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Let’s make LEGO friendship bracelets

by Ünal Güler

Today we are making LEGO bracelets! What better way to celebrate your best friend than with LEGO friendship bracelets? With a little help from an adult, kids of all ages can make cute friendship bracelets that are fun to make, wear and share with this easy craft.

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Let’s make LEGO bracelets!

DIY LEGO Bracelet: How to Make LEGO Friendship Bracelets

One of our favorite LEGO ideas is to encourage kids to make their own jewelry using spare bricks found around your home.

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Colorful and festive, these LEGO bracelets are easy to make if you have an adult to help. We are big DIY fans in our house and when we realized how easy it is to make custom friendship bracelets out of LEGOs we couldn’t stop making these cool crafts!

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Materials needed to craft LEGO bracelets

Instructions for making LEGO bracelets

Watch this short tutorial video on making a LEGO friendship bracelet

OK! Let’s make our LEGO bracelets! That will be fun.

Step 1 – How to Drill a Hole in a LEGO

Drill hole for LEGO bracelet Step 1 – Making a LEGO friendship bracelet
The holes in the ends of the LEGO bricks can be pre-drilled.

Drill a hole in each side of a LEGO brick with the Dremel.

Top: If you’re doing this craft with a group of kids, or it’s a less-supervised event, pre-drill the holes before you begin.

Step 2 – Thread yarn onto bricks

Thread LEGO Bracelet Step 2 – Making a LEGO Friendship Bracelet
Now we can thread the thread through.

Thread the thread onto the needle and thread it through the hole, pulling the thread through.

Step 3 – Completing the LEGO Bracelet

LEGO bracelet, tying off yarn, Step 3 - Making a LEGO friendship bracelet
Tie each end of the twine to the LEGO brick.

Tie a knot in the twine to attach it to the brick.

Repeat with the other side.

Finished LEGO bracelet craft

LEGO bracelets are ready in step 4 - Making a LEGO friendship bracelet
What color of friendship bracelet will you give your best friend?

Tie the friendship bracelets around your child’s wrist for them to wear!

Make LEGO friendship bracelets to give away

While many assume these are the perfect friendship bracelets for boys, girls know that LEGO friendship bracelets are for everyone as they are gender neutral. It’s an easy way that even kids can use to make a great gift.

You can even create a creative gift set with different colored thread and pre-drilled stones to give as a gift – the set allows children to create their own pattern using their imagination for their own unique look.

Making LEGO bracelets is perfect for sleepovers

If you’re throwing a sleepover and want to make a fun friendship bracelet, this might be the perfect solution. This is one of those super easy creative art projects that kids will love and is made even easier when the holes in the LEGO bricks are prepared ahead of time.

preparation time
5 minutes

active time
5 minutes

total time
10 mins


Estimated costs


  • LEGO brick – we used a 2 x 4 brick

  • Cut 3 pieces of yarn about 15 inches long in half


  • Dremel rotary tool or drill bit

  • yarn needle

  • Scissors


  1. Drill a small hole in both ends of the LEGO brick.
  2. Using the thread needle, thread three of the pieces of thread through the hole in the LEGO on each side.
  3. Tie the thread.
  4. Tie the bracelet around the child’s wrist.

LEGO bracelet sets you can buy

Don’t have time to DIY LEGO bracelets? I get it! We love the LEGO Dots sets, which give kids all they need for open-ended design inspiration with the included pattern ideas:

  • LEGO DOTS Bracelet Mega Pack – DIY Bracelet Mego Pack Friendship Toy is a creative bracelet making kit for kids with 5 adjustable toy jewelry bands and 295 colorful bricks. Children make their own bracelet from their own designs!
  • LEGO DOTS jewelry craft set, 6-pack – The cool DIY kit includes creative sports bracelet making kits for girls and boys, which allows you to make a customized friendship bracelet using the 6 flexible bands. This DIY kit makes 6 DOTS bracelets
  • LEGO DOTS Magic Forest bracelet craft kit – This creative art set includes an adjustable ribbon and 32 colorful tiles (extra points) to encourage self-expression skills

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Did your kids enjoy making these DIY lego friendship bracelets?

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