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Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes | Easy Winter Pipe Cleaner Craft

by Ünal Güler


And we’re back. Don’t you hate it when you make an announcement to the world, and then you can’t follow through because life gets in the way? Yup. It’s been one of those weeks! My publisher sent me the printed pages of my craft book to edit, mark up, and send back… so I had to read through 192 pages of crafts and instructions to find any mistakes. But I am ridiculously relieved to say that that was the FINAL edit and I won’t see those pages again until it goes to print this summer. Crazy and so exciting!

I photographed these beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes weeks ago! They are so simple to make and they look adorable! This was one of those easy peasy crafts that I did with my 5 year old and 7 year old over the Christmas holidays. One morning my oldest daughter woke up and said “Can we do a craft Mommy?” and I said “hmmmm………..”.

DIY snowflake ornament craft with pipe cleaners and pony beads

Mind you, at the point, I don’t think I had finished my coffee yet, so I’m not sure I was overly receptive? I’m trying to teach my kids that if I haven’t finished my coffee, it’s probably safest to not ask me to do anything. (and if it’s still dark outside, please please please don’t even bother asking! lol) But the kids were dressed, they were fed and to be fair, it was my second coffee, so there was really no reason that we couldn’t start a little crafting adventure. So off we went to raid the awesome craft supplies I have leftover from writing my craft book!

Lately, craft time with the kids has involved me choosing a craft, me making the craft, and then the kids watching me while I make almost the entire thing for them. These snowflakes are like the jackpot of kids crafts because the kids can actually make them by themselves. Or at least mostly by themselves. They might need a little help twisting the pipe cleaners together, but after that, it’s smooth sailing! I was inspired by the adorable snowflakes from Early Learning Ideas.

DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

These beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes are SO SIMPLE and adorable! It’s such an awesome low mess craft for winter, or even Christmas ornaments!


Step 1: Find what you need

  • Gather your supplies.I found a bag of assorted pipe cleaners at the craft store that were only 6″ long – That’s half the length of regular pipe cleaners – and they make it really convenient for simple crafts like this! No cutting and no scraps to deal with!Or you can use 2 regular length pipe cleaners, each cut in half.

Step 2: Twist the pipe cleaners together

Step 3: Add the pony beads

Step 4: Place the rhinestone in the center

  • Then add a medium sized sticker rhinestone to the middle where all the pipe cleaners cross.Oh sticker rhinestones! They are seriously one of my new favourite craft supplies! I get them at the dollar store and seem to use them on everything lately!
  • Push it in place and you’re done.Your beaded pipe cleaner snowflake is complete!

Helpful Tip:

If you’re worried about the rhinestone falling off, attach it with a dot of tacky glue or hot glue.

Three different beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes

Aren’t they pretty? They turned out so well!

I made mine in blues, pinks, and purples. The girls made theirs in rainbow colours… Excuse the blurry phone picture on our messy kitchen table… You’ll notice below that bending the pipe cleaner ends tightly over the snowflake (as opposed to poking it back into the bead) also works to hold the beads in place and is a great alternative for little hands!

Pipe cleaner snowflakes with beads winter kids craft

The sticker rhinestones stick pretty well to the pipe cleaners in my opinion.

Pipe cleaner snowflakes with pony beads

If you plan to turn these into Christmas ornaments that might see a little more wear and tear over the years, you might want to considering adding a glob of hot glue behind the rhinestone to keep it in place. The glue will also help keep the pipe cleaners from coming undone.

DIY beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes

These beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes are such an awesome low mess winter craft idea! They’re so easy to make that the kids will actually be able to make them by themselves! They make fantastic Christmas ornaments, and you could even hang them in the window.

This post was originally published on January 25, 2018.

Beaded snowflakes easy pipe cleaner craft

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Our book Low-Mess Crafts for Kids is loaded with 72 fun and simple craft ideas for kids! The projects are fun, easy and most importantly low-mess, so the clean up is simple!

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