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How to make a jetpack craft using recycled materials

by Ünal Güler

This recycled jetpack vehicle is so much fun! Use items you have around the house to craft this super awesome jetpack. This is the perfect craft for preschoolers and elementary school age kids. And when you’re done crafting, it’s perfect for encouraging role-play.

Use Recycled Materials to Make a Jetpack great recycled craft idea!
Drive away in this recycled jetpack vehicle!

How to make a recycled jetpack craft

Use this to prepare yourself for the start recycled craft! High-flying fun is guaranteed for kids when they do jet pack with this project. Kids Activities Blog likes this recycled materials Crafts because it does not require spray paint which can complicate indoor crafts.

Many thanks to Sue Bradford Edwards from Education.com for being a quirky mom for the day!

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Supplies needed to craft a Recycled Craft

How to make your own jetpack craft

Step 1

The first three steps are for adults: Cut a square piece of corrugated cardboard about 8″ x 8″. This is the base on which you will staple the shoulder straps and glue the nozzles. It should be small enough not to be seen behind two soda bottles placed side by side.

step 2

Cut two strips of felt long enough for shoulder straps so your child can comfortably carry their jetpack. Make each strap about 1 inch wide.

step 3

Staple these ribbons to the top and bottom of the corrugated square.

step 4

Now it’s time to get your child involved. Have him cut strips of tissue paper to be the flames. They don’t have to be more than an inch wide and can vary in length. They can also be serrated on the bottom to make them look a bit more flame-like.

step 5

Help him make two stacks of these strips by fanning them slightly. Staple each stack.

step 6

Tear off two large pieces of aluminum foil and use one to cover each of the soda bottles, carefully attaching the foil to each bottle. Tape the long seam of the foil with small pieces of tape.

step 7

Use a long piece of painter’s tape to tape the soda bottle nozzles to the cardboard base.

step 8

Step 8 - How to Make a Jetpack?
Fly away with your new jetpack! Rush!

Attach the flames to the bottle caps with smaller pieces of tape.

step 9

Now unleash your child to have fun in the air.

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We love this cute recycling craft project! Has your child built a jetpack out of these materials, or perhaps been inspired to make something else with the recycled materials? We’d love to hear about it. For more great activities for kids, check out these ideas:

How did your jetpack turn out? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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