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Baked Cheese Bread Recipe

Baked Cheese Bread Recipe

by Ünal Güler

Hello, followers of E-Recipes, Turkey’s most delicious and best recipes site, we are with you with Baked Cheese Bread Recipe. We wanted to offer you a perfect option for Sunday breakfast. An important point to consider when making this recipe is that the milk is warm. One of the important points is to leave the dough to rise for at least 20 minutes in a warm place when it reaches a consistency. It is also very important to repeat the fermentation process after preparing the breads. After preparing the dough, if you don’t have a springform tin, you can bake it as a whole on a flat dough tray.
We definitely recommend you to try Cheese Bread Recipe to capture this wonderful look. New recipes are added to our food website every day. How about exploring our site before deciding on the evening menu? You will definitely find a recipe that fits your budget in our vegetable food category. Bon appetit, take it easy…

Ingredients for Cheese Bread Recipe

1 Tea glass, oil

2 tea glasses, warm milk

2 teaspoons, granulated sugar

1 teaspoon, salt

1 packet, dry yeast

1 grain, egg

Flour as much as it takes

Fat cheese, dill and parsley

How to Make Cheese Bread

First of all, the dough Let’s take the warm milk into the kneading bowl, add the dry yeast on it, add the sugar and mix it with the help of a spoon to dissolve the yeast.

Let’s add oil, add some flour, add salt and start kneading. Let’s continue to knead the dough by adding flour as needed. Let’s knead the dough until it reaches a non-sticky consistency, let’s rest the dough in a warm environment by closing its mouth until it is fermented. In the meantime, let’s prepare the stuffing, sort and wash the parsley and dill, chop it finely, put it in a large bowl, take the cheese on it and mix it. Let’s knead the fermented dough a little, break off a piece the size of a tangerine, roll it in our hands, then expand it a little by pressing in our hands, put enough of the stuffing inside, and roll the dough in our hands and close it with the closed side down. We put the prepared breads in a handcuffed mold, cover them and leave them for another 15-20 minutes to ferment a little more. Brush the egg yolk on the fermented dough with a brush, you can sprinkle black cumin, poppy or sesame seeds on it. Let it cook at a preheated 180 degree heat. After it’s cooked, let’s take it out of the oven, let it rest for a while, take it out of the mold, then put it on the serving plate.

Good luck


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