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Fall Leaf Turkey Craft | Leaf Turkey with Free, Printable Template!

by Ünal Güler

This leaf turkey craft is SO CUTE and easy to make! Use real fall leaves and our free, printable template to make this leaf turkey. It’s a great Thanksgiving craft for kids of all ages, fun for at home or in the classroom.

This autumn art project is the perfect reason to explore outdoors and gather the best and most colourful leaves. It’s also a really enjoyable way to incorporate nature into your fall activities!

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How to Make a Leaf Turkey

This leaf turkey craft is such a fun Thanksgiving activity. Gather real fall leaves to create a colourful spread of feathers for this easy turkey craft!

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

  • Gather your supplies and materials.Along with the simple craft supplies, you’ll also have to gather a selection of freshly fallen leaves.

Step 2: Cut out the turkey template parts

Step 3: Add the leaves to a cardstock base

Step 13: Attach the turkey

Helpful Tips:

  1. We recommend rinsing off the leaves before using them for crafting. This will remove any dirt and bugs.
  2. Use your largest leaves for the bottom layer of the turkey’s feathers. Try to use an assortment of sizes and colours for the rest of the feathers.

Leaf turkey made with a free printable turkey template and colourful leaves

Download a free leaf turkey template:

Click on the link below to download our free, printable leaf turkey template! The PDF file will open in a new window. Then simply print the template on 8.5 x 11 (letter size) printer paper.

>>> Leaf Turkey Template <<<

Closeup of the turkey leaf craft template pieces

How many leaves do you need per leaf turkey craft?

We recommend gathering about 15 – 20 leaves per turkey. The exact amount of leaves needed will depend on the size of the leaves and how many layers of “feathers” you make.

How far in advance can I gather the leaves for this leaf turkey craft?

We recommend gathering the leaves the same day you make the craft. The leaves are easier to work with when they’re fresh, and the longer they’re inside, the more they’ll dry and curl up.

If you have to collect the leaves the day before, store them in a plastic bag in the fridge. If the leaves are really wet, add a couple pieces of paper towel into the bag to collect the excess moisture.

Two different fall leaf turkeys

Do I have to use the turkey template?

Our free, printable leaf turkey template definitely makes this leaf turkey craft easy to make, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

You can draw and cut your own turkey body, beak, wattle, and feet to whatever size and shape you’d like.

Or you can print off the template and colour in the body with crayons or markers, instead of tracing the pieces onto other paper.

What paper is best for making this leaf turkey craft?

We definitely recommend using a thicker paper, like cardstock, to make your leaf turkey. Regular paper isn’t ideal, because of the amount of glue needed, but it’ll work if it’s all you have on hand.

DIY fall leaf turkey craft

Gather up a free crafting material from nature and use simple dollar store materials to make the rest of this leaf turkey craft. It’s such a quick and simple Thanksgiving craft, and a great way to celebrate the fall leaves changing colour!

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving made with fall leaves

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