Home Recipe Inspiration Do you Know the Differences Between White Pepper and Black Pepper?

Do you Know the Differences Between White Pepper and Black Pepper?

by Ünal Güler

Do you Know the Differences Between White Pepper and Black Pepper?Do you Know the Differences Between White Pepper and Black Pepper?

Do you use pepper in your foods? Are you conflicted between using white pepper vs black pepper? While both varieties come from the piper nigrum plant, when and how the berries are picked and processed gives them different colors, spice, flavors and these are the elements that affect their usage.

For white peppers the berries are soaked in water for up to 10 days, causing fermentation, and then the outer skin is removed.Size – Apart from the color, there is a difference in size. Since white pepper is actually stripped of its outer covering, it is smaller and rounder than black pepper. Whole black peppercorns have a mottled appearance, whereas whole white pepper is smoother.Heat – white pepper is hotter than black pepper, so for the same spice factor, you need to use less of white pepper when compared to its black counterpart. If you prefer less heat, then use black pepper.Shelf-life – organic black pepper does not expire fast and lasts a long time. It may be viable for a year. On the other hand, white pepper turns stale faster.Flavor – black pepper has a strong, earthy, and bold, unmistakable flavor. White pepper has some floral notes and is aromatic.Usage – organic black pepper is widely used in the U.S., in Europe, in the Indian subcontinent, and in many other countries. White pepper is favored in Chinese, Vietnamese, Swedish, Portuguese, and Thai cuisines.

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What are the Health Benefits of White Pepper?

White pepper has significant health benefits.

It has a de-congesting and antibacterial effect, thinning the mucus.Better digestion – many substances in white pepper help in the digestive process, increasing gastric acid production and preventing gas. It also eases bowel movement.Improves sweat formation – because of its spiciness, this spice increases sweat and reduces fluid build-up. Excess fluid is responsible for increasing blood pressure, edema, and decreased heart and lung functions.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Black pepper has some similar and some different health benefits:

Fights depression – because it contains piperine (not found in white pepper), it helps with cognition, memory and also fights depression since it improves brain functionality.Aids absorption of nutrients – when you add black pepper to any food, it helps improve the nutrient availability from those foods, so you get more nutrition than if you had them without the added pepper.Reduces peptic ulcers – since black peppers are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory, they reduce the severity and incidence of peptic ulcers that can cause a lot of discomforts.Improves arterial plaque – this spice helps prevent heart problems and stroke since it reduces the formation of arterial plaque in the arteries, which is a factor in cardiovascular problems.Has anti-cancer properties – when added to the meat that cooked at high temperatures such as on a barbeque or grill, the pepper has eliminated the formation of cancer-causing amines that form when meat is cooked at a high temperature.

Apart from all these health benefits, using black pepper also gives you similar benefits as white pepper.

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Can you use White Pepper and Black Pepper Interchangeably?

While both forms of pepper add an element of spice to the dish, there are some recipes that call for black pepper, while others do much better with white pepper. You may feel you can use them interchangeably and you can if you want to add some spice and heat.

White pepper can have a complex flavor profile. Added to the fact that it does not discolor a dish, it is often used in white sauces, creamy gravies, light colored sauces and soups, mashed potatoes, and other foods. It is also used on fried eggs, salads, sandwiches, seafood, cold cuts, and some aromatic dishes.

Though white pepper is often sprinkled on fried or boiled eggs, there are many who prefer the kick and contrast that black pepper provides on their eggs. Black pepper is also used on boiled or buttered vegetables, French fries and to add contrast to some light dishes. For instance, if you don’t mind black specks on your sandwiches, vichyssoise, or white sauce, you can use black pepper, if you don’t have white pepper handy, or simply prefer to use black pepper.

When you use organic black pepper, you are assured of high-quality pepper, as all peppers are not created equal..

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