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Easy and fun preschool Easter egg crafts with printable egg template

by Ünal Güler

Little kids will love making these preschool Easter egg crafts Use plastic easter eggs to create easter egg art! With just a few simple arts and craft supplies and our printable Easter egg template, kids can decorate their preschool Easter eggs using a color stamping technique. This easy Easter art activity for kids is great for kids of all ages to make at home or in the classroom and is literally the best Easter craft for preschoolers.

Making Preschool Easter Eggs - Easter preschool activity - ready made Easter egg artwork on big pink egg shape with yellow and silver colors - kids activity blog
Let’s make an easy Easter craft for preschool and kindergarten!

Easy Easter Egg Craft – Easter crafts for preschoolers

It’s such an easy yet fun Easter craft idea for kids that uses the cheap plastic Easter eggs you already have, paint, paper, and a little creativity to make this springtime craft.

This preschool Easter egg craft is a really fun Easter activity, but it’s also a great way to teach and reinforce various kindergarten skills that preschoolers need.

Make an Easter egg craft

As a mother, I only Love This Spring Easter craft, because it uses things I already have at home, didn’t require much setup and we were able to cut down on the crafting mess afterwards! I think this would make a really easy craft in the preschool classroom as it would be easy to supervise multiple kids on this art project.

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Supplies needed to make preschool egg painting crafts

Supplies needed to make preschool Easter eggs - plastic Easter eggs, scissors, construction paper, and a paper plate with paint
This is what you need for this Easter craft!

Large Easter egg template

Your kids can draw an Easter egg or use our free printable Easter egg template to cut out and trace:

Instructions for stamping Easter eggs for preschoolers Item no

Craft kit for every child

Preschool Easter egg crafts set - scissors, pencil and pink construction paper sheet on white background
Let’s set up a craft area for each child.

First set up your crafting area:

  1. Place craft paint on a paper plate
  2. Arrange the plastic eggs in one place
  3. Cover the craft area with paper to reduce the inevitable mess
  4. Have the printed large egg template cut out and ready to trace

Step 1

Step 1 - Preschool Easter egg cut out with scissors (shown) on white background
Let’s cut out our Easter egg shape as big as we can fit on the paper!

Take a pencil and easily draw an egg shape on the billboard, or have the kids trace the Easter egg template to print as a pattern.

Craft tip for preschoolers: If you decide not to use the egg stencil, you can help children who need it to make the oval shape or find something around the house to trace. I found a cheap plastic egg tray and used it to guide my child. Great time to practice tracing skills!

step 2

Step 2 - Make Preschool Easter Eggs - Cut out the Easter egg shape on the pink construction paper shown next to a paper plate with paint in the colors - white, lavender, orange and yellow
We’re ready to paint our construction paper Easter egg!

Children can use scissors to cut out the egg shape. This doesn’t have to be perfect or even close to perfect! Part of the charm of the finished Easter art is when it has its own character!

step 3

Step 3 - Make Preschool Easter Eggs - Plastic egg half-dipped in a dab of paint on a paper plate
Dip your plastic egg in the paint.

Now it’s time for that Fun part – decorate your Easter egg crafts!

  • To decorate, simply guide your child to dip the plastic Easter egg halves into the craft paint on the paper plate and stamp it onto your cut out Easter egg.
  • The stamped Easter egg halves make really cool circles that you can string together, randomize, or interlock.
  • Let them be as creative as they want.

(Optional) Step 4

Step 4 - Preschool Easter Egg Crafts - Circles of Easter egg stamps depicted on the construction paper egg with a paper plate with paint next to it
Look how pretty the egg pattern is!

My kid also used a spouncer to create solid dots on her egg.

step 5 - make preschool easter egg - paint dipped spouncer on paper plate
Use a Spouncer to create more circles on your egg pattern.

She used the same stamping technique we used on the Easter egg halves with the sponge.

Ready Easter crafts for preschoolers

End results for preschool Easter egg crafts - finished Easter egg craft shown net on paper plate with paint
I love how our Easter egg craft turned out!

We really liked how her final piece of Easter egg art turned out…

Reinforce preschool handicraft skills

This preschool art project and activity for Easter preschool will help reinforce and teach these necessary preschool skills:

  • know colors
  • recognize shapes
  • To count
  • Fine Motor Skills: Trace with a pencil
  • scissors skills
  • Practice good hand-eye coordination as you stomp

Brief summary of all the steps to stamp preschool easter eggs

We thought it would be fun to put everything together in one place to show all the steps we took to make this super cute and easy Easter egg stamp.

Make preschool easter eggs - all steps in a collage from step 1 to the finished result
Here are all the steps to make this easy Easter craft!

preparation time
3 minutes

active time
15 minutes

total time
18 minutes


Estimated costs


  • Printed Large Easter Egg Template – see article to download and print

  • Poster stock or thick paper such as cardstock or construction paper

  • Plastic easter eggs

  • craft paint


  • Scissors or preschool training scissors

  • Pencil

  • Paper plate or bowl for paint

  • (Optional) Spouncers


  1. Download, print and cut out the large egg template.
  2. Set up a craft area for each child with: craft paint on a paper plate, plastic Easter eggs, access to the printable egg template, and cover the area with paper or plastic to reduce children’s craft mess.
  3. Draw an egg shape or trace the egg pattern on as large a piece of construction paper as you can do with a pencil.
  4. Cut out the egg shape with scissors.
  5. Half dip a plastic egg in paint, then stamp it onto your cut out construction paper egg shape. Repeat with the same color, dipping in color as needed.
  6. Repeat with a new color.
  7. (Optional) Use a paint spouncer to continue stamping color onto your large Easter egg artwork.
  8. Leave to dry and display

More fun ways to use the plastic Easter eggs with preschoolers

  • Painting with Easter eggs: Try to paint with the whole Easter egg Don’t separate. Roll the Easter egg around in the paint and then roll it around the paper. This version is a lot messier, but just as fun.
  • Easter eggs as stencils: Use the Easter egg halves as a template for trace circles. The Easter egg is a little easier to hold for preschoolers. You may have to help them hold the egg halfway down first. As they get used to tracing, you should be able to touch the egg less and less.

Plastic Easter egg ideas for crafts and learning for kids

More preschool Easter fun from Kids Activities Blog

Oh what fun we can have with preschoolers around the Easter holidays! So many fun preschool easter activities, easter crafts, easter egg ideas, easter hunts…

Did your kids enjoy making this Easter egg stamp craft?

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