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Fun facts about monkeys printable for kids to print and learn

by Ünal Güler

Let’s discover some silly and fun facts about monkeys for kids! Today we will learn all about friendly monkeys with our Facts About Monkeys worksheets. Keep scrolling to find our PDF download link which includes two Facts About Monkeys printables full of pictures and facts about monkeys for kids of all ages. These two pages of monkey facts and pictures are great for the home or classroom.

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Download and print our monkey fact sheets!

Free printable facts about monkeys for kids

Children love monkeys – maybe because both children and monkeys are very playful? Probably! Click the button to download these fun facts about monkeys now:

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Monkeys are primates who love to play with other animals. Did you know that there are hundreds of different species of monkeys? Some are very small, like the pygmy marmoset, others are very noisy, like the howler monkey. Others are bonobo, mandrill, macaque… Can you think of more monkeys? Most of them prefer to live in trees, but some prefer to live on the ground, like baboons. Let’s celebrate the monkeys with our fun facts!

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Monkey Facts Printed PDF file, page one in black and white with 5 fun facts for kids about monkeys
This is the first page of our printable facts about monkeys.
  1. Monkeys are primates typically found in the tropical rainforests of Africa, Central and South America, and Asia.
  2. There are about 260 species of monkeys that we know of.
  3. Most monkeys, with the exception of macaques and baboons, live in trees, which means they spend most of their lives in trees.
  4. Capuchin monkeys are among the smartest monkeys because they can use tools and learn new skills.
  5. The smallest monkey in the world is called the pygmy marmoset, it weighs about 110 g and is about 12 cm tall.
Monkey Facts Printed PDF File Page two in black and white with 5 fun facts for kids about monkeys
…and this is the second page in our free PDF about monkey facts printable.
  1. The largest monkey in the world is the mandrill, weighing about 37 pounds and standing 3 feet tall.
  2. Monkeys are very social animals and love to play, cuddle and protect each other in their group.
  3. Not all primates are apes. One of the main differences is that monkeys have tails, while monkeys and other primates do not.
  4. Monkeys groom each other to show their affection.
  5. Howler monkeys have one of the loudest calls of any land animal and can be heard from 5 kilometers away.
Printable monkey facts pages on wooden background with blog logo for kids activities and colorful accessories
Did You Know These Facts About Monkeys?

Download the Fun Facts About Monkeys PDF here

This fun fact sheet is the size of a standard letter printer paper Dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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