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24 best outdoor summer games for family fun

by Ünal Güler

Let’s play fun outdoor games that the whole family will love. Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy these outdoor summer games. These outdoor family games are suitable for children of all ages and adults will enjoy playing too. Your garden has never been so much fun…oh, and these also work well for groups like summer camps, school groups, and neighborhood block parties.

24 SUMMER GAMES FOR FAMILY FUN - Pictured are 6 outdoor games for backyard families such as balloon pinata, ring toss, sprinkler fun, plinko and homemade croquet
Let’s play outdoor family games together!

The best outdoor family games for summer

Spending time outside is super important. Not only to get some vitamin D, but also to exercise and have fun with family is always important.

So we’ve put together a fun list of summer activities that we’re sure you’ll have a blast playing summer games!

Summer games the whole family will love

Many of these are suitable for both older and younger children. Some of these will get you hot and sweaty, while others will keep you cool in a fun way. Either way, these outdoor summer games are the perfect way to stay away from the screen this summer. Are you missing something for these fun summer games? No problem! We can help!

Warm weather means lots of outdoor activities! When the kids come home from school, it’s nice to slow down and spend more time with family. Make your summer the best ever with these amazing games.

Outside games for children

1. Outdoor Bike Games

Summer bike games are a fun way to stay active and have fun with friends!

2. Play water gun racing outdoors

Don’t just have a water gun fight, have one Water Gun Race! This idea of This granny is fun looks great!

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3. Host an outdoor scavenger hunt

Use it to turn your evening walk around the block into a learning experience Letter Scavenger Hunt out of What have you done today or this backyard scavenger hunt from The Taylor House.

More outdoor scavenger hunts that families can play together

4. Let’s have a family water balloon fight

have most epic water balloon battle with simple DIY launchers out of Kid friendly activities.

Backyard games for families

Summery outdoor kids with sprinklers, water gun races and water balloon pinatas
Let’s have fun playing games together outside in the backyard!

5. Outdoor sponge throwing game to cool down hot summer days

The throw sponge out of passion for saving is super cheap to make and fun for kids of all ages!

6. Pool Noodle DIY Sprinkler Inspires Play

This Sprinklers for pool noodles out of Ziggity zoom keeps your kids cool when it’s hot.

7. Make your own game of croquet

Use hula hoops to make yours The crafting chicksGame of croquet in the backyard!

8. Carnival games for your family fun

Stock up on supplies at your local dollar store and hold a carnival in your garden with this fun DIY from Morena’s corner.

Homemade outdoor games for kids

Summer games for kids with frisbee, water guns, croquet and backyard scrabble - fun outdoor games for kids
Oh, so much family fun with outside games!

9. I love this Backyard Yahtzee game!

Looking for more outdoor games for kids? Play Yahtzee or other backyard dice games with these giant dice homemade cubes out of Blue I style. If DIY isn’t your thing, you can do it Buy a set here.

10. Backyard Scrabble Game

make your own Backyard Scrabble Game with a tutorial by Always in love. This classic game is a great way to practice words and have fun outside.

11. Make a big game of ker-plunk for your backyard

Or do The DIY plan‘S Extra Large Ker Plunk for your garden! This is so much fun! Everyone will have a great time.

12. Silly Matching Games to Play Outdoors

Games to strengthen the mind, like matching, are great for kids! Now you can do it outside with this backyard version of Studio DIY.

13. Corn hole game you can make

Looking for a classic outdoor game? make your own Bean Bag Toss Game for the children to play, from Brit+Co. Cornhole is one of our favorite summer games!

Family games to play outdoors

Fun summer games like yard dice, yard jenga, yard memory and bean bag toss
Oh, so many fun outdoor family games to play this summer…

14. Play Backyard Giant Jenga

Don’t want a water feature? Then this simple game is for you! A nice messGiant Jenga is a bang! My family loves this game, we’ve been playing giant jenga for years. The game pieces are big, so be careful when the tower collapses!

15. Backyard bowling

Kids will have so much fun playing Makezine‘S Gnome Lawn Bowling. That’s a great thing, especially if you drink a lot of bottled water and soda. You can recycle them and make the best game out of them.

16. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

The Treasure hunt for blocks of ice out of Macaroni Kids will arouse your kids’ interest and there will be a fun surprise when they’re done! This is a great outdoor game for kids.

17. Play a game of bingo

Attempt Bitz & Gigglesbingo game looking for things in nature like flowers and butterflies. I think this is one of the best outdoor games, especially for older kids who play bingo for a long time. And I… I love bingo.

18. Summer golfing in the backyard

You don’t have to drive to putt-putt when you can have one golf station in your garden or kitchen! Cash Squarehead teacher‘ Tutorial!

19. Oh the fun of the Plinko game

Want more outdoor family activities? 0Thank you Happiness is homemadeyou don’t have to be on TV to play Plinko!

20. Make the water feature fun for the whole family

The hottest days call for a game pass the water. After that you will be soaked! But I think that’s the aim of the game. The last person will not be too wet. Cash A girl and her glue gun for directions.

21. Piñata filled with water balloons

This is a popular outdoor game! Mother with milk allergy‘S water balloon pinata is another fun way to stay cool. This is a great group game. Everyone can take turns and it’s a lot of fun.

22. Do a tightrope walk in the backyard for the kids

Mom and Dad will have to help make this kids backyard rope rope, but the result will be hours of fun and play.

23. Outdoor Paper Airplane Games

Try these fun paper airplane game ideas for the whole family to compete with. There’s nothing like a social family competition for summer fun! That’s such a good idea.

24. Neighborhood tug of war game

Host a neighborhood tug of war! We’ll tell you about the strategy behind winning the tug of war, because it’s not only a fun outdoor game, but also a scientific activity! In the end, everyone will have a good time.

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The most popular outdoor games you can buy

Shown is the Splash Twister box - great outdoor games for the family
Oh, there are so many outdoor family games to buy…

Looking for fun outdoor games? We have a fun game for younger and older kids. You can use any awesome game as a backyard game. This is a fun way to ensure the whole family gets some exercise outside, and a great outdoor game is sure to get everyone laughing.

  • Try this outdoor giggle n go limbo game for adults and families, ideal for your garden.
  • One of my favorites is that Huge tumbling wood Jenga toy featuring large wooden blocks that grows up to 4 feet tall when playing this life-size tower game.
  • Elite Sportz ring toss games for kids work great outdoors in your garden and the whole family can compete.
  • Did you play Chippo outdoors? It’s part miniature golf, part real golf, and part corn hole. do i need to say more?
  • yardzee Outside is yatzee with large wooden dice set, perfect for outdoor fun, BBQ, party, event or other outdoor play occasions.
  • My family absolutely loves to play ladder throw. It is well suited for children from preschool age upwards. The whole family can play together.
  • Host a potato sack race with this fun and colorful set Outdoor Games Set.
  • Splash twister game. Yes, that’s one thing.
  • Need something new? Attempt Popdarts Original Playset Now an outdoor suction cup toss game.
  • Catch and throw game set with Paddle ball games outdoors.

Summer fun for the whole family from the Kids Activities Blog

Garden games for toddlers and families where mom runs and dad rocks a child in a circle

Spend the summer together and have fun! Get out there, get active and create wonderful memories your kids will have forever!

What outdoor game will your family play first?

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