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Diet Roll Cake Recipe

Diet Roll Cake Recipe

by Ünal Güler

Hello, E-Recipes followers of Turkey’s delicious and most beautiful recipes site, we are with you with Diet Roll Cake Recipe. In our diet food series, we will prepare a special taste for you today. Just like other roll cakes, the production phase is different, only the content. It is a very easy cake if you pay attention to some tricks. You can think about it for his birthday or surprise a friend who is on a diet.
You have prepared the Diet Roll Cake Recipe. Now it’s time for the suggestions we will give you for the evening menu. We have some great Vegetable recipes that you can make in our diet category. Again, we have very light and warm soup recipes in the diet recipes category. You can also find salad recipes in the same category. Bon appetit, take it easy…

Ingredients for Diet Roll Cake Recipe

5 eggs

50 gr. water

30 gr. rye flour

20 gr. oat flour

50 gr. whole wheat flour

50 gr. sweetener

10 gr. cake emulsifier

5 gr. baking powder

Grated rind of 1 orange

Preparing the Ingredients Used in the Roll Cake
Prepare marmalade for the middle of the cake and spread it thinly on the cake.
50 grams, water
150 grams, strawberries
The same amount of desired fruit can be used instead of strawberries.
150 grams, sweetener


All the ingredients are boiled and turned into marmalade. As it boils, the water will evaporate and thicken. After the marmalade is spread on the cake, the eclair cream is spread on it and the cake is rolled into a roll after the desired fruit is placed on it.

We do not write the ingredients and preparation of the cream that you will use in the middle of the Roll Cake. You can get the recipe for the Eclair cream from the Diet Mini Eclairs recipe.

Diet Roll Cake Recipe

All except the grated orange peel The ingredients are mixed and whipped in a mixer until completely white. This process takes 30-40 minutes in hand mixers at home. it may take as long. The cake mix should become stiff and white, like whipped cream. If your household mixer is weak, you may not reach this consistency at all. In this case, the cake will be a little weak, but still usable. After the dough turns white, the grated peel of 1 orange is added to the mixture and mixed a little more with the mixer, so that the orange peels are dispersed into the dough. The prepared cake mix: Since it will be rolled later, taking into account that it will thicken when baked, it is spread on the baking paper slightly lower than 1 cm and given to bake in the oven at 140 degrees. Press lightly on the center of the cake. If this area is coming back, the roll pastry cake is ready. The dough should never be overcooked or it will lose its elasticity and crack while being rolled. After it is taken out of the oven, it is rolled into a roll with baking paper and without any material inside, and in this state it is expected to cool at room temperature. After cooling, the roll is opened and the baking paper is removed, and the desired materials are put into it without waiting too long, and it is turned into a roll again. If you leave it outside for too long, the dough will dry out and it will crack while rolling it.
Note: As a source, Dessert and Cake recipes for Diabetics are taken from the recipes prescribed by Mr. Vedat Burak Budak.< /p>

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