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How is yogurt made?

How is yogurt made?

by Ünal Güler

There are a few foodstuffs I want to talk about. First of all, I wanted to include yogurt. The benefit of yogurt is indisputable, so I will not write about them for a long time. I’m going to tell you how and why I made it. Since we ate village yoghurt, we were comfortable, but it was a bit of a problem to consume since we had to buy it in large 5-kg buckets. It was a long stay since we were a small family and there were days when we weren’t home. Of course, there are also yogurts that turn sour as soon as they arrive (especially in summer). I wanted to feed my son fresh homemade yogurt all the time, it was difficult to leaven daily, and it is more difficult to leaven a small amount of milk. I don’t want to eat ready-made yogurt. I don’t want to eat the village yoghurt we bought when it gets old, etc. These excuses go on and on. In short, it was time for me to make yoghurt at home, and it was over. The yoghurts I fermented for my son were always very watery. So I thought I’d get into this business wisely, and I bought a nice sweet village yogurt from my mother-in-law for yeast.I wanted to share the secrets of the job.

  1. First of all, if you can find it, definitely find a good village yogurt yeast. Since they add plenty of antibiotics to ready-made yoghurts (including well-known big companies-be sure to read the article in the link), I do not recommend ready-made yoghurts at all.
  2. I am making it from 2 liters of milk for now. Since I use pasteurized milk, boiling it for 10 minutes is enough. But of course, other milk will need to be boiled for 30-40 minutes. (As I once said, don’t say you don’t need to boil pasteurized anyway, it’s important to boil it. As it boils, the excess water evaporates, so you will have a thicker yogurt)
  3. If you want the boiling milk, put it in a glass container and wait for it to cool. . It will be warm enough that you will feel the warmth when you dip your bird finger, but will not burn your hand. Count to 7, if you feel the temperature well when you say 7, but your finger does not burn, it is okay.
  4. Add a little bit of warm milk to your yeast, up to half a glass of water, let it warm up too, I think even take it out of the refrigerator a while before using it because it is more difficult to warm very cold yeast. will be.

You can put it close to the heater in winter, choose a place that is not cool in summer.
Put your milk in the fermentation area, pour the warmed yeast into the milk and mix it with a spoon so that the yeast disperses everywhere.< li>Cover it with the lid of the container you are using or with wraps and cover with a blanket and leave it to ferment without moving it.
There will be fermentation in 3-4 hours. You can open the blanket and check it.Your yoghurt has settled but if there is yellow water on it (which is sour water), you can cover your yoghurt with a clean cloth (it will touch the yoghurt) and absorb this water into the cloth. This is useful water, but you can do this if you don’t want your yogurt to be sour. After getting the sour juice of the yogurt with a cloth, let it rest for a while from the refrigerator. Let it rest in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours, or even overnight if possible, without touching the spoon. This way, it will thicken even more.You can use the yogurt after resting in the refrigerator. Sour water will accumulate as you use it, if you take this water as it accumulates, your yogurt will not turn sour. I put a cloth on it, even if it has accumulated too much, I take it in a glass and serve it to my wife 🙂 This process may seem a little odd to you, but I have to do this so that your yogurt can stay sweet and feed it to my son.

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