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Free Earth Day Printable Coloring Pages fb

Large Earth Day coloring pages to download and print

by Ünal Güler

Kids Activities Blog is proud to present these Earth Day Coloring Pages in PDF format for kids of all ages. Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day together to honor the importance to our planet. This earth printable is fun to color in and a good reminder of Earth Day and all it stands for, as a global challenge that each of us can face every day…not just once a year on Earth Day!

Free Printable Earth Day Coloring Pages PDF For Kids - Earth Day Coloring Pages PDF With Crayons And Markers
Let’s celebrate Mother Earth with some Earth Day coloring pages!

Downloadable and printable PDF coloring pages for Earth Day

Let’s celebrate Earth Day! It’s the perfect time to teach the kids about recycling, protecting the earth, global change and earth day. Click the blue button to download and print the Earth Day coloring page set now:

These FREE oversized Earth Day printable PDF coloring pages are ready to download, print on legal sized paper and color. Print them all out or just the page you want to color in. We recommend printing out exactly what you’re going to use…it’s Earth Day, after all!


Our Earth Day coloring page set includes 6 pages of earth friendly fun…

1. Friendly world coloring to print

BIG Earth Day Coloring Pages - World Globe with Big Eyes and a Smile Floating in Space - Kids Activity Blog

Our first Earth Day coloring pages feature a happy sphere surrounded by space. You will need your blue and green crayons to fully embrace the earth!

2. Child plants a tree for coloring on Earth Day

LARGE Earth Day Coloring Pages - Kids Planting on Earth Day Coloring Pages - Kids Activity Blog

Our second Earth Day coloring page features a kid with a shovel digging in the dirt and planting a small tree on Earth Day!

3. Children’s recycling coloring page to print out

GREAT Earth Day Coloring Pages - Coloring Pages for Kids to Recycle on Earth Day - Kids Activity Blog

Our third free Earth Day coloring page features a child holding a plastic bottle that is being recycled in a recycling bin.

4. Outdoor Mountain Adventures & Nature Scenes Coloring Sheet

BIG Earth Day Coloring Pages - Outdoor nature scene with mountains, lake and sun to color - Kids activity blog

The fourth Earth Day coloring sheet in this set features a happy sun in a cloudy sky over snow capped mountains and a lush mountain lake celebrating the beauty of the world on Earth Day.

5. Save the whale coloring page for earth day

BIG Earth Day Coloring Pages - Whale With Big Smile and Dash - Kids Activities Blog

The fifth Earth Day coloring page features a friendly whale splashing water and smiling.

6. Kids clean up the beach on Earth Day printable

BIG Earth Day Coloring Pages - Kid cleans up at the beach with a rake coloring page - Kids Activities Blog

Our final Earth Day coloring page features a child using a rake to rake up beach debris by the sea under a cloudy sky.

Download and print the Earth Day Oversized Coloring Pages Set here


Earth Day coloring ideas

  • Coloring pages is a fun screen free activity for kids to do on earth day and think more about caring for the earth.
  • Get creative. The world is a beautiful place. Enjoy the green of the mountains, the blue of the ocean, the bright colors all around us.
  • Be inspired to make the globe an amazing place to live for all of us.

More Earth Day activities from the Kids Activities Blog

Did your child enjoy coloring the Earth Day coloring PDF files? Which printable soil did you color first?

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