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Fun activities on July 4th: crafts, activities and printables

by Ünal Güler

We have the most amazing 4th of July crafts for kids! No matter how you celebrate Independence Day, you can use some of these 4th of July ideas to make it more festive! Kids of all ages will love these 4th of July crafts for kids. We’ve got some great crafts, activities, printables and treats for the 4th of July!

4th of July Crafts for Kids - Fun things to do with kids on the 4th of July - Kids Activities Blog - Featuring 8 different 4th of July crafts, activities and more
Let’s have fun together on July 4th!

July 4 crafts for children

What will you do on July 4th? Decorate your home with homemade patriotic decorations and crafts. Have fun running around and spending time with your family playing super fun patriotic games. We have fun crafts for everyone!

Celebrate July 4th

The 4th of July is a day for attending parades, BBQs and fireworks with family and friends, but there’s plenty more for your kids to do to keep busy during this popular summer holiday!

Here are some great ones Activities, printables and goodies for the 4th of July You can share it with your loved ones.

Don’t have everything you need to make some of these fun patriotic crafts? No problems, we can help!

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Crafts for the 4th of July

4th of July Crafts for Kids - Stars Slime from I can teach my child - red, white and blue stars in white slime by hand
Let’s make patriotic slime!

1. Star Spangled Slime Craft

This patriotic slime from I can teach my child has red, white and blue stars! Your kids will love making slime and it doesn’t require a lot of supplies.

4th of July crafts for kids - popsicles, American flags
Let’s Make Popsicle Flags!

2. Make popsicle sticks with American flags

Make these really cute 4th of July popsicle stick flags. The whole family will want to get involved in this fun patriotic craft.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - Paint 4th of July Sidewalk Stars Fun Learning for Kids - Two stars are shown painting with stencils and sidewalk paint
Festive decorations for your sidewalk and driveway for the 4th of July!

3. Paint street stars

Paint stars on your driveway! I am in love Fun learning for kids“Idea to decorate the yard and driveway with stars!” It’s a great way to let your kids help decorate your party!

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July Clothespin Wreath by Preciously Paired - Clothespin wreath on the front door for Independence Day
What a festive way to celebrate Independence Day!

4. Make a clothespin wreath

4th of July clothespin wreath it’s so easy to make and beautiful. It’s simple yet patriotic. The clothespin project by Precious paired is on my to-do list!

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July front door flag made from glue dots
This adorable USA flag is made out of colored pencils!

5. American flag crafts

American flag paint stick project is a cheap way to craft for the 4th of July. This project by glue dots is a perfect way to keep kids busy in the days leading up to July 4th.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July Bracelet by Buggy and Buddy
Let’s make red, white and blue bracelets!

6. Patriotic crafts for kids

Do one Patriotic Necklace! My kids love making necklaces and bracelets. This from buggy and buddymade of blue pony beads And red and white straws It will be fun to wear to the town parade!

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July Confetti Poppers by Happiness is Homemade - 3 confetti poppers in assorted red, white and blue patterns
These 4th of July confetti poppers are so much fun!

7. Confetti Popper Crafts

confetti launcher are a fun way to celebrate! This idea of Happiness is homemade is a great alternative to fireworks, especially if your kids are too small for sparklers. They’re easy to make, require few materials, and allow toilet paper rolls to be recycled. This is a cute craft from this list of fun crafts that I love!

4th of July Crafts for Kids - Go Hunt the American Flag for the 4th of July - Kids Activities Blog - Flag pictured in the grass
Let’s go hunt for the American flag on July 4th!

Patriotic games for children

8. Flag Hunt Game on July 4th

Enjoy this flag hunting game for kids. Children can spend hours looking around the garden flags with this fun idea from No time for flashcards. This is a great way to keep your kids occupied while you make dinner. This is great for younger kids too.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - Go Hunt the American Flag for the 4th of July - Kids Activities Blog - Pictured are denim bean bags and red and white paper plate goals
Let’s play a game on July 4th!

9. Bean Bag Toss Game

Bean Bag Toss Game is a classic game. This DIY game by Chica and Jo will keep your kids busy all summer long! This is also a great way to upgrade an old pair of jeans. I love these fun fourth of July crafts.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July rock painting project by Multiples and More - several painted rocks in the patriotic colors of red, white and blue
Get the red, white, and blue paint out so we can make patriotic bricks!

4th of July decorations

10. 4th of July Painted Rocks Craft

4th of July rock painting is a fun craft! I think rock painting is underrated! We always did that when I was a kid. Check out this cool 4th of July rock painting tutorial by multiples and more. The Rock Painting Set is super cool! What better way to be patriotic?

4th of July Crafts for Kids - Make Patriotic Pink and Green Lawn Stars Mama - Child makes white stars on grass using a template
Let’s make patriotic lawn stars to celebrate the 4th of July!

11. Patriotic Turf Star Craft

Interested in more craft ideas? Make lawn stars out of sifted flour -Here is a unique idea from Pink and Green Mama featured on BuzzFeed about incorporating stars into your garden. This works as a simple decoration or is fun for kids to jump from star to star. What a great craft.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - Make a patriotic paper windsock for the 4th of July
This is going to be a really fun 4th of July craft project!

12. Red White and Blue Windsock Craft

This easy patriotic paper craft makes a windsock that blows in the wind and will look great at your 4th of July picnic. Learn how to make this easy windsock craft! You could even make this for Memorial Day. This easy craft would be great for older kids.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July activities, printables and treats!

4th of July printables for kids

If you want to keep your kids engaged with this upcoming topic 4th of July, Check out these free printables! You can find anything from a patriotic word search to bingo to a 4th of July scavenger hunt.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - activity sheet shown in PDF format for 4th of July printables from the Kids Activities Blog
Oh, so many fun 4th of July activity sheets for kids!

13. Free 4th of July Printables

Free 4th of July printables are a must. This is a complete collection of free printables! Grab your crayons, markers and watercolors and start coloring these coloring and activity sheets. These coloring pages are all about USA and their birthday.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July Bingo from Preschool Play and Learn
Let’s play bingo on July 4th!

14. Bingo on July 4th

Patriotic Bingo Free Printables is a fun way to spend time with your family. Does your family love bingo? Your kids will love it 4th of July version of Playing and learning in preschool! You can use red, white and blue M&Ms as game pieces. Get in the patriotic spirit with this fun game.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - July 4th Coloring Pages for Kids - A selection of PDFs will be displayed
Let’s print out some cute 4th of July coloring pages!

15. Coloring pages on the theme “4. July”.

We have some coloring pages here at Kids Activities Blog that might work well for your 4th of July celebration. Here are some you might want to download and print out for the celebrations:

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July Word Search by Jinxy Kids
Let’s look for 4th of July words in this word search puzzle!

4th of July word search puzzle is a great way to keep kids busy. My kids just got into word search. This July 4th jigsaw puzzle from Jinxy Kidswill help them teach some words associated with the holiday.

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July Scavenger Hunt by Moritz Fine Designs - scavenger hunt in PDF format with fireworks
Let’s go on a scavenger hunt on July 4th!

17. Scavenger Hunt on July 4th

Scavenger hunt on July 4th can be done as a family! Every summer party includes the items in this scavenger hunt by Moritz Fine Designs. You can leave a treasure or patriotic joy for the winners! Here at the Kids Activities Blog we have another version of the 4th of July Scavenger Hunt that you can also download, print and play.

4th of july crafts for kids - 4th of july trivia printable by imom - printable 4th of july trivia in pdf shown on fireworks
Let’s play 4th of July trivia!

18. Things to know about the 4th of July

4th of July trivia game is one of my favorite 4th of July games. Learn more about the holiday and ask your family what they know about the 4th of July me momis a great trivia game!

4th of July Crafts for Kids - 4th of July activities, printables and treats!
Oh, so many great things to do on the 4th of July!

Treats for July 4th

Is it for them? 4th of July (or the rest of the summer) is there Summer essentials we all need!

If you plan to undertake any of these activities and projects, or if you are planning to do so summer partyYou need to stock up on these must-have items!

July 4th Crafts and activities for children of all ages

Y’all these 4th of July crafts are the cutest, tons of fun and great for the whole family. Also, many of them can serve as Independence Day decorations or be used as games. We hope you love these as much as we do!

More 4th of July fun for the whole family!

Grab your craft supplies and ingredients, we have more easy 4th of July crafts to make! Whether you have little kids or big kids, they’ll love these easy 4th of July crafts!

What fun 4th of July craft, activity, or printable template will you start the celebrations with?

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