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Free baby shark printable coloring pages to download and print

by Ünal Güler

Our Baby shark coloring pages are probably the most requested downloads we receive from readers here on the Kids Activities Blog. This free baby shark coloring pages pack includes 4 printable baby shark coloring pages featuring your favorite baby shark characters. Kids of all ages will sing “Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doooooo” and perform the Baby Shark Dance!

Cute Dancing Baby Shark Characters Ready for Kids to Color in with Crayons or Markers - Printed PDF Baby Shark Coloring Pages with markers and paints on white background
Let’s color these cute baby shark coloring pages today!

Free baby shark coloring pages

These cute patterns and pictures of baby shark, his family members and his sea animal friends are easy coloring activities. Our baby shark coloring pages feature simple baby shark shapes with wide open spaces for kids to add simple accents and customize these new images.

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4 baby shark coloring pages to download and print

Coloring picture
Let’s color Baby Shark!

1. Baby Shark with Doo-doo-doo coloring page

The first baby shark coloring page with four different designs in our baby shark coloring book features the star shark, the baby shark and the iconic doo-doo-doo song. Color Baby Shark and the bubbles that surround him.

Coloring page
Let’s color Mama Shark, Papa Shark and Baby Shark!

2. Mommy Shark & ​​Papa Shark coloring page.

The whole shark family is swimming in this baby shark coloring page! Let’s sing the Baby Shark song while coloring their trip.

Coloring page shark family as a printed PDF file with grandma shark, grandpa shark, mommy shark and daddy shark and of course a baby shark swimming near the seabed
Let’s color the whole shark family!

3. Grandpa shark, grandma shark and shark family coloring pages

This coloring page features the entire shark family, including Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark, Grandpa Shark and Baby Shark.

Baby Shark Eating Lunch coloring page in PDF format with fish on the seabed
Let’s color the baby shark’s lunch!

4. Baby Shark’s Lunch coloring page.

Our final baby shark coloring page features a baby shark with a napkin tied around its neck and a fork in its fin, ready for lunch near the ocean floor!

Dancing Baby Shark Sings With Fish coloring sheet PDF format is printed on white paper and surrounded by colorful art supplies
Baby Shark will be joined by some of his sea friends as he sings and dances on our coloring sheet.

Download Baby Shark Coloring PDF files here

For best results, print out the baby shark drawings on plain 8.5″ x 11″ paper and let your kids’ imaginations run wild while developing their fine motor skills.

Download these printable fun coloring pages by clicking the button above.

Baby shark characters sing together on a coloring sheet for kids to decorate
The entire Baby Shark family is having fun with this free printable coloring download.

More baby shark coloring fun

The fun coloring activities continue with baby shark coloring book for your kids to have fun with their favorite shark friends.

Baby shark, papa shark and brother shark are singing and dancing on the coloring page
Get creative with Baby Shark, Daddy Shark and Sister Shark as they sing and dance! Use crayons to give their fins and scales different colors!

More baby shark coloring pages to download and print

And more and more Coloring pages for children.

Baby shark crafts for kids with baby shark coloring pages

Use your baby shark coloring pages for an even cuter craft project. Just cut out your favorite baby shark characters from the coloring pages and stick them onto a clothespin to make shark shapes.

Cute baby shark clothespin crafts featuring a baby shark image cut out from the baby shark coloring page and pasted onto a clothespin.
Cute baby shark clothespin from a baby shark coloring page.

Throw some pom poms on the table for a fun color sorting activity for preschoolers.

Make it more challenging by pretending the pom poms are fish and let your kids try to figure out how many fish they can catch.

The scattered colorful pom-poms are sorted into a muffin tin using a baby shark clothespin, making for a fun color sorting activity for toddlers
A fun color sorting activity with a Baby Shark clothespin.

Psst… these cute bird coloring pages are fun too!

More free baby shark printables from the Kids Activities Blog

Baby shark toys like baby sahrk alive doll, baby shark slime, baby shark finger cots, baby shark play tent
Baby shark toys for your baby shark loving kids.

Baby Shark Books and Baby Shark Toys

Facts about baby sharks for kids

We love fun facts, so had to include some fun facts about baby sharks! Have you ever wondered why the baby shark is so popular? Here are some more cool things to know about Baby Shark:

  • Baby sharks are called juvenile sharks.
  • Puppies must survive on their own from birth.
  • Small sharks are born in many different ways. Some originate from eggs like birds, others are hatched and born in eggs in the mother shark, and in some species baby sharks grow up and are born in the mother shark like humans.
  • Regardless of how they are born, baby sharks swim away from their mother shark as quickly as possible because large sharks can see them as prey! Many baby sharks do not survive their first year as they are eaten by large sharks.
  • Sharks don’t have bones. They have a skeleton made of cartilage — the flexible connective tissue similar to that which makes up our outer ears and nose.
  • Shark teeth are not very strong and are usually replaced every eight days. Some shark species lose around 30,000 to 40,000 teeth in their lifetime!

Which of the baby shark coloring pages did your child want to print out first? Did you make the baby shark craft with the baby shark coloring page?

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