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Free Printable Jumbo Coloring Pages – Giraffe and Tiger

by Ünal Güler

We thought it would be fun to color your coloring pages in large format today with giant coloring pages to print at home on your regular printer. These large coloring pages are legal sized paper making them both easy to print and a bit cooler. These giant coloring pages are great for home or classroom use. Kids of all ages will love these fun animal giant coloring pages!

Huge Coloring Pages: Text: Jumbo Coloring Pages "Legal size"- Giraffe and tiger on wooden background - Blog about children's activities
Look how cute these giraffe and giant lion coloring pages are!

Free giant printable coloring pages

I’m a big fan of coloring pages and painting in general as I find it super relaxing. And while these aren’t just for kids, they work really well for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartens. Click the button to download and print these giant animal coloring pages:

We usually post coloring pages printed on regular letter size paper here on Kids Activities Blog, but using legal size paper makes coloring these big animals even more fun.

Free printable jumbo coloring pages

Sharpen the crayons or even better the watercolors and let the fun begin! We have created some large coloring pages depicting some of our favorite animal characters – a giraffe and a tiger.

Coloring page giraffe to print

Printable Jumbo Coloring Pages - Giant Coloring Pages for Kids - Giraffe Picture to Color in Black and White in Printed PDF
Let’s color this big coloring page with a giraffe!

Print this first giant coloring page of a very large giraffe on legal size paper. Yellow and brown are good colors to start with, but if you fancy something more colorful – enjoy!

Giraffe example for jumbo coloring pages
Let’s color a giraffe!

Your kids can stick with the realistic colors or create a wonderful masterpiece using all the colors of the rainbow (tip, tip: rainbow giraffe looks amazing!). Here’s a little inspiration…

Giant coloring page of a tiger

Jumbo Coloring Pages - Giant Coloring Pages for Kids - Tiger Picture to Color in Black and White PDF Color Print
This tiger is our second giant coloring page that you can print!

Print this giant tiger coloring page on legal size paper. Orange and black are good colors to start with, but if you fancy something more colorful – enjoy!

Colorful tiger inspiration for huge coloring pages
Add all colors to your tiger coloring page.

Once they’re done, they can hang them on the wall. I think they will look great. Giant coloring pages like this look more like wall art.

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Download and print free giant coloring pages sets in PDF format here

To download and print this giant coloring page pack at home, simply enter your email address in the box below and we’ll send it to your inbox:

Jumbo Coloring Books

I love the idea of ​​BIG ART! And that’s exactly what making the colors bigger and better entails. Here is a list of fun jumbo coloring books for kids of all ages.

If you’re looking for some massive coloring fun, our list is separated by age so you can find just the jumbo model that’s right for you!

Jumbo coloring books for toddlers

Jumbo coloring books for toddlers are the perfect combination. Your fat fingers around extra large crayons work well both inside and outside the lines! Here are our favorite jumbo coloring books for toddlers:

Jumbo coloring books for preschoolers/kindergarteners

I love using these giant coloring books for preschool and kindergarten kids because they appreciate the size…they know what a regular coloring book looks like and realize it’s different and awesome. Here are a few ideas for kids ages 4-8:

Giant Coloring Pages & Jumbo Coloring Books for Kids - Blog about kids activities
Grab your crayons… we have giant coloring books to color in!

DIY jumbo coloring poster

A giant coloring poster for display could be created using any of these coloring pages or the books listed above. Another way to create something larger than a traditional 8 1/2″ x 11″ coloring page is to get a poster board (or even legal sized paper) and then use scissors to cut out smaller coloring page images, to create a complete scene.

Instructions for making a jumbo coloring poster

Step 1

Begin by coloring the page(s) as desired.

step 2

Cut out the colored shapes you want to use in the large painting poster.

step 3

Tape it to a billboard or larger piece of paper to create the scene you want.

Huge coloring page text: legal size jumbo coloring pages - giraffe coloring pages and lion coloring pages and blog logo for kids activities on white wooden background
Everyone will love these giant coloring pages!

More free large coloring pages, posters and printables

If you want to learn how to draw a giraffe, check out our cool and easy printable tutorial. If you want to learn how to draw a tiger, we have a great easy step by step tutorial that you can print out for that too!

How did you colorize your giant coloring pages?

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