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Fun Easter facts for kids to print out and play with

by Ünal Güler

Today we have some fun Easter facts for kids that you can download and print out to use at home or in the classroom. The printable Easter info sheets include two versions: a full color printable PDF set and a black and white printable set that also doubles as Easter coloring pages.

printed fun facts about Easter pages stacked in full color on a table surrounded by art supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s print these fun facts about Easter!

Funny Easter facts for kids

If you’re wondering where the Easter Bunny story came from or why Easter Sunday has a different date every year, you’re about to find out! Easter is more than just Easter egg hunts and chocolate eggs. Click the green button to download and print your Easter fact pages now:

Easter begins on Good Friday and the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Other Easter traditions like gummy bears, a chocolate bunny, and painting a hard-boiled egg are ways to celebrate.

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Interesting facts about Easter

Easter, also known as the Day of Resurrection, is a very important celebration for Christians worldwide and there is so much to learn about it! You may be surprised at some of these facts…

1. Easter Sunday is a symbol

Easter Sunday is a very joyful symbol of rebirth and hope.

2. Easter falls on a Sunday

Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon, which occurs after March 21stStbeginning of spring.

3. Where the name Easter comes from

The name “Easter” was derived from the name of a goddess named Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and dawn.

4. The origin of the Easter Bunny

The origin of the Easter Bunny actually begins in pre-Christian Germany, where it is said to have carried a basket and brought sweet pastries to village children.

5. Origin of egg painting

Painting eggs comes from a Ukrainian tradition.

Funny Easter Facts Printed PDF Pages of Funny Easter Facts for Kids in Black and White on a Table Surrounded by Art Supplies - Kids Activity Blog
Print out the 2 pages of Easter fun facts for kids in PDF format in color or black and white!

6. What are the symbols of Easter?

Eggs, chicks, rabbits and flowers are symbols used at Easter to represent new life, growth and joy.

7. How popular is Easter?

Easter is the second most important holiday for selling candy after Halloween.

8. Millions of Easter cards are sent out every year

Over 120 million cards are sent to family and friends at Easter every year.

9. How many peeps are eaten?

Americans eat about 1.5 million peeps at Easter.

10. Millions of chocolate bunnies are sold at Easter

Around 90 million chocolate bunnies are sold at Easter – only in the USA!

Additional Easter Fun Facts for Kids

11. When was the first chocolate egg made?

The first chocolate egg was actually made by chocolatier Cadbury in 1875.

12. When were the first Easter baskets made?

The first Easter baskets are believed to date back to the 17th century and were popular with German Protestants.

13. When did the traditional act of painting eggs begin?

In fact, one of the earliest records of egg painting dates back to 1290!

14. What is the biggest chocolate Easter egg?

The largest chocolate Easter egg is actually 34 feet and 1 inch tall. It was 64 feet and 3 inches round and was made in Italy.

15. Easter is the end of Holy Week

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter. The Christian calendar celebrates the Son of God and his resurrection on the third day.

16. Hot Cross Bun

Did you know that hot cross buns are a popular Easter meal? The custom of eating hot buns at Easter originated in Greece.

To start using our free Easter facts coloring pages, just click the download button below, print them out, grab some crayons, and you’re all set for a cute coloring activity with your little ones.

Download your PDF for coloring Easter Facts here:

fun facts about Easter
Let’s learn about Easter with these fun Easter Facts Coloring Pages!

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Do you need art and painting supplies? Here are some kid favorites:

Great Easter books for even more Easter fun

Usborne Easter Bunny flap book cover art
Little ones love finding the surprises behind the flaps!

1. Easter Bunny Flip Book

In this delightful Easter Bunny Flip Book There are sides with cute little bunnies and flaps to lift. Many surprises await the little ones under the flaps.

Usborne Little Stickers Easter book cover art
This book contains over 250 stickers!

2. Little Easter Sticker Book

Celebrate spring with lambs, hopping bunnies, fluffy chicks and an Easter egg hunt Small sticker Easter book. Add a bit of fun to any scene with lots of reusable stickers. You can always create your own scenes!

More Easter colors and activities from the Kids Activities Blog:

What was your favorite Easter fun fact?

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