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Free Printable Monthly Calendars for Kids to Color

by Ünal Güler



Looking for a monthly coloring calendar for kids? Grab these free printable 2024 calendars for kids to color as a fun art project or to teach kids about schedules and responsibility!

Organizing (and keeping track of) our children’s schedules can often seem like a full-time job in itself. Important dates for school, birthday parties, after-school activities, school spirit weeks…it’s hard to keep up with everything they have going on!

I’ve always been a big believer in teaching my kids how to read a calendar and keep track of important dates from an early age. Not only did it help them become better prepared and more organized, but it also took some pressure off me to remember everything!

And since learning new skills should be fun and engaging, I’ve created these super cute free printable calendars for kids! Each month has a different design, and kiddos will love personalizing them with coloring pencils, markers, or crayons.

free printable monthly calendars for kids to color

Ideas for Using the Printable Coloring Calendar for Kids

These cute printable monthly coloring calendars for kids are both engaging and educational! Here are a few ideas for how you can use them in your home:

  • Hang the monthly calendar in your child’s room – write down important school events like school spirit weeks and (most importantly) vacations!
  • Post a calendar in the bathroom to track teeth brushing or other routines– each time your child brushes their teeth, they can put a sticker on their calendar!
  • Use them in the homeschooling classroom – these kids’ coloring calendars are a fun way to teach days of the week and months of the year.
August calendar to color
  • Hang on the fridge – Write down your morning or weekly dinner menu on the calendars so that no one has to ask you what’s for breakfast/dinner!
  • Use them as chore charts – Print a copy of the monthly coloring calendars for each child and create daily/weekly chore charts for them.
  • Create countdown calendars – Write a fun family event for each month (bowling, skating, movie night) and use the free printable calendars for kids as a countdown.
  • Use them as planners – Older children can use these kids’ coloring calendars as a school planner, marking down essential test dates, school projects, and homework assignments.
  • Create emotions trackers – Use this printable calendar for kids as an emotions tracker, where kids can choose a color for each mood and then fill in the calendar based on how they feel each day.
printable monthly calendars for 2024 to color

Tips for Printing the Coloring Calendars for Kids

Using these adorable free printable calendars for kids couldn’t be easier, and here are some extra tips I’ve learned along the way!

  • Save the file on your computer – That way, you don’t have to print all 12 months of the monthly coloring calendars for kids at once!
  • Print on card stock for added durability
  • Scale the calendars to fit your paper – Use the “Fit to printable area” or “Fit to paper” option in your print window so that the design doesn’t run off the page.
screenshot of printer settings window
  • Have younger children use colored pencils or crayons for their calendars, as markers can get messy with little hands
  • When printing, select “Best” Quality under the Media & Quality Quality tab in your Print Preview window – this helps ensure the most high-quality graphics while printing.

Free Printable Coloring Calendars for Kids

printable monthly calendars for kids to color

<< You can CLICK HERE to download the free printable coloring calendars for kids! >>

Other Printables for Kids

Printable Chore Chart for Kids

If you’re searching for a kids chore chart system that’s fun, engaging, and suitable for all ages, check out my printable chore chart for kids! It’s a great way to teach children responsibility from an early age, and the picture chore cards are perfect for younger kids, too.

kids chore chart with pictures

School Memory Box Printables

Preserve your child’s school memories so you can cherish them later without getting consumed with clutter! These DIY school keepsake boxes are inexpensive and easy to assemble, and you can also snag free printables for them!

school memory box

Free Printable Days of the Week Clothes Hanger Tags

Take a little stress out of your mornings by organizing your outfits with these free printable days of the week clothes hanger tags! They’re an excellent tool for both you and your kids to help everyone get ready and get out the door with a bit less muss and fuss.

days of the week clothes hanger tags in a girls closet

I hope your kids LOVE coloring these free printable monthly calendars for 2024! And don’t forget to PIN this post for later:

free printable calendars to color

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