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Cute Book List for Preschool Letter S

by Ünal Güler


Let’s read books that start with the letter S! Part of a good Letter S lesson plan will involve reading. A Letter S Book List is an essential part of your preschool curriculum, whether in the classroom or at home. In learning the letter S, your child will master the recognition of the letter S, which can be accelerated by reading books with the letter S.

 Preschool Books with Letter S - Multiple Book Covers with Letter S on Yellow Background Surrounded by Preschool Letters - Kids Activity Blog
Check out these great books to help you learn the letter S!


Your There are so many fun alphabet books for preschoolers. They tell the story of the letter S with bright illustrations and compelling storylines. These books are great for reading the letter of the day, preschool book week ideas, practicing letter recognition, or just sitting down and reading!

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Words starting with the letter S, like seagull
Let’s read about the letter S!


Whether it’s phonetics, morals, or math, each of these books goes beyond just teaching the letter S! Check out some of my favorites.

are you a snail
Letter S Book: Are You a Snail?

1. Are you a snail?

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A young snail faces many challenges when trying to safely grow into an adult. All the facts a young child needs to understand the life of this fascinating backyard creature are packed inside backyard books.

Letter S Book: Saturday

2. Saturday

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In this heartfelt and universal story, a mother and daughter, look forward to their Saturday routine together every week. But this Saturday, one thing after another goes wrong – ruining the story time, salon time, picnic time and puppet show they’ve been looking forward to all week. Mom is on the verge of a breakdown… until her loving daughter reminds her that being together is the most important thing.

where is the place
Letter S Book: Where’s Spot?

3. Where is Spot?

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This book is absolutely one of the most timeless children’s classics. I don’t know of a single shelf that wouldn’t house this at least once. Finding Spot is a special part of each of my children’s lives.

Point goes to the farm
Letter S book: Spot goes to the farm

4. Spot goes to the farm

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Toddlers love baby animals. spots too! Join Spot as he visits his father, works on the farm and helps Spot look for baby animals. Animal sounds pique Spot’s curiosity, and lifting the flaps reveals who’s underneath. After an adventurous search for baby animals, Spot finally finds a litter of kittens. This log Also features a full color cover with rounded edges, sturdy pages that will stand the test of time.

that's silly
Letter S Book: That’s Stupid!

5. That’s stupid!

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The zoo just keeps getting sillier and sillier at this size Book to lift the flap! Kids will love exploring each scene to discover reading pandas, surfing penguins and lions performing magic tricks – and then lift over 40 flaps to reveal even sillier surprises underneath! Jigsaw puzzles are specially designed for younger children to develop early skills of vocabulary, concentration and attention to detail.

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Letter S book for preschool kids

Splish splash seahorse
Letter S Book: Splish- Slash Seahorse!
seal on the wheel
Letter S book: seal at the helm

7. Seal at the helm

–> Buy the book here

Seal has bought a new motorboat, Hippo is trying out his new water skis and Seal is causing chaos! A fun, rhyming story written specifically to encourage phonemic awareness, with wonderful illustrations. This book is suitable for reading to children as well as for children who are beginning to read themselves.

Shark in the Park
Letter S Book: Shark in the Park

8. Shark in the Park

–> Buy the book here

Created in consultation with a language expert, this book is part of an engaging new phonetics series written specifically to help your child learn to read. Not only is the story great fun, it also incorporates the latest research into the most effective methods of teaching reading. Magnificent illustrations complement the text and are intended to arouse further interest. Fold-out sides increase the enjoyment.

skunk in trunks
Letter S Book: Skunks In Trunks

9. Skunks in tribes

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A gang of excited skunks spend a fun afternoon at the water park. Their aquatic antics will soon get them in trouble – but maybe they can put their swimming skills to good use! This story introduces beginners to a variety of phonemes in a lively, rhyming story. Bright, detailed illustrations bring the stories to life and encourage young readers to come back to them again and again.

Snail brings the mail
Letter S book: snail brings the mail

10. Snail brings the mail

–> Buy the book here

Cheers to the snail! He brings the mail… but he’s so slow! A hilarious story fun to share out loud together. Kids will want to tackle this themselves in no time! The reliable snail never fails to deliver the mail, but can he make it on time?

MORE Alphabet books for preschoolers

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More learning the letter S for preschoolers

Which book with the letter S was your child’s favorite book?

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