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Cute paper plate giraffe crafts for kids

by Ünal Güler

This cute paper plate giraffe craft project is great for kids of all ages. Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners will love this easy and fun paper plate giraffe craft. This giraffe craft is great whether you are looking for something artistic, learning about animals, at home or in the classroom! So grab your craft supplies and let’s make this easy paper plate giraffe craft project!

Paper Plate Giraffe Crafts for Kids - Ready made crafts on a table background.  Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a giraffe out of a paper plate!

Paper Plate Giraffe Crafts

Paper plate crafts are easy and fun for kids of all ages. The Simply Paper Plate Giraffe Crafts is perfect for children who are learning about African animals or who have just enjoyed a trip to the zoo. This works great for preschoolers and up at home or in the classroom.

Looking for an easy giraffe craft? Or would you like to offer even more zoo animal crafts to add to your preschool or elementary school lesson plan? Look no further! We have the most adorable giraffe crafts. Kids love paper plate crafts and this paper craft is made even more fun because it makes paper plate coloring even more fun. What a fun idea! Make an easy paper giraffe!

Budget friendly paper plate giraffe crafts for kids

You really only need the basic supplies for this kids craft. Only 3 colors are required for this easy craft. We used a sponge brush to draw our circles, but for a fun sensory experience, invite the kids to use their fingertips.

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Paper Plate Giraffe Craft Supplies - On a wooden background, find the materials you need to make a giraffe craft including paper plates, glue, brushes, googly eyes, paint, and scissors - Blog about kids activities
This is what you need to make a giraffe out of a paper plate!

Simple craft materials needed for making giraffe paper plates

Instructions for making a giraffe out of a paper plate

Step 1 Make a paper plate giraffe - paint the paper plate yellow
Let’s paint the paper plates yellow.

Step 1

After gathering the supplies, paint three paper plates yellow and two paper plates pink.

step 2

Allow the paint to dry completely.

step 3

When the yellow paint dries, dab brown circles around the plate. We varied the sizes as my son reminded me that every giraffe’s spots are unique.

Step 3 Paper Plate Giraffe Crafts - Add googly eyes to the giraffe craft
Next, let’s add the giraffe’s eyes!

step 4

Glue two large googly eyes to the center of the yellow plate. Set the giraffe’s head aside.

Step 4 Paper Plate Giraffe Crafts - Cut out and glue on giraffe ears
Now it’s time to make the giraffe’s ears.

step 5

Cut out ears for the giraffe from the remaining paper plates. Glue the pink paper plate to the yellow plates.

Let the glue dry completely.

Top: You could give kids a pattern for the horns and ears, but the giraffes look super cute when kids make their ears and horns all different.

step 6

Cut out horns and a snout for the giraffe from the remains of the yellow paper plate.

Step 6 Paper Plate Giraffe Craft - Add the horns to the paper plate giraffe craft
What cute horns you have!

step 7

Glue the horns and muzzle onto the giraffe, and then use the marker to draw a nose and mouth on the giraffe.

Finished paper plate giraffe craft on wooden background
Isn’t our giraffe craft adorable?

Finished paper plate giraffe craft

When all the glue has dried, your giraffe is done! Isn’t it cute? The perfect craft for animal lovers.

For even more fun, glue the paper plate giraffe onto a wooden paint stirrer to make a doll!

Why we love giraffe crafts

Giraffes are an interesting animal mainly because of their size and long neck. Because let’s face it, they have incredibly long necks. Their uniqueness makes them one of the most well-known zoo animals.

And while this cute giraffe paper craft doesn’t have the long neck or legs of the giraffe, it still shows the top of the head.

Drawing small brown circles (which is also a fine motor exercise), making a smiley face with a black marker, and cutting and gluing…it’s really just a fun paper giraffe craft project to use at home or in the classroom.

Do you want to make this giraffe craft educational? Add some fun facts or visit the local zoo!


  • white paper plate (6)

  • yellow, brown and pink color

  • Paint brush

  • big wobbly eyes

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • white permanent marker


  1. Paint 3 paper plates yellow and 2 paper plates pink.
  2. Let the paper plates dry.
  3. When the yellow and pink paint has dried, add brown circles to the yellow painted plates.
  4. Glue two large googly eyes in the center of the yellow plate and set that plate, the giraffe’s head, aside.
  5. Cut out the giraffe’s ears from the other pink and yellow painted paper plates.
  6. Glue the pink paper to the yellow plates.
  7. Let the glue dry on the ears.
  8. Cut out the giraffe’s horns and snout from the leftover paper plate painted yellow.
  9. Glue the horns and muzzle onto the giraffe’s head.
  10. Then use a marker to draw a nose and mouth on the giraffe’s snout.

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And if you’re curious… here are 6 reasons why crafts for kids are good for their development!

Did your kids enjoy this paper plate giraffe craft?

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