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Filled Cookie Recipe

Filled Cookie Recipe

by Ünal Güler

We are with you with one of the cookie recipes that offer a very nice and different flavor. Before we move on to the ingredient list and recipe of the Filled Cookie Recipe, we would like to mention the tricks of the Filled Cookie Recipe. One of the points we need to pay attention to when making a Filled Cookie Recipe is to use solid oil or margarine. We can use liquid oil, hazelnut oil or olive oil. In addition, you can use a variety of fruits, such as apricots, instead of sour cherry, by straining them and using them in the Stuffed Cookie Recipe. You can also use chocolate, it’s entirely up to your taste. We used wholemeal flour in our recipe, but you can use regular flour. We wanted to make a low-calorie diet recipe for you. You can use regular flour or whole wheat flour in the same measure. Since the dough of the filled cookie will not be like a regular cookie dough, it will be a little runny dough like a pastry dough. This will make it easier for you to carve. You should be careful not to put too much of the materials you will put inside, otherwise it may crack.

Material list of filled cookies

88 grams (1 tea glass) oil
84 grams (1 tea glass) yogurt
125 grams (1 cup) powdered sugar
2 eggs
1/2 packet of baking powder
1 packet of vanilla
625 grams (5 cups) wholemeal flour

<Ingredient list for the filling
250 grams of cherries
85 grams, (half a glass) of sugar
1 teaspoon of cornstarch
1 tablespoon of water

Cookie Recipe

First of all, let’s prepare the filling material of the cookie, for this, let’s put the cherries you have selected and put them on the stove, add sugar and cook for about 6 minutes. And take it from the stove, mix 1 tablespoon of water with a teaspoon of starch and pour it over the cherries, mix and set aside to cool the filling while we prepare the cookie dough. To prepare the cookie dough, take the flour in a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients for the cookie dough to the flour and start kneading. As for the consistency, it will be a little soft dough like pastry dough. Let’s cut walnut-sized pieces from the dough, roll it in our hands, press the rolled dough to make it slightly flat and prepare a hollow as if we are going to make a stuffed meatball, then let’s put three cherries in the dough and then close the mouth by shrinking it. Let’s roll it without pressing too much in our hands, let’s put it on the baking tray on which we laid oil paper, with the closed part down. Let’s make the whole dough like this, bake it for about 20-25 minutes at a preheated temperature of 175 degrees until it turns pink.

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