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Beautiful 19 bright, bold and easy poppy crafts

by Ünal Güler

Today we have 19 easy poppy crafts for kids of all ages and adults too! Choose your favorite poppy craft to commemorate Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, or just enjoy a day of easy crafts. It’s fun to make poppies at home or in the classroom. Which poppy craft will you choose first?

The image shows an assortment of various poppy crafts to commemorate Memorial Day.  From the Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a poppy craft!

Most popular poppy arts and crafts for kids

Red poppies are one of my favorite flowers! Not only are they an important symbol of remembrance, but poppies are also a lot of fun to make. That’s why these poppy crafts are so perfect.

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We show you so many different ways to make poppy crafts. Some poppy crafts are great for developing fine motor skills for young children, while others make an exciting art project for older children. We made sure to cover all ages and skill levels.

As a parent or teacher, you’ll love that most of these poppy crafts are made using materials you already have or can easily get at a craft store. From coffee filters and cupcake liners to craft sticks and pipe cleaners, you’re guaranteed to have a special day making poppies!

1. Memorial wreath made of paper napkins

The picture shows a poppy wreath hanging on a door.  Idea by Bugaboominirme
Let’s make a poppy wreath!

If you have red and yellow napkins, you already have the most supplies to make this poppy wreath. Out of Bugaboo, Mini, Mr & Me.

2. How to make coffee filter poppy seeds

The image shows a red poppy made with a coffee filter.  Idea by JDaniels4smom
Get your coffee filters for this craft!

JDaniel4’s mother We shared how to make a coffee filter poppy, a great poppy craft for Veterans Day or Memorial Day. Look how pretty it looks!

3. A Memorial Day poppy seed hack for kids

The picture shows a children's blouse with a red poppy.  Idea from Mama Papa Bubba
This poppy craft is so easy to make

To make these memorial poppies, all you need is a poppy, two small identical magnets, a small embellishment and some glue. Out of Papa Bubba’s mother.

4. Easy red poppy crafts and other Memorial Day activities

The picture shows a red poppy craft from Carrots are Orange
We love how pretty this craft looks.

This is a fun and easy red poppy craft project for Memorial Day and is perfect for young children as it encourages fine motor skills. Out of Carrots are orange.

5. Memorial Day Crafts: Coffee Filter Poppies

The picture shows a poppy craft made with a coffee filter.  Idea of ​​CBC
This craft is also a great way to learn about color mixing.

These red poppies crafts from CBC are easy to make and require only a few common household items like coffee filters, a safety pin, and a pipe cleaner.

6. Fingerprint Poppy Crafts for Kids

The picture shows a finger paint poppy painting by Crafty Morning
A craft perfect for little artists!

Make these fingerprint poppies for a spring art project or Mother’s Day cards. All you need is paint, white paper and a brush. Out of Smart morning.

7. Making poppies out of melted wax, a Memorial Day activity

The picture shows a poppy made from melted wax from
Hang this wreath on your door!

Mom in the madhouse shared an exhibition of poppies to create a paper plate with poppies wreath which is a great memorial day activity for kids.

8. Memorial Day poppy wreath

The picture shows a poppy seed cupcake liner from Mama Papa Bubba.
Make a beautiful poppy with cupcake liners.

This poppy wreath craft project is easy for kids to make, although it does require the help of an adult when the kids are too young. Out of Papa Bubba’s mother.

9. Making a memorial day poppy wreath for kids

The image shows a poppy artwork made from paper and watercolors.  Idea of ​​Nurture Store
Make a handmade poppy field!

Here’s an easy poppy craft that’s perfect for a memorial day activity for kids. Grab your favorite watercolor paints! Out of care business.

10. Tissue paper poppy wreath

The picture shows a poppy wreath made from Sugar Spice and Glitter
Nice poppy wreath craft project for kids!

Let’s make a poppy wreath out of tissue paper! It’s an easy and no-fuss craft that even the youngest of them can make, and the finished poppies can be used in many different ways. Out of sugar spice and glitter.

11. Poppy Hair Clip

The picture shows a little girl with a poppy hairpin in her hair.  Idea from Mama Papa Bubba
What a beautiful hairpin bend!

Let’s make a quick and easy red craft foam poppy seed hair pin. It takes less than 5 minutes! Out of Papa Bubba’s mother.

12. Paper poppy crafts

The picture shows three paper poppy crafts.  Idea of ​​Sugar Spice and Glitter
You can make so many different things with these poppy crafts.

These red poppies can be used as a decorative piece or turned into lapel pins to teach more about the importance of Memorial Day. Out of sugar spice and glitter.

13. DIY poppy lantern as a reminder

Pictured is a paper lantern decorated with red poppies for Memorial Day, an idea by Sunhats and Wellie Boots
Let’s make a pretty red poppy lantern.

Children of all ages can make this red poppy lantern. Light it up in the evening as a keepsake. Out of sun hats and rubber boots.

14. Poppies (Egg Carton)

The picture shows a red egg carton poppy craft.  Idea by KinderArt
Let’s use some egg cartons for this project!

Kids can learn how to make poppies out of egg cartons and paint. This craft is perfect for both younger and older kids. Out of children kind.

15. “Poppy” felt brooch

The picture shows 5 brooches for crafting with poppies.  From LiveMaster
Don’t these brooches look so pretty?

These decorative brooches are so pretty and easy to make. Just follow the picture guide! Out of live master.

16. Anzac Day Poppy crafts from paper plates

Paper plate poppy crafts on a white table with child's hands
Let’s celebrate Anzac Day with a poppy paper craft.

These paper plate poppy crafts are easy even for young kids to make and a great way to commemorate Anzac Day. Out of Laughing children learn.

17. Pinwheel Poppies – A commemoration, Armistice or Veterans Day activity

The picture shows Mama's pinwheel poppy handicrafts in the madhouse
Let’s learn how to make pinwheel poppies!

Make a pinwheel poppy by following this easy tutorial from Mom in the madhouseor you can use many of them to create a poppy field.

18. Memorial Day Paracord Poppy

The picture shows a paracord poppy from Instructables
This paracord poppy would look great as a home decor.

This paracord poppy is more for those with experience in knotting, but the end result is so pretty and a great way to remember our heroes. Out of teaching materials.

19. DIY Paper Poppies Background

The picture shows a poppy background backdrop for photographing.  Idea from the house Lars built
Let’s take some nice photos!

This paper poppies backdrop is perfect for Memorial Day, but it also makes a great spring/summer project because it’s all about poppies! Out of The house that Lars built.


Which poppy craft will you try first?

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