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34 Christmas Treats and Desserts will LOVE

by Ünal Güler



Get into the holiday spirit with these Thanksgiving treats for kids! From turkey cookies to pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats, these creative and delicious Fall treats will delight children of all ages!

Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together, express gratitude, and indulge in a delicious feast. While the traditional turkey and stuffing take center stage, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and make special treats for the little ones.

Whether you’re looking to engage your kids in a fun culinary activity or simply want to surprise them with delightful Thanksgiving-themed goodies, you’ll find tons of inspiration for your Thanksgiving treats for kids here!

From crafting adorable turkey treats to baking scrumptious Thanksgiving cookies and cupcakes, this season offers a fantastic opportunity to blend culinary creativity with the spirit of gratitude. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and discover the joy of making Thanksgiving treats that will put smiles on every child’s face!

collage of Thanksgiving treats and desserts for kids

Thanksgiving Cupcakes for Kids

The chocolate lovers at your Thanksgiving dinner will LOVE these cute turkey cupcakes! With a homemade chocolate buttercream and delicious made from scratch cupcakes, these Thanksgiving treats will be a hit with your little turkeys!

chocolate cupcakes decorated like turkeys

Looking for a fun and festive Thanksgiving dessert for kids? Try making these adorable turkey cupcakes this holiday. These tasty treats are made with nutter butter cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and frosting, and your kids will “gobble” them up! See what I did there!

chocolate cupcakes decorated to look like turkeys

If your kids are a fan of the popular lunchbox snacks, Froot by the Foot, then they’re in luck! The colorful feathers on these creative turkey cupcakes are made from the fruity treats!

turkey cupcakes with fruit gummy feathers

Most Thanksgiving turkey treats are created with candy corn for the turkey’s feathers. But these cute and colorful turkey cupcakes make use of another festive Fall candy, Reese’s Pieces! Great for the non-candy corn lovers at the kids’ table!

turkey cupcakes made with chocolate frosting and Reese's pieces

Thanksgiving Rice Krispies Treats Ideas

Here’s a kid-friendly dessert for the Thanksgiving menu… pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats! With the timeless combination of Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, and butter, these pumpkin cereal Treats can be whipped up in just 15 minutes, and they’ll look super cute on your dessert buffet table!

pumpkin rice krispies treats

Turkey legs never looked so good! These Cocoa Krispies turkey legs are just like your favorite Rice Krispies treats but with a delicious chocolate flavor!

rice krispie treats turkey legs

There are so many different pie alternatives for people who just don’t love making pie. This option uses rice krispie treats as the base for a yummy, easy treat in the shape of a pumpkin pie.

pumpkin pie rice krispies treats

The turkey leg is another Thanksgiving staple, but only two lucky people get to have one. This fun snack solves that problem by making tasty rice krispie treat turkey legs for everyone at the table!

turkey leg rice krispies treats

Cute Thanksgiving Cookies

Save time and oven space this Thanksgiving with this easy no-bake Oreo turkey recipe. Plus, these cute Thanksgiving treats for kids are a great way to use up leftover candy corn from Halloween!

chocolate Oreo turkey cookies

Store bought cookie dough and Milano cookies get sandwiched together to make these adorable turkey cookies for Thanksgiving! And these cute kids’ treats feature two of my favorites – chocolate frosting and candy corn! I’m definitely adding these to my list of Thanksgiving kids’ treats!

turkey cookies

These Golden Oreo turkey cookies are festive, fun, and no-bake! Perfect for cute treats to hand out in your kids’ classrooms or to add to your dessert table for the big meal!

golden Oreo turkey cookies

These easy acorn cookies are made with halved Nutter Butter cookies and chocolate sprinkles to look like mini acorns. Such cute Thanksgiving treats for kids!

acorn cookies made with Nutter Butters

Up next is another easy, cute, no-bake treat perfect for Thanksgiving. Kids will love helping out with these, too. The only hard part will be keeping them from eating these Nutter Butter turkeys immediately after they are done!

nutter butter turkey cookies

These no-bake acorn cookies are perfect for the Thanksgiving table. With the flavors of Nilla wafers, chocolate, and butterscotch, they simply can’t be beat.

acorn cookies

These colorful and festive Thanksgiving cookies are decorated like another popular Fall item, harvest corn. The Indian corn cookies are made with Nutter Butters and strategically placed candies for a sweet treat for kids!

Indian corn decorated cookies

By using fudge covered Nutter Butters for these cute turkey cookies, you save yourself a few steps… because the cookies are already brown! These adorable Fall cookies are fun to decorate and even more fun to eat!

chocolate covered cookie turkeys

Thanksgiving Pretzel Treats and Desserts for Kids

These chocolate turkey pretzel rods are so cute with big candy eyes and candy corn feathers. Wrap them up in cellophane bags and tie with a festive ribbon for cute Thanksgiving party favors for kids!

chocolate dipped pretzel rods decorated to look like turkeys

Impress the kids this Thanksgiving with these candy bar pretzel bites. With mini candy bars lovingly tucked between pretzels, these kid-friendly treats are sure to be a hit on Thanksgiving Day.

chocolate dipped pretzels with candy bars

Pretzel twists make the perfect base for these sweet and salty pretzel turkey Thanksgiving treats for kids! And you can have your kids make these cute candy turkeys while you’re working on holiday prep.

turkey Thanksgiving treats for kids made from pretzels and Reese's cups

Candy and Chocolate Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

If you are looking for a non-traditional turkey treat to share this Thanksgiving, then check out these chocolate bark turkeys. This is a project that yields eye-catching results without the need for special talent or tools… These chocolate turkey treats are truly edible works of art!

chocolate bark turkeys

Get creative with this fun and adorable Reese’s turkey treat! Made with Reese’s peanut butter cups and candy corn, these Thanksgiving treats for kids are perfect for making with your little ones and adding a touch of sweetness to your Thanksgiving celebrations.

reese's cup turkey treats

These Thanksgiving turkey leg candy treats have a sweet donut hole surprise in the center… and the kids will love helping you make them!

homemade candy that looks like turkey legs

Add a touch of fun to your Thanksgiving celebration with these marshmallow turkey pops. These tasty treats are a great way to get kids involved in the festivities. Perfect as a table centerpiece or party favor!

chocolate dipped marshmallows decorated to look like turkeys

Acorns are popular during the Thanksgiving season. They’re everywhere, they’re aesthetically pleasing, and can even be ground up to make flour. But that won’t be necessary for these tasty caramel marshmallow acorns.

caramel dipped marshmallows that look like acorns

Edible Thanksgiving Treat Activities that Kids Can Do

Need to keep your little ones busy during the holiday dinner? After all, they’ll probably only eat 2 rolls, and that doesn’t take near as much time as it does for the adults to devour 3 helpings of turkey and green bean casserole!

Why not treat the kids to a Thanksgiving sweet and an activity all rolled into one?!

Here are some great Thanksgiving activities that kids can DIY into a delicious sweet treat:

Making cute turkeys with disposable gloves is a Thanksgiving craft idea that’s been around for years! But when you combine the easy turkey craft and some sugary treats, you’ve got a fantastic sweet activity idea that’s perfect for the kids’ table this year! Hop over to grab the free template to make your own turkey glove craft with treats!

turkey glove craft with popcorn and candy

Add some cuteness and nutrition to Thanksgiving school parties with this applesauce cup turkey treat. Made from prepackaged cups, these treats are easy to make and the kids can even make this craft themselves as a fun Thanksgiving activity.

applesauce cups decorated to look like turkeys

Here’s a fun little snack that makes a great Thanksgiving activity for young kids… candy corn turkey cookie crafts! There’s no cooking or melting required, and once they’re done, they’re ready to eat immediately!

Thanksgiving cookies that look like turkeys

These popcorn turkey snacks are a fun Thanksgiving activity and a tasty treat rolled into one! The perfect Fall treat to make with your preschool class or at the kids’ table while the adults finish up Thanksgiving dinner.

popcorn and candy in a plastic glove to look like a turkey

More Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

Fall in love with the irresistible charm of pumpkin Oreo balls, the ultimate Thanksgiving treats for kids. These chocolate truffles are not only delicious but also incredibly easy to make with just a few simple ingredients.

oreo truffles in the shape of pumpkins

Impress your friends and family with a turkey-themed cake that is both easy to make and fun to decorate, even for beginners. This cake is guaranteed to steal the show at Thanksgiving, and both the kids and adults will love it! Since this cake is a bit smaller in size, you could even create one turkey cake specifically for the kids’ table.

cake decorated like a turkey

Donut holes get a Fall makeover thanks to melted chocolate and sprinkles! These acorn donut holes would be perfect to serve on Thanksgiving morning for a kid-friendly breakfast!

donut holes that look like acorns

Most people think of a cheese ball as an appetizer, to serve before the big meal. This neat idea flips the script and turns it into a dessert cheese ball. Kids and adults alike will dig into this, no matter how stuffed they are.

turkey shaped dessert cheeseball

These turkey cake balls look almost too cute to eat! With an Oreo cookie back and a sweet chocolate cake ball, these adorable Thanksgiving treats are the perfect centerpiece for your dessert table or great treats to take to your kids’ Fall classroom parties!

turkey Oreo cake balls

Store-bought mini chocolate donuts get a feathery makeover with these easy mini turkey donuts! The kids will have a blast decorating these, and you could even set up the ingredients in the middle of the kids’ table for a fun activity after dinner!

mini turkey chocolate donuts

I hope your kids LOVE these awesome Thanksgiving treat ideas! Which of the cute Fall-themed desserts is your favorite? Or do you have a Thanksgiving tradition of making specific treats with your kids each year? If so, leave me a comment down below!

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