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Italic V Worksheets – Free printable cursive worksheets for the letter V | Kids Activities Blog

by Ünal Güler

Practicing handwriting the cursive letter V has never been so fun with these free printable cursive letter V worksheets. Each letter V printable worksheet provides plenty of space to trace the letter formation and then space to italicize both uppercase and lowercase letters to improve muscle memory and fully learn how to italicize the letter of the alphabet.

Printable Italic V Flashcard and Writing Exercise for the Letter V in PDF Format with Pencil
Let’s practice the cursive letter v!

Let’s learn the cursive V!

We’ve also included a simple italic alphabet index card with the letter V! Trace, color and cut out each letter of the letter map and create a cursive workbook for quick reference. Click the blue button to print exercise sheets in Italic V now:

Free printable cursive practice sheets

This is the twenty-second letter in a series of ABC exercises in italics. We have practice pages and flashcards for the italic letters a-z in alphabetical order.

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Download and print these Letter V Cursive Handwriting Worksheets to help students master the important skills of forming uppercase and lowercase cursive letters through a hands-on learning process. Learning to cursive can be fun!

Italic letter V flash card

Our first page of free handwriting worksheets is a italic flashcard featuring the letter V. Follow the numbered instructions to create the correct letterform. Children learn to write the first capital letter in a sentence or for proper nouns such as names of people, places or things.

Printed PDF worksheets to practice cursive V with colored pencils for the letter V
Practice your cursive v in both uppercase and lowercase!

Letter V Italic Worksheet.

How to form a capital V in italics

Here are the numbered steps to create an uppercase italic “V”:

  1. First draw a downward curve.
  2. Bring the curve back up.

How to form a italic lowercase V

You can also trace the example letters to write a italic lowercase V in the correct order of steps:

  1. Draw a small downward curve.
  2. Finally, bring the curve back up.

Exercise for tracing the italic letter V

Our second page of these cursive writing worksheets has 6 dotted lines for handwriting practice. The first 6 lines are used to trace the letter:

  • 2 lines to trace the capital letter in italics
  • 2 lines to trace the lowercase italic
  • 2 lines to try italic writing independently

Below is a fun letter identification game to find the letter v.

Download and print the Italic Practice Worksheet PDF here

We’re so happy that by following these simple steps, tracing, and practicing the letters, your kids will have beautiful cursive handwriting!

When do children learn to form cursive letters like V?

While syllabuses and timetables vary, cursive handwriting skills are associated with older children and are typically taught in third grade, when older students are 8 years old. International standards and common core standards do not mandate the teaching of cursive as a necessary skill, but many states, schools, and curricula still value children’s ability to easily write cursive words and continue to include cursive handwriting in their educational activities.

More cursive handwriting worksheets

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How did your kids use the cursive handwriting page?

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