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Free 4th of July activity printables for kids

by Ünal Güler

This Free printables for 4th of July activities will keep your kids busy and celebrating Independence Day. These 4th of July worksheets combine learning and fun! The 4th of July activity sheets come in two tiers so kids of all ages can download and play. Children will solve puzzle labyrinths, word search puzzles and much more.

Text: Free 4th of July Activity Sheets - 8 printed PDFs of 4th of July worksheets on a table showing everything from a patriotic maze to coloring pages to word search pages - blog about activities for kids
Print out a 4th of July worksheet now!

Free 4th of July printables for kids

So let’s have some fun with these 4th of July activity sheets, shall we? There are two sets to choose from! Now click the red button to download and print the 4th of July worksheets:

The printable simple PDF file set of 4th of July activities

1. Paint by Numbers Worksheet for July 4th

Paint by Numbers July 4th Activity Page PDF File - Kids Activity Blog, American flag in the shape of a heart with stars
This is the easier 4th of July paint by number activity sheet!

This 4th of July times by numbers activity page is awesome! Can you find out which picture this is? This paint by numbers is ideal for smaller children.

2. 4th of July coloring page

4th of July Coloring Page PDF File - Kids Activities Blog - With a patriotic Uncle Sam hat
This 4th of July coloring page is simple but fun!

Whether you paint with crayons, markers or pencils, this 4th of July coloring page is perfect! You could even use glitter pens to make the Uncle Sam hat look even more festive!

3. Easy printable USA road trip maze

USA Road Trip Map Plain PDF - Activities Blog for Kids
This is the simpler version of the USA Road Trip Map Maze.

This is the easier version of the two road trip map mazes in this activity set. This version is ideal for preschool and kindergarten age children. Can you make it across the country?

4. Patriotic Search Letters activity sheet.

Tracing the 4th of July with the American Flag and Fireworks Worksheet in PDF format - Blog about activities for kids
Practice writing and fine motor skills with this 4th of July tracing worksheet.

Grab your pencils, pens, or markers and practice writing with these printable 4th of July worksheets. Your little one can train their fine motor skills and learn one of the best parts of the national anthem.

The 4th of July Intermediate Printable Activity Kit in PDF format

5. Advanced 4th of July Paint by Numbers Worksheet

Advanced Color by Numbers 4th of July Activity and Coloring Page in PDF - blog about activities for kids
Are you looking for a more advanced version of our 4th of July paint by numbers worksheet? We have it!

Do you have older children? This more advanced 4th of July paint by numbers worksheet is perfect for them. The picture is not so easy to see here. Can you guess what the picture in this 4th of July paint by number worksheet is?

6. Patriotic dog coloring page.

Patriotic Dog Coloring Page PDF - Kids Activities Blog - holding the heart of the American flag in his mouth and an Uncle Sam hat on the dog
How cute is this 4th of July Patriotic Puppy Coloring Page?

Is this coloring page “4. July” with patriotic puppy not the cutest? Grab your art supplies and create a patriotic work of art! What puppy color will you do?

7. USA Road Trip Maze Advanced Activity Sheet

Advanced USA Road Map Maze PDF Activity Sheet - Activity Blog for Kids
This is the expanded version of the USA Road Map Maze 4th of July activity sheet.

This 4th of July maze is much harder! You’ve completed the easy USA Road Map Maze, but can you beat this one? You have to make it from the east coast to the west coast.

8. Independence Day word search activity sheet.

4th of July Word Search Activity Page - Kids Activity Blog - PDF FILE for printing
Can you find all the words in this July 4th word search?

There are 14 words hidden in this July 4th word search. Can you find all the hidden words?

Download and print both July 4th phrase sets in PDF format here

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Which 4th of July activity sheet did your child choose first?

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