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Cat Squeegee Painting | Easy Cat Scrape Painting

by Ünal Güler


Making a cat squeegee painting is SO MUCH FUN!! This easy art project is simple and quick enough for kids and teens to make, but also fun for adults. No need for a paintbrush or any special art techniques when making these cat scrape paintings!

Have you ever painted with a squeegee?! We had a blast making abstract art with our squeegee paintings, so we decided to make more squeegee art. Read on to find out how to transform a simple line of paint into an adorable cat painting!

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How to Make a Cat Squeegee Painting

Use all different colours or shades of paint to make a super cute cat squeegee painting! It’s a cool art project for all ages.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Add lines of paint to paper

Step 3: Use a squeegee to paint the cat

Step 4: Draw cat’s faces on the painting

Helpful Tips:

  1. Don’t want to spread the paint with a toothpick? You can also pour your paint into a fine tipped squeeze bottle and use that.
  2. Try different colour combinations of cat “families”. See which colours mix nicely, or use different shades of the same colour.
  3. Feel free to decorate your cats even more! You can give them stripes, spots, or any other feature or accessory you’d like.

Cute groups of cats made with scrape painting

What type of paint is best for making a cat squeegee painting?

We recommend using acrylic paint to make a cat squeegee painting. It’s inexpensive and easy to find, and it produces really bold and bright colours.

Some people use puffy paint to make cat scrape art. It’s a good option because the narrow nozzle allows you to create the ear shape without using a toothpick to shape it. But we found the colours to be really muted once the excess paint was scraped off, so we preferred using the acrylic  paint.

Overlapping cats made with squeegee art

What type of paper is best for making a cat scrape painting?

Watercolour paper is great to use for squeegee painting because it’s very absorbent. The thin layer of paint dries really quickly, allowing you to draw the faces on almost immediately.

Cardstock will also work if that’s all you have. It might warp a little bit and will take longer to dry, but since the paint layer is so thin, it’s not a huge concern.

You can also buy small canvases at the dollar store and do your squeegee painting on those. This will give your cat scrape art a textured look!

Three different colourful groups of cat paintings made with a squeegee

Can I make a cat squeegee painting without a squeegee?

Yes, you can make a squeegee painting without a squeegee, as long as you have something else to scrape the paint with. That being said, we do prefer using a squeegee for scrape art.

Squeegees are easy to hold and they give you the most control, allowing you to scrape the paint off with an even pressure. The end result looks the best when using a squeegee.

But if you don’t have a squeegee, you can also use a plastic ruler or an expired gift card. You can even use a piece of cardboard, though it doesn’t scrape as evenly, and it becomes soggy after one or two uses.

DIY cat scrape painting

Make an easy and colourful cat squeegee painting! It’s so simple to create adorable cat paintings using this simple technique and a squeegee. This scraper art activity is fun for art days at home or a fun lesson at school.

Easy cat squeegee painting

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