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24 creative duct tape crafts kids will love

by Ünal Güler

Tape crafts are very popular and great. You can use tape to make toys, fashion, and even jewelry. Kids of all ages will love all of these colorful crafts and that’s why it’s one of our most popular craft categories… even older kids, tweens and teens love duct tape crafts!

20 Tape Crafts for Kids on the Kids Activities Blog (Text) with a collage of colorful images of different tape crafts like boats, rope, doll accessories, lightsabers and things to wear
Let’s make duct tape crafts!

Tape crafts for kids

Tape crafts come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Purses, wallets, school supplies, toys, you name it, you can probably make it out of duct tape!

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I’ve put together a series of fun projects that are very kid friendly. Things that they not only enjoy making, but can also use.

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Duct Tape Purse

Making a duct tape wallet is one of the easiest duct tape crafts, especially for beginners.

1. How to make a duct tape wallet

Do you need a new wallet? Then try this tape craft to make a new one! It’s so easy to do. And it can be a fun gift… from Crafts by Amanda

2. Easy DIY duct tape wallet

Do you want to DIY another tape wallet? Check out this one Jump to My Lou. I love this kind of crafts. Duck Tape turns out to be so versatile and fashionable!

3. Make a high-quality, functional tape wallet

DIY a duct tape wallet for dad? Then you should try this tape wallet craft from life hacker. It’s a fun way to use duck tape, but slightly more premium so it can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

4. Duct Tape Wallet Craft with Velcro

These easy tape crafts are so awesome. This is perfect for you or as a gift for mom and dad. I like the velcro, it keeps cards, receipts and money from coming out! A great craft by suburban mom.

The girls will love these duct tape crafts

Tape Crafts for Kids - 6 pictures of tape crafts like tape rings, bracelets, hair accessories and doll accessories
Check out all the cute things we can do with duct tape.

5. DIY duck ribbon backpack charm

Grab your duct tape rolls and store your school supplies in the coolest backpack! These DIY duck strap backpack tags are so cute and can make even the simplest of backpacks look cool! What a great craft by Mod Podge rocks

6. DIY Cuff Bracelets

Who knew you could use duct tape to make jewelry? It turns out you can! I love a fun duct tape craft and this is one of them Happy hooligans. You can make them together as a family, at a slumber party, or at a party!

7. Woven tape bag for crafting

Carry your toys, school supplies or even your wallet and supplies in the woven tape bag! You can use different colors of tape to make it colorful and pretty. I actually had a duct tape purse in high school. I’m glad I got this duct tape craft from Cut Get out and keep (link not available) brings retro styles back!

8. Adorable tape heart hair clips

I love these adorable duct tape heart hair clips. These DIY projects are precious! This is perfect if you still have a toddler, preschoolers, or kindergartener. The band pattern of Living Locurto is so easy to make and just a clever way to use duct tape. Hm, I wonder if you could even make a duct tape loop?

9. Duct Tape Sun Hat Craft

Interested in more cool tape projects? 100 directions has a! This taped sun hat craft is awesome! Keep the sun off your eyes and face with this sun hat craft.

10. Make fashion rings out of tape

Be fashionable with these tape rings from Living Locurto. We had a tape bracelet craft and now we have a fashion ring craft! How cute are they?!

Great things made of tape for your room

Tape Crafts for Kids - Pictures of things kids can use tape to make for their room, like a folder, pen accessories, bookmarks, and school supplies
You can create some very clever things with duct tape!

11. Tape Artist’s Portfolio

Do you want to keep your child’s artwork in order and together easily and without a paper ring? Then grab your colorful tape and try to use it to create this tape artist’s portfolio Modern parents, messy kids.

12. Pretty Flower Pin Tape Crafts

You can even decorate your office supplies. Give your pens a pretty look with solid colors or multiple colors DIY sweets.

13. Easy crafting of tape bookmarks

Want another fun duct tape craft? These tape bookmarks are great! Perfect for children who love to read. Also, these DIY projects by Unusual designs are great.

14. Decorate children’s room accessories with tape

Um, did you know you can use duck ribbon to make decorations for your home? You can decorate your kid’s room. Learn how with childhood 101!

15. Tape pencil roll crafts

These tape pencil rolls are a cool idea. Keep your pens together and craft your pencil holder out of your favorite colored and textured duck ribbon Club Chica Circle.

Have fun with duct tape inspired imaginative play

Tape Crafts for Kids - 6 ideas for tape fun like boats, rope, lightsabers, a shoebox dollhouse and a backyard play
Oh what fun we’re going to have with duct tape!

16. Have a tape boat race

Want some cool duct tape projects, here’s one! This step-by-step guide from from mayhem for less With this you can build a boat out of duct tape! I bet you could change it up and build a duct tape river raft too.

17. Imagine you’re Indiana Jones with that tape whip

Encourage your children’s role play with this tape Indiana Jones whip. You can learn to do it Jump to My Lou.

18. Toy boat with tape

How cool are these duct tape ideas? You can use it to make another boat out of tape The craft train. A great way to get kids creative and then play outside.

19. Pool Noodle Lightsaber Tape Crafts

This is a great craft, especially if you love Star Wars! Learn how to make the coolest lightsabers on the Kids Activities Blog.

20. Build a shoebox school to role-play with tape

Another great craft project using a shoe box, shoe box toppers and masking tape! Encourage role play with this shoebox school. You can learn how to do it Asha Qureshi.

21. Create a ring toss game using tape

Get out there with this awesome tape ring toss game. It’s so easy to prepare Mom’s Efforts.

More fun with duct tape

Tape crafts for kids - tape wallet, tape belt, tape swirl and robot crafts
Who would have thought this was made out of duct tape?

22. Tape robot made from recycled materials

It’s never a bad idea to recycle. We love the earth and want it to be preserved for a long time. That’s why this tape robot is so awesome! Learn more at Crafts by Amanda.

23. Making tape belts

Duct tape is far from just being used to fix things. It’s fashionable now. You can make a tape belt! Learn how Bubbling natural creations.

24. Wind chimes made from recycled plastic bottles

Do more home decorations, at least outdoor decorations. Here’s another recycle tape craft you can learn more about Crafts by Amanda.


What tape crafts have you tried? How did it end? Comment below and tell us, we’d love to hear from you!

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