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Absolutely MAGICAL unicorn food ideas for kids!

by Ünal Güler

We love unicorn food ideas that you can easily make at home. Unicorn desserts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, all in a rainbow of unicorn colors are almost too cute to eat! Inspired by unicorns, these colorful desserts and snacks are the most adorable and fun desserts ever. Because unicorns eat it, duh!

Text: Unicorn Food Fast Too Cute To Eat - Collage of colorful unicorn-inspired food ideas, from unicorn ice cream to unicorn pop cupcakes to unicorn cookies

Beautifully delicious unicorn dessert ideas

These unicorn meal ideas are perfect for a unicorn birthday party…or, you know, a Monday. Because it’s never the wrong time to make your day better, am I right?!

1. Unicorn Poop Cookie Recipe

These unicorn poop cookies are super silly and will make your kids grin! These glittery rainbow cookies are way cuter than the title would suggest giggle.

2. Hot Unicorn Cocoa Recipe

Hot unicorn cocoa is the best way to brighten up a cold winter day! But in all honesty, this treat out Family favorite recipes is welcome at any time of the year.

3. Unicorn Poop Cupcakes

These unicorn poop cupcakes from Quite the bomb sound silly but are so colorful and of course delicious. I love that there is just a bit of cloud fluff on top of the rainbow frosting… on the rainbow cupcake!

4. Unicorn-Inspired Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the best desserts ever – make it even better by giving it a unicorn inspiration! This magical dessert from Yummy is pink and sparkles like any self-respecting unicorn would inspire.

Unicorn Food Ideas - four desserts that are sparkling rainbow glitter food ideas
Too magical!

5. Awesome Unicorn Grilled Cheese

This one from PopSugar sounds particularly magical because it bridges the gap between sweet and savory in a sparkling way. Make your favorite grilled cheese sandwich extra colorful by coloring your cheese and adding sprinkles!

6. Sparkly Chex Mix Recipe

I love Chex mix so much! The only way to make it better is to turn it into a chocolate and candy unicorn dessert. Check out this recipe tablespoon.

7. Homemade unicorn ice cream

Our new favorite summer treat is hands down homemade unicorn ice cream from Bread schnapps and bacon. It couldn’t be more fun!

8. Sparkling rainbow bark recipe

Yummy‘s Chocolate Bark is a foolproof dessert that everyone loves. Make a unicorn version that’s the prettiest treat ever.

9. Marshmallow-y unicorn bark

Here’s another equally awesome unicorn bark that adds marshmallows Something fancy!

10. Cute unicorn meringue

Another fun unicorn poop dessert from Mom Dot are these colorful meringues.

Unicorn Cheesecake, Unicorn Poop Cupcakes, Glitter Bark, and Unicorn Poop Cookies
Funny unicorn colors!

11. Best unicorn birthday cake

This one from wilton is one of the most beautiful birthday cakes ever!

12. Glittery Ice Cream Cake

If you’re throwing a birthday party soon, this unicorn ice cream cake is out The thin fork would be a hit for sure!

13. Unicorn Pop Cupcakes

Fancy making your own homemade PopTarts? Try these unicorn cupcakes Oh Sam! So much fun.

14. Unicorn popcorn with sparkles

This unicorn popcorn mix from Caramel Pop is perfect for movie night!

15. Sweet unicorn dip

Need more cute unicorn dessert ideas? Try this delicious unicorn dip from the Kids Activities Blog!

More unicorn fun

Unicorn Slime Recipe for Kids - great kids crafts inspired by the unicorn
Great fun unicorn activities!

What is your favorite unicorn food that you make with your kids? Let us know in the comments!

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