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DIY Ghost Tea Light Holder

by Ünal Güler

Light your Halloween nights with this ghost tea light holder! This spooky DIY candle holder, made with air dry clay, is such a fun and easy craft for fall and Halloween.

These tealight ghosts are SO CUTE and really simple to make — no special tools required! Follow our step by step photo and video tutorials and make this boo-tiful autumn decor. Then place your clay ghost over a flameless tealight and enjoy!

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How to Make a Ghost Tea Light Holder

This ghost tea light holder is such a fun and easy fall craft! Make a cute and spooky ghost tealight, the perfect DIY project for Halloween.

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Make the ghost tealight base

Step 3: Roll out the clay

Step 4: Form the ghost shape

Helpful Tips:

  1. Allow gravity to help you shape your tealight ghost. Let the clay fall in gentle curves and just use your fingers to smooth out the edges.
  2. If your clay isn’t fully dry after 1 day you can remove it from the form. This will allow more air to reach the inside of the ghost.

DIY ghost tealight cover

What type of clay is used to make a ghost tea light holder?

We used Sculpey air dry clay to make these ghost tea light holders, which we also used to make our clay flowers. It’s a really flexible, soft clay that’s nice to work with, and it dries a really crisp white.

We also recommend DAS air dry modeling clay, which we’ve used to make clay monsters and a clay bear. You can use any type of air dry clay to make your ghost tealight, but different clays may give you different results — and have different drying times.

Halloween tea light holders shaped like ghosts

How many ghost tealights can you make from 1 package of clay?

This depends on the exact size of your ghost tea light holder and how thick you roll the clay. You should be able to make at least 6 ghost tealights from a 2.2 pound (1 kilogram) package of Sculpey clay.

Can I use a real candle with my ghost tea light holder?

We recommend using a flameless tealight (aka a battery operated candle). This way you get the cool flickering candle look without worrying about heat damaging the ghost, or soot building up inside the ghost.

Ghost tea light holders with candles lit

Do I need to paint or varnish my ghost tealight?

Since our clay dried a nice, bright white colour, we left the ghost tea light holder as is. If your clay isn’t white, or you want a different colour of ghost, you can paint the tealight holder with acrylic paint. You could even use glow in the dark paint!

Or you can give your ghost tealight a bit of a shine by brushing on a coat of gloss or super gloss mod podge. This will also help seal the clay, which is better for humid environments.

How to make a ghost tea light holder

Make a statement in your home with this ghoulish candle holder, or give one as a homemade gift. This ghost tea light holder is the perfect combination of fun and eerie, an awesome handmade decoration for the spooky season!

Halloween tea light holder made from air dry clay

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