kids of all ages. We hope these colored pencil art ideas will take your next art project to the next level!

  • Toddler/Preschool/Kindergarten – Choose activities involving crayons that do not involve heating or cutting into crayons.
  • older children – With the right supervision, there are no limits to the ways kids can use these wax art ideas.

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Ways to melt crayons into art

Text: How to Melt Crayons - collage of various crayon art ideas including a heat source for a melted crayon art project - blog about activities for kids
Let’s merge colored pencils into works of art!

Hints for melted crayon art ideas

Almost all of these melted crayon projects require some form of heat source, which can be a hair dryer, Texas summer heat, a stovetop, even an iron or an oven.

What kind of crayons are best for melted art?

Not only have we noticed a difference when the wax is heated unevenly, but also a difference in the quality of different brands of crayons:

  • Crayola crayons contain more pigment and less filling wax, making them more vibrant and consistent than traditional crayons.
  • The downside to using Crayola crayons to melt is that it takes longer to melt and is harder to peel off.
  • Metal pens or glitter pens of any brand do not melt well and appear clear after the wax dries.

1. Crayon Art

Dilly Dali Art had fun designing Crayon Art by scribbling on a grill plate covered with aluminum foil. Set the temperature low to avoid burns.

2. Crayon drip craft ideas

She also has a great tutorial – with one art gallery – explains how to make masterpieces from drops of colored pencils using a hair dryer.

3. Crayon melts in a saucepan of water

Maggy at Red Ted Art filled cans with her crayon pieces and then heated them in a pot of water. You want to make sure this is the case Colored pencil melts that it heats up evenly, otherwise it will look chalky (instead of a glossy shine).

4. Fun crayon activities for preschool kids

Laura has fun activities for preschool kids and she suggested filling ice cube trays with crayons and letting them heat up on her car’s dashboard.

Art projects inspired by stained glass using melting crayons

Text: Love Crayon Art - collage of colorful crayon art ideas that involves melting
Crayons don’t have to look like crayons…

Instructions for making stained glass-like art with melted crayons

I love the stained glass effect that can be achieved by just melting a small piece of crayon shavings between two pieces of wax paper. We used a regular iron on low between two pieces of cardboard (from cereal boxes) to melt the shavings. Below are several versions of the stained glass “look” that other bloggers have obtained while crafting with crayons.

5. Make fun shapes with crayon shavings

Create some fun shapes with the colored chips. I love the heart of Tired, Needs Sleep.

6. Speckled Crayon Jar

Make a speckled crayon jar with Dates to Diapers, that’s awesome Winter activity for children.

7. Crayon Resist item no

At Artful Parent they turned it into a stained glass window Colored Pencil Resistant and watercolor on butcher paper.

8. Crayon Pennant Decor

They also made great bunting for one kids birthday party from sewing the wax paper together.

Colored pencil art for kids

Text: DIY Colored Pencil Gift Ideas - Collage of colorful crayon art ideas for kids

9. Make your own crayons

Melt colorful pieces of wax to make crayons. The fish was made from a fish-shaped, heat-resistant ice cube tray that was filled with leftovers (and mostly chewed on leftovers). The colored pencils are super easy to work with for small hands! You can also use muffin tins, candy molds, and even empty glue stick containers to mold your new crayons into fun shapes.

10. Chop your crayons before melting

Wow pencils has the tip to crush the crayons first before melting them so they’re easier to melt. I love her starfish crayons!!

11. Party favor ideas with crayons

Both mom smiles And Hands On: As we grow Using muffin molds, we created crayons for party favors. These crayons look almost like bottle caps.

12. Homemade Crayons

If you drill holes in the homemade colored pencils You can use them as beads for a bracelet.

13. Car Shaped Crayons

Others have been tossing around their new crayons coloring page, like Art Kit Blog, who made theirs in the form of cars. All you have to do is use autoshapes.

colored pencil artist

Text: Crayon Art - colorful collage of different types of crayon art featured on the Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make beautiful colored pencil art!

14. Abstract colored pencil painting

Make one abstract art painting in a three-dimensional rendering by coloring a series of blocks with colored pencils and painting over them with an acrylic paint when dry.

These blocks are absolutely beautiful.

15. Ideas for wax painting

Suzi did something similar by making one with colored pencils wax painting, except that instead of blocks, she used cloth as a canvas. She painted the fabric with the colored wax and then painted over it with fabric paint to create a resist effect similar to Artful Parent’s blocks.

16. Melting crayons with hot stones

Fakin’it suggests melting crayons Place on a hot rock to make a fun paperweight.

17. Funny crayon drop art

Crayon drip art is currently on everyone’s lips on Pinterest. One of my favorite tutorials explains how to use contact paper to create a protective layer for the wax to drip over. Remove the paper and viola, you have an abstract shape to enjoy.

18. Abstract colored pencil painting

Colored Pencil Abstract Art (Text) Colorful examples of colored pencil abstract art

Her abstract paintings can be free-form, like a four-year-old’s colored pencil painting. I love the dimensional quality of wax paint!

19. Fun preschool art activity

Or the images can be directional – like the example of pointilism (dot painting) where the Helping Hands kids had one Art activity in preschool where they filled in an outline with colored pencil dots.

20. Crayon Scratch Art

Make your very own crayon scratch art! Paint with all colors, use black paint and then scratch off to create beautiful rainbow art!

21. Watercolor paint resist art with white chalk

Crayon Art Idea - crayon resist collage with steps and examples of using crayon resist for art and learning with kids - blog about kids activities
The artistic possibilities with chalkproof art are endless!

White crayons definitely have a use! Draw on paper and create secret artworks and secret messages with watercolor paint.

22. Homemade Stormtrooper bath soap crayons

Use crayons to make these colorful homemade stormtrooper bath soap crayons.

23. Rainbow scratch art

Rainbow colored scratch art on a table with black cover and rainbow colors showing through the scratches - blog about kids activities

Color in all the colors on a piece of paper. Then paint black over it and start scraping off the black. Make zigzag lines, shapes or write your name. This rainbow scratch art is pretty cool.

24. Colored Pencil Candles

Use crayons and soy wax to create beautifully vibrant and colorful candles. This is ideal for older children.

25. DIY Galaxy Pens

Use old colored pencils and glitter to make the prettiest DIY galaxy coloring pencils. You are out of this world.

26. Funny crayon sticks

Use old crayons to make crayon sticks. Paint with them or play with them and be magical!

Looking for more coloring fun? We have so many coloring activities here on Kids Activities Blog:

  • You will love this rain coloring page! This one features a girl playing in the rain and there is also a second coloring sheet of a child playing with a puppy in the rain!
  • You will love these Frozen coloring pages! You can color all your favorite characters in the movie!
  • This is a coloring sheet for adults and kids! This is a cute coffee coloring page that shows a woman in a coffee shop.
  • This realistic face coloring page features a woman with long, wavy hair.
  • This Where’s Waldo activity set includes not only puzzles and games, but also coloring pages. You can color in the different characters as you try to find Waldo.
  • Want more coloring pages for kids? We have over 400+ for you to choose from and they are all free!

Which painting activity will you try? Let us know below in the comments.

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