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22 easy and fun balloon painting ideas for kids

by Ünal Güler

Today we have 23 balloon painting ideas for kids! Balloon painting is a great way for kids to create their own animal characters, color the best coloring pages, or just draw different types of pictures in your sketchbook. We hope you enjoy these fun and unexpected ideas to create simple art with balloons and paint!

Image shows a compilation of balloon painting ideas from various sources - 7 different balloon painting techniques for kids collage including balloons and paint on grass, on canvas, on snow and the resulting balloon painting results - Kids Activity Blog
Happy balloon painting!

Funny balloon painting ideas

Have you ever heard of balloon painting? is a fun way to get kids involved in creating their own artwork. Using balloons is a creative way to create abstract textures and beautiful patterns. Another great thing is that it’s a fantastic sensory activity – great for younger kids, while older kids will love creating their own designs.

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So if you have some free time, read on to learn this exciting painting technique!

1. Easy balloon painting ideas for kids

The image shows a hand holding a red balloon to make a painting.  Idea from lesson ideas
This activity is super easy to set up.

If you’re looking for a new art project for kids to try, I highly recommend balloon painting! The materials are really simple and kids will love this new way of painting. Stock up on paint, balloons, paper and a tray. Out of lesson ideas.

2. Balloon painting art project for toddlers and preschoolers

The picture shows a rainbow painting made of balloons.
A great activity for the little kids at home.

In this balloon activity for preschoolers, kids create fun, open-ended crafts while coloring in super fun ways to create balloon painting art! This craft allows children to create modern art, create additional drawings, or create a beautiful rainbow art project. Out of Playing and learning in preschool.

3. Roll and Paint – Incredibly FUN balloon painting activity for kids

The picture shows a painting made of balloons and child-friendly paint.  Idea from worksheets and games for kindergarten.
Let’s create different animals!

This balloon painting project has kids rolling a balloon to create a really beautiful and unique piece of art. It encourages children to use their creativity and imagination to create something out of what they paint. idea of Worksheets and games for kindergarten.

4. Painting with balloons

The picture shows a set of balloons and paints on a sheet of paper.  Idea of ​​Learning 4 Kids
This simple technique promotes the creativity of our little ones.

Painting with balloons is a great activity for kids to be creative and imaginative as they are free to create in an open and unstructured way with simple props. Out of 4 children study.

5. Balloon Painting – Super EASY craft idea for toddlers

The image shows a child holding a green balloon to create art.  Idea from Glued for my craft blog.
We love this easy craft activity for toddlers!

Follow the simple instructions on this great website to boost creativity through ball painting. Get a large blank white canvas or piece of paper, a variety of balloons, washable craft paint, and a small paper plate. Out of Glued to my crafts.

6. FUN water balloon painting activity for kids

The picture shows a painting made of balloons.  Idea by 123Homeschool4Me
There are so many original designs you can create using balloons.

It’s quick and easy to make and tons of fun to try out this water balloon painting. But instead of using balloons as “brushes,” let’s fill them with paint and then drop them onto a canvas. Wow! Out of 123 Home School 4 Me.

7. Painting with balloons

The picture shows a child making a painting with a balloon. Idea of ​​Housing a Forest.
Here’s another fun way to paint with balloons.

Guess what? Here are different ways to create beautiful paintings using balloons. These techniques are perfect for kids of all ages and you don’t need a lot of supplies – some painting and a few balloons on a piece of paper will do. Out of harbor a forest.

8. Balloon painting for kids

The picture shows two children painting balloons outside.  Idea of ​​growing a jeweled rose
You can also paint balloon pictures with your friends.

Read on for some creative ways to paint with balloons! Place the balloons, make splatter art, paint water balloon paintings or even have a water balloon painting match with your kids. Just follow the instructions! Out of Grow a Jeweled Rose.

9. Water balloon painting art activity for kids

The picture shows a child painting with a balloon. Idea by Meri Cherry
What kid doesn’t love messy crafts?!

This time we paint the balloons filled with water. This activity is ideal for preschool and kindergarten age kids who love to create chaos. Out of Meri Cherry.

10. Balloon Splatter Painting Using Tools: Fun outdoor art project for kids

Image features messy art created with balloon splatter paint.  Idea of ​​Hello Wonderful
Here’s another great activity for kids who like messy art.

Use different tools to create a unique piece of art, such as a screwdriver, thumbtacks and other fun things! This is a great activity for a summer day. Out of Hello wonderful.

11. Balloon dart painting with kids

The picture shows a canvas on which balloons filled with paint are glued.  Idea of ​​Hello Wonderful
Each painting will be different from the others.

Arrow balloon painting is a fun way to get creative outdoors! Kids will love seeing the splashes of paint resulting in bright and colorful abstract paintings. Out of Hello wonderful.

12. Balloon Painting – Two ways

The picture shows a young child looking forward to painting balloon art.  Idea of ​​“Capturing Parenthood”.
Check out these ways to create balloon pictures.

Here are a few fun ways to use balloons to create artistic masterpieces using these two outstanding balloon painting techniques! Both techniques are excellent for children aged 6 and over. Out of capture parenting.

13. Water Balloon Painting: Summer outdoor art activity

The image shows three children making balloon art by a pool.  Idea of ​​Lets Lasso The Moon
Now you have a new idea for summer!

We love the fun this summer activity makes. This works best with three or more people, but two will suffice if necessary. Kids need to work as a team to create fun designs on the poolside paper set. idea of Lasso The moon.

14. Bouncy Balloon Painting

The picture shows two balloons and two sets of paint to create art.  Idea of ​​Picklebums
Let’s create some interesting patterns.

All you have to do for this craft is blow up some balloons, dip them in the paint and bounce them across the paper. They make an unusual circular pattern that’s really fun! Out of picklebums.

15. Create awesome abstract art with this balloon smash painting

The picture shows a child drawing a painting with a blue balloon. Idea from Hometalk
Abstract art is beautiful too.

In just five minutes you can have a stunning piece of abstract art on display in your home. This project is inexpensive, quick, and easy, and you probably already have most of what you need. Out of HomeTalk.

16. Balloon Painting for Kids: A simple and wacky way to paint with balloons

The picture shows a child drawing balloons. Idea of ​​crafting with paper scissors
This is such an easy way to make art for kids.

There are several ways to paint with balloons. You can fill them with paint and throw darts at them, fill the balloon with paint and squeeze out the paint, paint the balloon yourself, or use the balloon to make certain shapes. But in this simple craft, kids use a balloon as a brush. Out of Crafts with paper scissors.

17. Balloon Splat Painting

The image shows various paintings created using the balloon splat technique.  Idea by RedKiteDays.
Kids will love this activity!

The first painting idea for preschoolers is really quick and easy to implement. Red Kite Days We’ve shared more balloon-themed ideas, but they might be too messy to paint (but they’re so much fun!)

18. Snow painting with water balloon

The picture shows a child playing with paint in the snow.  Idea of ​​Fun a Day
The world is a canvas – literally!

We have many summer activities but here is a great winter activity. Learn how to use water balloons for a super fun snow painting activity. Perfect as part of your planned winter activities for preschoolers or as an impromptu snow surprise. Out of fun in the day.

19. Fun water balloon painting for kids (ages 2+)

The picture shows a piece of paper with balloons and paint.  Idea by Lil Tigers
A fun activity, even for the little ones in the family!

Painting water balloons is a fun and creative summer activity your kids will love! It’s easy to set up and will keep your kids entertained while developing their motor skills. This craft is perfect for kids ages 2 and up. idea of Little Tigers.

20. Have fun coloring with balloons

The picture shows a child playing with balloons and paint.  Idea of ​​My Baba
Caution: This craft is messy!

This project takes a long time to set up and is just as messy as the actual crafting, but it’s so much fun for the whole family. Out of my babe.

21. Water balloon painting from 2 years?

The picture shows two children outside who are painting with balloons.  Idea of ​​Raising Dragons
Children will have hours of fun with this activity.

Kids of all ages will have so much fun with this messy outdoor summer activity involving water balloons and paint – and the results will be unique and original. Out of raise dragons.

22. A fun craft for toddlers: painting poppies with balloons

The picture shows poppies painted with balloons.  Ruffles and rubber boots idea.
Let’s make some pretty flowers with balloon painting.

Make this poppy painting craft for kids with balloons! It’s fun, quick and easy to set up, even for the littlest hobbyist. This project is ideal for a Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or Memorial Day craft project. Out of ruffles and rubber boots.

23. Water Balloon Painting Art Project

The picture shows a child making a painting with balloons on grass. Idea of ​​Living a Sunshine Life
Isn’t this artwork so pretty?

This is an easy coloring art project for kids of all ages. First you need some empty sports cap water bottles and then collect as many colors as you like. Then simply follow the step-by-step instructions. Out of Live a sunshine life.


Which balloon painting idea did you like the most?

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