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Let’s fold simple paper fans

by Ünal Güler

One of the first easy paper crafts kids learn is making a paper fan. We make super simple folded paper fans. Once kids make this easy paper fan craft, they can keep themselves cool outside, in the car, or at home with bright colors Simple paper fans that they made themselves despite the summer heat!

Easy Paper Fan Crafts for Kids - Two folded paper fans made of construction paper, shown folded in green and purple on white background - Kids activity blog
Let’s learn how to make a paper fan today!

Easy paper fan crafts for kids

These paper crafts couldn’t be easier! Folding paper into an accordion shape requires some fine motor skills. Younger children may need help at first and will get better as they practice this simple paper folding.

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I also like that this craft is very economical which makes it perfect for home, school or camp!

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How to make a paper fan

Materials needed to craft a fan

Materials needed for easy paper fan crafts for kids: glue dots, construction paper
That’s all you need to make a paper fan!

Instructions for making a paper fan

Step 1

Step 1 - Plain Paper Fans - 2 sheets of construction paper shown: one flat and one folded in an accordion fold
The first step is to fold your construction paper…

After gathering the materials, ask your child to choose a colorful piece of construction paper to fold into an accordion:

  1. Starting at one end, fold the paper up about an inch.
  2. Next, turn the paper over and fold another inch.
  3. Repeat this process until all of the paper is folded.

step 2

Step 2 - Easy paper fan crafts for kids: Once the sheet of paper is folded, fold it in half
Once the accordion fold is complete, fold it in half.

Fold the accordion in half.

step 3

Step 3 Easy paper fan crafts for kids: Attach the accordion fold with glue dots or double-sided tape
Let’s attach the middle with some tape or glue dots!

Pull the top edges of the folded side up and secure with a dot of glue.

step 4

Step 4 Easy paper fan crafts for kids: Attach popsicles to the bottom with glue dots
Now we’ll attach craft sticks to the bottom of the fan.

Attach two standard sized wooden sticks to the bottom of the fan using glue dots. This allows children to easily open and close their fan.

When the fan is not in use, close it and wrap a rubber band or string around it.

Make decorative paper fans

Alternatively, children could use plain white construction paper and draw colorful patterns on their fans.

active time
5 minutes

total time
5 minutes


Estimated costs


  • construction paper (default)

  • Wooden popsicle sticks (default)

  • Glue dots, glue or double-sided tape

  • rubber band


  1. Fold a piece of construction paper in an accordion fold, starting at one end and folding an inch of the paper up. Then turn it over and repeat the process until you get to the end of the paper.
  2. Fold your accordion paper stack in half and secure with glue dot, glue, or double sided tape.
  3. Attach the craft sticks to the bottom of both sides with glue dots.
  4. Secure with a rubber band for storage.

Picture steps to make an origami fan

Easy Paper Fan The finished product and the steps required to make the fan are illustrated in this purple paper collage
Here are the steps to make an origami fan.

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Do you remember making paper fans as a kid? What do your kids think of this easy paper fan craft?

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