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For Christmas 21 Quick Chicken and Cabbage Recipes

by Ünal Güler


Cabbage and chicken is a tasty and very healthy combo. Whether soups, salads, or stir-fries, these chicken and cabbage recipes have something for everyone!

Have an abundance of cabbage and chicken? Then, make these delicious recipes next time!

Soft, sweet, and caramelized cabbage. And tender and juicy chicken. Now imagine them combined.

These great recipe ideas that use chicken and cabbage are not only super healthy and nutritious, but they pack a flavorful punch, too!

Plus, they can easily satisfy the whole family for an easy weeknight dinner with basic ingredients. Check these tender chicken recipes out!

chicken and cabbage recipes

How to Cook Chicken for Healthy Eating?

Chicken is a leaner animal protein and a decent source of iron and vitamin B. It is versatile and can be paired with many simple ingredients, making it incredibly rewarding to cook with.

If you’re trying to follow a healthy diet, though, you need to be careful how to cook chicken.

The healthiest way to cook chicken is with a little bit of olive oil, then straight into the oven. It can also be tossed with veggies and pan-fried. Or cooked in water or chicken broth for soup.

Pressure cooking and grilling it over medium-high heat is also considered healthy.

Avoid deep-frying or drowning the meat in too much oil.

Best Chicken and Cabbage Recipes

These are the best chicken and cabbage dish ideas you can cook or meal prep for dinner or lunch.

1. Sauerkraut Chicken

sauerkraut chicken

Source: lowcarb-nocarb.com

A creamy chicken sauerkraut mixture that packs a refreshing and tangy flavor.

This simple recipe is loaded with sauerkraut, yogurt, onion, and a touch of coconut oil.

The low-carb meal is delicious and versatile. It can be used both as a veggie topping on salads, in sandwiches, or enjoyed on its own.

Plus, it is low in carbs. So dig in!

2. Chicken Cabbage Stir Fry

chicken cabbage stir fry

Source: canadiancookingadventures.com

A budget-friendly cabbage meal is both nutritious and incredibly flavorful.

This healthy dinner recipe packs chicken breasts, onion, a cabbage mixture, and hot peppers in an Asian-inspired sauce with so much flavor.

It’s ready in just 30 minutes. And it’s one of those simple weeknight meals that you can whip up on a busy day.

Store leftovers in an airtight container and enjoy this best cabbage recipe for days to come!

3. Chicken Colcannon Cottage Pie

chicken colcannon cottage pie

Source: sumptuousspoonfuls.com

This Irish dish uses cooked, shredded chicken. It is also packed with veggies. And cabbage-loaded colcannon.

This recipe is enough for two. But you can easily double the batch and prepare it in a larger dish.

Loaded with nutrients and taste, this is definitely worth trying.

4. Thai Mango Salad with Chicken

Thai mango salad with chicken

Source: hauteandhealthyliving.com

Vibrant and colorful salad! It combines bell pepper, small pieces of chicken, napa cabbage, fresh herbs, and sweet mango.

It is coated with a sweet and gingery Asian dressing. And it has exotic flavors that satisfy everyone.

It also packs chopped cashews for a crunchy bite.

5. Italian Chicken Soup with Cabbage

Italian chicken soup with cabbage

Source: laurenfitfoodie.com

A nourishing and sweet cabbage soup made with ground chicken!

It is smothered in tomato sauce. And flavored with Italian seasonings.

This chicken cabbage soup is begging you for some crusty bread. And this Italian chicken recipe is comfort food at its best!

6. Noodle Stir Fry with Chicken

noodles stir fry chicken

Source: lowcarbafrica.com

Tomato-flavored noodles, cabbage, and a mix of veggies.

The recipe uses skinny noodles. And it makes a low-carb and healthy meal that is surprisingly very filling.

It uses cayenne pepper, but you can omit that for a less spicy dish.

The best part? It needs just 30 minutes.

7. Thai Pasta Salad

Thai pasta salad

Source: recipezazz.com

We’ve decided to go with chicken instead of crab here.

This new favorite recipe is for a crunchy and colorful salad. That’s loaded with green cabbages, carrots, and cucumbers.

It also combines pasta. Which makes it a super filling dish.

Tossed with a gingery sauce, it is absolutely delicious! This is one of the best cheap healthy recipes to stay under budget!

8. Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese cabbage salad

Source: healthyrecipes101.com

Whether as a side dish or a filling lunch. This chicken salad with red cabbage made the Chinese way is the ultimate indulgence.

It is packed with cabbages and carrots. And it features noodles that make it filling.

The dressing is tangy, sour, and sweet at the same time.

9. Chicken and Cabbage

chicken and cabbage

Source: healthyrecipes101.com

A cheap and flavorful meal for the whole family!

Chicken and cabbages with rice and scallions. For a wholesome, filling, and moist dinner. That will be on your table in just 30 minutes.

This dish handles spiciness well. So feel free to add a bit of chili flakes to it. Find more chicken skillet recipes here.

10. Chicken Cabbage Salad with Almond Dressing

chicken cabbage salad with almond dressing

Source: housewivesoffrederickcounty.com

Have some leftover chicken? Then this salad is what you should be making!

It combines shredded chicken, coleslaw, cilantro, and scallions. And it is tossed in almond butter and soy sauce that will have you licking your fingers.

Best of all, it comes together in 10 minutes.

11. Chinese Chicken Rice Paper Wraps

Chinese chicken rice paper wraps

Source: recipezazz.com

Wrapped in rice papers, this chicken and cabbage combo is healthy and delicious.

It makes eight portions. And it is ready in just 30 minutes.

It also features carrots and red onions. But the orange marmalade and ginger give it sweetness and incredible flavor.

12. Mexican Chicken Soup

Mexican chicken soup

Source: theforkedspoon.com

Clear chicken soup made with homemade broth, cabbage, and a whole bunch of other veggies.

It packs potatoes, corn, zucchini, carrots, and celery. Plus, cilantro for a fresh and herbal touch.

The soup is nourishing and warming. And it is the perfect pick-me-up on a cold day.

13. Chicken Ginger Soup

chicken ginger soup

Source: suebeehomemaker.com

This powerful chicken and cabbage soup fights inflammation and makes you feel good at the same time. It is packed with healing ginger. And it is as flavorful as it sounds.

It is also loaded with peas, carrots, and celery. And it has a lovely yellow color due to the turmeric.

It’s ready in an hour. And it is healthy, filling, and deeply nurturing. Find more crockpot soup recipes here.

14. Chicken Taco Soup

chicken taco soup

Source: theflavoursofkitchen.com

Have you tried a chicken taco soup with cabbage before? Here’s a quick and filling dinner idea, then.

Chicken, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes. Plus cheese, broth, and the most flavorful Mexican spices.

A cross between chili, tacos, and soup, this lovely dish makes one heck of a lunch.

You might also enjoy this creamy tomato chicken skillet!

15. Chicken with White Beans and Cabbage

chicken with white beans and cabbage

Source: livinglou.com

Intensified in flavor thanks to the braising, this chicken dish is full of flavor.

It is nestled in a mixture of cabbage, white beans, bacon, and mushrooms. And it is definitely the most comforting dish on a cold winter evening.

And it doesn’t even need an extra side dish.

16. Chicken Bacon Cabbage Skillet

chicken bacon cabbage skillet

Source: beautyandthefoodie.com

Cabbage and bacon, topped with golden chicken legs. How tasty does that sound?

The cabbage soaks up all of the wonderful juices. And it is soft, sweet, and full of flavor.

The chicken turns out wonderfully crispy on the outside. And it is tender and juicy.

The perfect meal after a long day. Find more iron skillet recipes here.

17. Creamy Cabbage and Chicken

creamy cabbage and chicken

Source: cooktoria.com

Succulent and creamy! This cabbage and chicken dish is a one-pot family favorite.

It uses Italian herbs and half and half. And it is tender and perfectly sauteed.

The key here is to shred the cabbage thinly so it cooks faster and becomes buttery-soft.

This is one of the best cheap recipes for families to save money!

18. Thai Chicken and Cabbage Bowls

Thai chicken and cabbage bowls

Source: theroastedroot.net

An Asian bowl with chicken, cabbage, peppers, and carrots.

It is colorful, crunchy, and drenched in a Thai sauce that will win you over after a single bite.

The dish is flavored with garlic and ginger. It is best garnished with sesame seeds.

19. Chicken Cabbage Rolls

chicken cabbage rolls

Source: celebrationgeneration.com

Ground chicken with bacon and rice, wrapped in cabbage leaves.

Then, drowned in veggie juice. And baked until golden and delicious.

It takes almost two and a half hours to prepare this dish, but it is definitely worth it.

20. Chinese Chicken Cabbage Spaghetti

chinese chicken cabbage spaghetti

Source: simplebites.net

A big bowl of noodles. Shredded cabbage. Ground kitchen. Aromatics like leek, ginger, and garlic.

And the most incredible Asian flavors.

All at once!

This Chicken-inspired dish packs nutrition and flavor. And it is made in no more than 17 minutes.

21. Chicken Noodle Cabbage Soup

chicken noodle cabbage soup

Source: lowcarbquick.com

A simple and budget-friendly soup that requires only five ingredients. And wastes 25 minutes of your time.

It is made with chicken, cabbage, celery, carrots, and chicken stock. And it is super nourishing and hearty.

If you want to, you can add some more aromatics like onions and garlic.

Check out these other cheap chicken recipes to stay on budget!


  • 1. Sauerkraut Chicken
  • 2. Chicken Cabbage Stir Fry
  • 3. Chicken Colcannon Cottage Pie
  • 4. Thai Mango Salad with Chicken
  • 5. Italian Chicken Soup with Cabbage
  • 6. Noodle Stir Fry with Chicken
  • 7. Thai Pasta Salad
  • 8. Chinese Chicken Salad
  • 9. Chicken and Cabbage
  • 10. Chicken Cabbage Salad with Almond Dressing
  • 11. Chinese Chicken Rice Paper Wraps
  • 12. Mexican Chicken Soup
  • 13. Chicken Ginger Soup
  • 14. Chicken Taco Soup
  • 15. Chicken with White Beans and Cabbage
  • 16. Chicken Bacon Cabbage Skillet
  • 17. Creamy Cabbage and Chicken
  • 18. Thai Chicken and Cabbage Bowls
  • 19. Chicken Cabbage Rolls
  • 20. Chinese Chicken Cabbage Spaghetti
  • 21. Chicken Noodle Cabbage Soup


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  2. Get your shopping list going and make sure you’ve got all the ingredients.
  3. Get cooking and make your next Healthy Chicken and Cabbage Recipe!


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