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Chocolate Water Custard

Chocolate Water Custard

by Ünal Güler

Chocolate Water Custard Ingredients

Ingredients for Custard

2 glasses of milk
1 glass of water
4 tablespoons of wheat starch
½ tablespoon of granulated sugar

Ingredients for Chocolate Sauce

1.5 glasses of dark chocolate
1 glass of cream

For the pudding;

Add milk, water, wheat starch and granulated sugar into a sauce pan and mix until the starch opens.
Then put it on the stove and cook by stirring constantly.
When your water pudding thickens, pour it into the mold, the bottom of which is slightly moistened with water, and let it cool.

For chocolate sauce;

Melt your chocolate in a bain-marie.
Take your melted chocolate on your counter and add cream into it and stir constantly.

To combine;

Take a slice from the cooled water pudding and serve with chocolate sauce on it.

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