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Brilliant car organization ideas for the family car, van or SUV

by Ünal Güler

In most families with children, organizing a car is a challenge. We’ve found the best car organization ideas and hacks to maximize car storage space and make it easier for the whole family to get the things you need where you want to go! Whether you drive a sedan, van, or SUV, these car organization ideas will come in handy on your next road trip or errand.

Text - Family Car Tips - Rear of the minivan with organization ideas including storing sports equipment in the minivan
Let’s organize the car, I mean the minivan!

Car organization ideas for the family

You don’t have to wait for family trips to get a handle on the messy car situation! We’ve rounded up some popular car organization hacks that will turn that small space that’s constantly being used into a place where you can easily reach everything you need.

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Clever car organization hacks you REALLY need

Does your family live in the car during the warm months? It seems like summer is full of places to visit and things to do. Our car has to keep up. “Give everything a home,” my mother used to tell me growing up when faced with clutter.

Here are some products that helped us clean up. Most of these aren’t traditional auto organizers, but they’re a great way to use things you might find at Dollar Tree or your local superstore, and the best part is they don’t cost much…

Car Organizers – Products We Love!

1. Storage pocket on the back of the seat… or pockets!

shoe organizer. I like the clear plastic parts. It’s easy to see what’s in the pockets and cleaning is a breeze if they get sticky, and they will.

2. Help for the car floor mat

fabric mat for the ground. It picks up the dirt, is washable and easy to lift and shake out – so less vacuuming!

3. Easy way to control the clutter in the car

milk carton – great for the odd shaped items that find their way to my car.

4. The best to have on hand

Folded picnic blanket – That thing is great! I love having it handy for an impromptu meetup.

5. Cargo space for many things

magazine rack – These are great for storing towels, swim boards, even school books or other tall items. Everything is easy to see and grasp.

6. Simple Auto Organization Hack

Large foldable Shopping Bag. We use ours from IKEA. It’s wipeable, huge, and perfect for who knows what bag I’ll *need* tomorrow.

Ideas for organizing a family car
Let’s get more storage space for the minivan!

How to organize the car

Here are some simple tips to help us get rid of in-car clutter and create a more functional space for the whole family, after all you spend a lot of time in your car. The advantage is that there are no random things rolling through the trunk of your car when turning.

1. Create zones

We have created a “bathroom zone” and a “summer fun zone” with the shoe organizers. I included in the bathroom area diapers, towels & hand sanitizer (Yahoo, I don’t need a diaper bag anymore!!). We’ve also included some “emergency” supplies for our newborn.

The Summer Fun Zone includes everything we need for a quick trip to the pool or a trip to the park after class/activity. That helped me a lot! No stress. It’s all there sun protection To Glassessuits and towels.

2. Give everything a home

Make use of the hangars (I hope your car has one, they’re beautiful) to give a home to the random items that find their way into the car. Usually we have one garbage bag back there too.

Don’t forget about emergency supplies for your car. It can’t be seen in the photos, but there is some sort of storage compartment on the left side of my car wall. we keep one car chargerand air kit for the tires. You never know when you’ll need it.

3. Plan for the unexpected

Notice the big open space? That’s where our cool box, the huge sports bag or our science project belongs. Leave an open space to work. You would like to have one too First aid kit in your car We keep ours in the glove box. You never know when you’ll need it.

Family Car Organization Ideas2
Car Organizers to the Rescue!

Minivan Organization Tricks

Whether you drive a car or a minivan, staying organized makes family trips and outings more enjoyable.

It’s also easier to be prepared for the unexpected when you can actually see what you already have to use!

Summer Car Organization
SUV storage ideas that really work.

Behind the back seat of the minivan, I like to keep the cargo area as organized and separated as possible.

  • Create a place or container for sports equipment. In our case, I have large plastic boxes that hold the kids’ swimming gear for swimming lessons, including kickboards and life jackets.
  • Little kids need a lot of things, so a trunk organizer that can keep all those little items organized is the best trunk organizer ever!
  • And don’t forget to leave room for the walk to the grocery store with all those plastic bags full of groceries… you’re going to need some room for those grocery bags.

Is there a bet how long our car will look this clean and tidy?

11 car cleaning hacks to detail like a pro

More car hacks and organization tips from the Kids Activities Blog

What are your favorite car organization ideas?

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