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78 Vision Board Ideas and Topics to Help Plan Your Board

by Ünal Güler



Looking for vision board ideas to create your own board and conquer your goals? Here’s TONS of vision board topics and ideas that you can use for your goals board! Everything from personal finance vision boards to couples vision boards to self care boards – you’ll find ideas here!

I am a person with too many goals. There. I’ve admitted it.

I’ve been a goal-oriented person my whole life, and I love creating maps that help me achieve the things that challenge me and help me grow as a person. There are many ways to do this, but one of my favorite ways to outline my dreams is with a vision board!

Vision boards are a super fun and relaxing way to really hone in on what you want most and create a visual representation of the goals you’re going to focus on for a specific time period, whether that’s for the next 6 months, a year, or 5 years.

If you’re searching for an intentional and creative activity to do on your own or with friends, a vision board should definitely be on your agenda! I’ve created a master list of vision board ideas to help you in the brainstorming process, so feel free to use them as inspiration for your own!

collage of vision board ideas

How to Create a Vision Board

While this post is jam-packed with creative vision board ideas and topics, you might also be wondering how to create a vision board.

Well, you’re in luck! Click HERE to access my step-by-step guide on creating vision boards, complete with supply lists, examples, and suggestions for staying motivated.

woman creating a vision board with letters

Vision Board Formats and Examples

Creating your own vision board is super fun, and there are so many formats you can use! Here are a few examples:

Bulletin Board

Our goals for the future are constantly changing, and a bulletin board is a great way to reuse your vision board. You can also pin items on the board without worrying about damaging your wall!

vision board with pictures of goals

Poster Board

Nothing brings back memories of fifth-grade science projects like a trusty poster board! Feel free to glue and tape your vision board ideas all over this inexpensive option. Or, if you want your goals board to be a bit sturdier, then foam board is another great option!

Digital Vision Board in Canva

I absolutely love working in Canva, and it’s FREE! Use Canva’s free images and upload your own to create a digital vision board.

Pinterest Vision Board

If you like creating Pinterest boards for every area of your life, you’ll love making a Pinterest vision board! Pinterest’s highly visual nature is perfect for creating your ideal dream board.

One Page Vision Board

Stay goal-oriented on the go by creating a one-page vision board that fits in your day planner! Use a sheet of printer paper or card stock to create a more compact vision board you can use in the back of your planner to reference while at work, at the gym, or in line at the grocery store!

75+ Vision Board Ideas

Here is my ultimate list of vision board examples you can use to get started:

vision board on a wire wall grid board

General Vision Board Topics

  • My Life in (input upcoming year) – vision for the upcoming year, what you want your life to look like by December 31st, specific goals you want to accomplish, images of what it looks like to achieve those goals
  • 5 year plan – words that represent your goals, images that show what you want to achieve in 5 years, inspirational quotes, scriptures
  • House cleaning vision board – images of a clean and orderly home, words that explain your “why” for having a clean house, pictures of cleaning schedules, quotes, pictures of cleaning supplies
  • Family vacation ideas – cutouts from travel brochures, maps of the world/different countries you want to visit, checklist of places your family wants to go for vacation, images from travel magazines, quotes about relaxation and travel
  • Places you want to visit where you live – photos or online images of your town/city, names and locations of places you’d like to see, local newspaper cutouts of event advertisements, family photos of local spots you’ve already experienced
  • Home decorating projects – specific topic headline, such as “Home Remodel 2024” or “Complete Bathroom Remodel,” magazine cutouts of design inspiration, images of items and color schemes you like, paint cards from local hardware stores, words to describe how you want your new home decorating project to make you feel
  • Your “Best Life” vision board – words that capture what it means for you to live your best life, like “exercise daily” and “meditate,” images that show what living your best life looks like, inspirational quotes, Bible verses, personal photos
  • Less screen time – images of people enjoying activities other than watching TV or staring at their phones, graphs and statistics about the impact of increased screen time, a list of benefits of less screen time, words describing alternatives to looking at screens, images of your favorite screen-free activities
  • Family activities vision board – pictures of board games, images of camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, photos of families enjoying time together, a list of family activities you like doing together, quotes about the importance of family, words that describe different ways families can spend time together, like “game night” and “vacation”
vision board with quotes and pictures
  • Inspirational quotes – a way for you to keep all of your inspirational quotes in one place! Label different sections of your vision board with categories of quotes, like “Self-Love, Motivational, Book Love,” etc. Cut out quotes with pretty backgrounds from magazines or design your own in Canva.
  • 10 year vision – 10 year vision board ideas include words that explain what you want to accomplish in 10 years, a 10 year goal bucket list, images that show what achieving your long-term goals looks like, motivational quotes
  • Spend more time outside – Quotes about nature from authors like Thoreau, pictures from travel magazines of national parks and outdoor activities, words that describe your “why” for spending time outside, like “peaceful, more active,” and maps of local walking trails in your community
  • Acts of kindness vision board – Vision board examples can be articles from magazines showing how others have acted with kindness, images of different examples of acts of kindness, words explaining why it’s important to show kindness to others, and a list of ways you can give acts of service to those in your community
  • Growing in faith vision board – Bible verses, online images of your favorite devotional books, quotes about the importance of faith, pictures that show what growing in faith would look like in your life, words that describe how growing in faith might change you, how it would make you feel, etc.
  • Cultivate an abundance mindset – Your dream board ideas for this can include the definition of an abundance mindset, words that explain how to cultivate an abundance mindset or the benefits of doing so. Pictures can include the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, images showing the results of living with an abundance mindset, etc.
  • ___ Day Prayer Challenge – List of people and topics you’re praying about, Bible verses, images of people in prayer, or pictures that inspire peace and thoughtfulness, small printout of 30-day prayer challenge schedule, book titles of prayer and devotional books, words that describe how you hope your prayer challenge journey will change your life and the lives of others
  • Live a fulfilled life – Your goal board ideas for this vision board might be several topics or areas of your life that need attention, what it means for you to live a fulfilled life, inspirational quotes or Bible verses, images of what your idea of a fulfilled life might look like
  • Read a book a month vision board – quotes about the power of reading, images of libraries and bookshelves, pictures of books you want to read over the next year, photos of comfy chairs and reading nooks

Ideas for a Couple’s Vision Board

  • Couple’s bucket list – magazine cutouts of places you want to visit with your partner, travel brochures of vacations you’d like to take, and any other images showing what’s on your couple’s bucket list. (You can even include an actual checklist!)
couples bucket list printables
  • Date night ideas vision board – Words explaining why you need regular date nights or their benefits (Romance, Growing Closer, Time to Relax), pictures of activities you can do on your date nights, a menu from your favorite restaurant, etc.
  • Dream house vision board – pictures of houses that are similar to your dream home, words that describe essential parts of your ideal home (Reading Nook, Rooms for Everyone, Big Backyard), floor plans, maps that show where you’d like to live in your dream home
  • Future vacation ideas – pictures from travel brochures, words that split your vacations into categories (Tropical, European, U.S. Travel), magazine photos of sandy beaches and popular vacation spots, drawings of sunscreen, sunglasses, and other travel items
  • Ways to improve communication – photos showing couples who value spending authentic time together, words that show how to improve communication and the benefits of doing so (Phones Away, Laughing Together), statistics and graphs showing the benefits of authentic communication
  • Adventure goals – images that show the adventures you and your partner want to embark on (African Safari, ziplining, going camping), a checklist of supplies you’ll need for your experiences, places you’d like to visit, photos of places you’ve gone in the past
  • Future family goals vision board – categories of future family goals (own a home, three kids, family vacations), images of your future family home, happy babies and kids, areas where you’d like to live, etc.
  • Celebrating differences – These vision board ideas would show how you and your partner are both unique but are great together. You could divide the space for your vision board, and each person fills their half with words and images that highlight who they are as a person – or you could switch and do it for one another!
  • #CoupleGoals vision board – Brainstorm what some ultimate couple goals would be, like “financially independent, regular date nights, awesome parents,” etc. Goal board ideas can also include images of what those goals might look like when you achieve them.
  • Couple’s workout vision board – words and categories can include benefits of working out together, workout goals, different types of workouts (cardio, weightlifting, dance), hours for your local gym, images of couples working out together, etc.
digital vision board with photos and motivational quotes

Personal Finance-Related Vision Board Ideas

  • Starting to invest for retirement – Dream board category ideas could be reasons for investing for retirement, describing your life after retirement, and the benefits of investing early. You can include pictures of people saving money, dollar bills, etc., and quotes about the wisdom of saving money.
  • Emergency fund vision board – pictures and quotes on ways to save, words associated with financial peace of mind
  • Cutting out daily coffee drive-thru habit – printouts of coffee recipes, pictures of cute coffee mugs, cute quotes about coffee, etc.
  • Debt-free living – photos that show what a debt-free life might look like, printouts of savings challenges, quotes about saving money, scriptures talking about the importance of not being in debt, your reasons for wanting to get out of debt
  • Financial independence by 45 – Category labels might include the amount of debt you need to pay off, how much you want to save, and why you want to become financially independent. Add pictures of what you’d like your life to look like, lists of ways to save money, and positive affirmations that help you towards that goal.
  • Create a side hustle for passive income – Vision board examples for this one could be pictures of people doing the side hustles you’re interested in (crocheting, delivering pizza, writing a blog), magazine articles on successful side hustle entrepreneurs, motivational quotes, reasons for creating a side hustle.
  • Minimalist lifestyle – words describing what a minimalist lifestyle would look like for you, categories that name different parts of your home where you’d like to minimize clutter, photos that show your idea of a minimalist lifestyle, minimalist quotes
  • Donate to specific charities – Categories for this dream board can include specific charities you’d like to donate to over the next year, photos of those charities helping people, animals, etc., quotes about helping others, dollar amounts you’d like to give regularly, etc.
  • Live thrifty vision board – Words that describe ways to live thrifty or your goals/benefits of a frugal lifestyle, photos of people finding ways to save money, savings challenge printables, motivational affirmation words, names of people who have inspired you to be thrifty.
vision board on a bulletin board with photos and quotes

Self-Care and Health-Related Vision Board Ideas

  • Workout routine vision board – motivational quotes, photos of people going to the gym, being active, and your favorite gym outfits, reasons why you want to start a workout routine, positive affirmations, printouts of home workouts
  • Cut out sugar – words describing why you want to stop eating sugar and its benefits, pictures of healthy meals and sugar-free recipes, and motivational quotes.
  • Walk 2 miles per day – a printout of a gradual walking routine that will get you to two miles a day, images of your favorite athletic shoes, cute workout clothes, and people walking in different settings, playlists of your favorite music and podcasts, reasons for wanting to start walking
  • Get a healthy amount of sleep – Bible verses and quotes about the importance of rest, words that show why you want to get more sleep and how it will benefit you (Happier, More Patient), pictures of alarm clocks, sleep masks, and cute pajamas
  • Lose weight – words that identify the amount of weight you want to lose and why, motivational quotes, positive affirmations, images of people exercising, eating healthy, and outfits you want to buy once you’re in your new body, healthy recipes, workout routines for beginners
  • Run a 5k – printout of gradual run/walk program or running routine, dates of upcoming races in your area, photos of people running and exercising, running shoes, and your favorite workout clothes, positive affirmations, motivational quotes, reasons for running a 5k
  • Learn to swim – words describing why you want to learn how to swim, images of people swimming, paddle boarding, and doing other water activities in different settings, photos of beaches and resorts, cute swimsuits and other swim gear, motivational quotes.
  • Quit smoking/drinking – reasons why you want to quit this habit and how it will benefit your life, pictures of healthy alternatives, statistics about how this habit negatively impacts longevity and other areas, images of activities you can do after quitting smoking or drinking, motivational quotes, positive affirmations
  • Meditation goals – images of calming settings and colors, words that describe the benefits of meditation and what your goals are, lists or images of different meditation apps and playlists, pictures of people meditating, quotes about the positive impact of meditation
  • Practice Daily Gratitude – Naming different categories of your life that you’re thankful for and images that show those aspects (family, friends, pets), printed screenshots of your favorite gratitude journals, stats showing the benefits of practicing gratitude, Bible verses and quotes, affirmations.
  • Wake up at 5 a.m. – images of alarm clocks and activities and tasks you want to accomplish during this extra time, reasons for waking up at 5 a.m., motivational quotes, to-do lists, morning workout routines, 30-day challenge chart (Get my free 30 day challenge worksheets HERE!)
30 day challenge worksheets
  • Stay hydrated – photos of cute water bottles, waterfalls, people drinking water and other hydrating drinks, words that state why you want to stay hydrated or how it will help you, images of people doing different activities where they’ll need to drink water, motivational quotes
  • Run a marathon in (specific month or year) – the specific date you want to run your marathon, reasons why you want to accomplish this goal, printout of marathon training program, images of people running in different races, athletic clothes, running shoes, your favorite hydrating drinks, motivational quotes, positive affirmations
  • Eat healthy – board divided into different categories or reasons why you want to eat healthy and how it will help you, healthy drink and food recipes, motivational quotes, meal planning chart, list of healthy foods you like to eat, images of healthy foods, drinks, and activities
  • Daily journaling vision board – pictures of your favorite journals and planner pens, writing paper, desks, quiet places to journal, words that describe the benefits of journals, quotes about writing and journaling
  • Coping with anxiety/depression – words that identify specific strategies for dealing with anxiety/depression (get outside, eat healthy, etc.), images of calming and serene settings, activities that have been shown to combat anxiety and depression (journaling, walking, showering), Bible verses, quotes, positive affirmations, photos of your ideal life without these struggles
  • Fast food freedom vision board – reasons why you want to stop or reduce eating fast food (save money, lose weight), images related to each category, healthy alternative recipes, meal planning templates, quotes about saving money, photos of things you can afford or do with the money you save/weight you lose, etc.
vision board with photos

Work-Related Dream Board Ideas

  • Finish your degree – words describing why you want to finish your degree, how many years you have left, your ideal salary after getting your dream job, images of a college diploma, graduation, positions you want to apply for, motivational quotes about education, affirmations
  • Apply for a master’s or doctorate program – reasons why you want to get a higher degree, images of schools you’d like to attend, jobs you’d like to apply for once you finish your program, books, laptops, and study materials, motivational quotes and affirmations
  • Take a course in a subject that interests you – words identifying different topics that interest you (art history, horseback riding, etc.), images that show those categories, pictures or names of local places and schools that offer those courses, printouts of course schedules
  • Get a certificate – words that show why you want to get a certificate or how it will improve your life, images of colleges, classrooms, and other educational materials, photos of places you’d like to work once you get your certificate, positive affirmations, a mock image of the certificate you’d like to work towards
  • Earn x amount of money in 2024 – Reasons why you want to make this amount of money (Vacation, New Car), images of what you will be able to afford once you achieve this goal, motivational quotes about work ethic and saving, cutouts of Forbes Top 500, quotes from entrepreneurs and business people you admire
  • Achieve financial independence – Words describing why you want to achieve financial freedom or what your life will look like once you do (Travel the world, Retire Early), images showing saving money, people working, places you’d like to travel, book titles about financial independence, motivational quotes
  • Start your small business – images that show what your small business would look like, what you’d like to sell, where you would be selling your products, and pictures describing what your ideal life would look like after starting your business, words that describe why you want to create a small business, quotes about following your passion and dreams
  • Give TED Talk – topics you’d like to give a TED Talk on, upcoming dates of TED Talks in your area, images of your favorite presenters, microphones, people doing research, photos that show the different topics you’re passionate about
  • Create an online business – reasons why you want to start an online business or how it will change your life (Extra Income, Quit My Job), photos of what you’d like to sell and what you’d like to do or buy with the extra money you earn, images of online entrepreneurs and successful influencers that you admire, bestselling business book titles, motivational quotes
  • Start a blog – words describing different reasons why you want to start a blog or the topics you want to write about, images of writing supplies, laptops, cute office spaces, screenshots of blogs you like, and what your dream life will look like once your blog takes off, motivational quotes about writing and perseverance
  • Start a YouTube channel – screenshots of different YouTube channels that you follow, words that describe reasons you want to start your own YouTube channel or what your goals are (1+ million followers), images of topics you’d like to cover, computers, laptops, recording materials
  • Monthly saving goal vision board – Reasons why you want to save money, money-saving goal, printout of monthly saving challenge (Get my No Spend Challenge printable HERE!), images that show what you’ll do with the money you save, motivational quotes about saving money, lists and cutouts of money-saving hacks from magazines
  • Become a millionaire by 40 – words that show strategies for becoming a millionaire (Invest, Save x amount/month, etc.), photos of people who have achieved this goal, reasons why you want to become a millionaire by 40, images of what your life will look like once you hit your goal and what you’ll be able to afford, quotes about being frugal and financially savvy
  • Save $10,000 in 2024 – reasons you want to save $10,000 in a year, savings tracker printable, images showing ways you can save money (people shopping at thrift stores, eating at home instead of going out to dinner), printable bill tracker, pictures of why you’ll be able to buy once you save this money, recipes for cheap family meals, quotes about self-restraint and saving money

Motherhood/Parenting Vision Board Ideas

  • Meal planning vision board – Vision board ideas include recipes for crockpot and freezer meals, sample meal plans, images of delicious meals, families eating together, activities you’re able to do with the time you save from meal planning, screenshots or titles of your favorite cookbooks.
  • Time Management – Goal board ideas for this one include reasons for better time management and how your life will benefit from better time management skills (Less Stressed, Personal Time), lists or images of time management apps, different time management strategies, and pictures that show them in action (Having a regular cleaning schedule, meal prepping, etc.), motivational quotes.
  • Self-care vision board – words that stand for why you need self-care or categories of self-care (Exercise, eating healthy), pictures that relate to those categories (people walking and spending time outside, healthy food), list of simple self-care strategies, self-care affirmationsGet my free printable self care affirmations to use on your board!
self care affirmation
  • Work-Life balance vision board – vision board examples could be dividing your board into categories that help you gain more work-life balance (meal planning, weekly workouts, self-care), images that show what those look like for your life, reasons that affirm your value as a working mom, motivational quotes from other working moms
  • Practice patience – ways that more patience can improve your life and those around you (Less Stressed, Happier Marriage, Calmer Household), images of calming scenes, moms playing with their kids, people meditating, positive affirmations, and a list of calming strategies that encourage patience
  • Book Club vision board – vision board examples can include different book genres and images of bestselling/popular books in those categories, pictures of bookshelves, stacks of books, people reading together and talking/laughing, favorite book quotes, book-themed snacks and drink recipes.
  • “I am enough” vision board – words that highlight your positive qualities, pictures of you with friends and family, doing things you enjoy, images of things and ideas you’re passionate about, positive affirmations, motivational quotes about self-love and confidence
  • Authentic Family Time vision board – reasons why you want to have more family time, categories of ways you can spend genuine family time (Outdoor Activities, Game Night), pictures of board games, ways you can spend time together as a family, kid-friendly recipes, images of families having fun together
  • Live Fearlessly – goal board ideas can include areas of your life that you want to live fearlessly in, images of fearless activities and goals you want to achieve, quotes from motivational speakers and writers, Bible verses
  • Cultivate Joy vision board – strategies for cultivating more joy in your life (Gratitude, Laugh More, Less Social Media), images showing what this looks like in your life and alternatives to joy-draining activities, Bible verses, quotes about finding joy, list of people and things that bring you joy

I hope these vision board ideas have inspired you to create your own board to help you reach your goals! And be sure to PIN this post for later so you can come back and reference this vision board inspiration:

collage of vision board ideas for inspiration

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