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Toddler Safe Cloud Dough

Easy, toddler-safe cloud dough recipe is sensory fun

by Ünal Güler

Follow the simple steps to making cloud dough with this easy 2 ingredient cloud dough recipe. This cloud dough is toddler safe because it’s made without baby oil or cornstarch. You can color it with a third non-toxic ingredient, making it perfect for use in sensory containers or as a sensory play.

Text: Toddler Safe Colored Cloud Dough Recipe - Kids Activity Blog - Close-up of a lavender colored soft cloud dough recipe in a heart-shaped container.
Let’s make this easy cloud dough recipe

Best cloud dough recipe for kids

Cloud dough is so pleasant to the touch that kids will love running their hands through the container of fluffy cloud dough, squeezing and shaping the dough, and watching it crumble as they put it back into the container. I bet you won’t be able to keep your hands off it either! Of all the homemade dough recipes we use at my daycare, Cloud Dough is one of the kids’ favorites.

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Toddler safe cloud dough in a blue pile with plastic toys, shovels and a heart shape.
Customize it how you want!

This cloud dough recipe is the best because:

  • It uses cooking oil instead of baby oil, making it safer for toddlers to play with.
  • It can be colored or left uncolored.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to manufacture and can easily be scaled up for larger batches.
  • It uses flour instead of cornstarch.

Ingredients needed to make Cloud Dough safe for toddlers

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Toddler-safe Cloud Dough ingredients, tempura coloring powder, all-purpose flour, and vegetable oil.
You only need 3 ingredients for this easy cloud dough recipe: vegetable oil, all-purpose flour, and tempura coloring powder.

Instructions for making cloud dough for toddlers

Watch our video on how to make cloud dough

Step 1

Step 1 - How to make toddler safe cloud dough mixed with wooden spoons in a bowl.
Be sure to mix the ingredients for the cloud dough well.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the cup of oil and flour.

step 2

If you want to color the cloud dough, add the tempera paint and stir again. You can use different colors, it doesn’t have to be blue like mine.

step 3

Then use a cookie cutter or potato masher to knead the dough for several minutes until the color is even and the ingredients are soft, silky and well mixed.

Playing with homemade cloud dough

Ready-made, toddler-safe cloud dough for kids to play with by placing it in a heart shape, tapping it, and digging it out with a small shovel
Dab it, roll it, dig it, there’s so much to do with it!

Transfer your batter to a shallow storage container (a dollar household kitty waste container works well) and add spoons, scoops, bowls, cookie cutters, and plastic molds.

Kids of all ages will have fun stirring, mixing, ladling, pouring and shaping their cloud dough. Even my older children have fun with moon sand.

Toddler-safe cloud dough designed to look like scoops of ice cream in a blue plastic bag.
This cloud dough looks like an ice cream cone!

This cloud dough doesn’t have the heavenly scent it would have if made with baby oil, but it still feels amazing and your hands will be so soft after playing with it.

You gotta love it when a few simple ingredients add up to so much fun and discovery! Also, this is perfect for any sensory container or in general, cloud dough is a great sensory activity.

Toddler-safe cloud dough transformed into a sensory container with silicone mug cake molds, mugs, scoops and sticks.
You could use this cloud dough for a sensory container.

Why we made this cloud dough recipe toddler-friendly

Traditional cloud dough is an amazing sensory substance that’s easy to make with just two ingredients—flour and baby oil.

  • As fabulous as it is, I’m often asked by parents if cloud dough can be made with alternative ingredients so it’s safe for toddlers who aren’t past the stage of putting things in their mouths.
  • For this recipe, I substituted an alternative ingredient for the baby oil and I’m happy to report that the results have been great, making this an even better cloud dough recipe than the traditional one.
  • I also found a way to color it. I’m so excited to bring you our toddler-safe, easy colored cloud dough recipe!

How to store cloud dough

Store your cloud dough in an airtight container. Homemade cloud dough, or whatever you want to call it, will last much longer in an airtight container.


  • 8 cups flour

  • 1 cup vegetable oil

  • Heaped TBSP non-toxic tempera paint powder


  • Potato masher or pastry cutter

  • wooden spoon


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together vegetable oil and flour.
  2. Add the tempera paint.
  3. Stir again, then use a cookie cutter or potato masher to work the batter for a few minutes until the color is even and the ingredients are soft, silky, and well-mixed.

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Did your toddler enjoy playing with the homemade cloud dough recipe?

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