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Make a rope in the backyard for endless summer fun

by Ünal Güler

Today we have one of our favorite backyard kids activities: DIY rope for kids! This DIY rope is great for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and even older kids, and is a good outdoor activity full of exercise and fun for kids.

Backyard Rope - Child on a rope holding on to a higher rope for balance in the backyard - Blog about kids activities
Let’s play on our own tightrope in the backyard!

DIY TightRope for your garden

Do you want to bring endless entertainment to your kids in a cheap and easy way? Grab some ropes and string a rope Backyard Tightrope!

Making a wire rope was inexpensive and easy to set up. The tightrope walking activity in the backyard gives the kids plenty of exercise and skill building opportunities. I’m not kidding when I say that this simple tightrope act in the backyard has provided my daycare kids with hundreds of hours of fun and learning over the years. Of all our backyard activities, our tightrope walking is by far one of the most popular.

Note: The popularity of slack rope activities in extreme sports has meant that this activity has become even more popular in our backyard since we originally introduced it years ago. At the end of this article you will find slackline resources that you can use to introduce your kids to a similar line walking activity.

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How to make a taut rope for your garden

Supplies are needed

  • two lengths of soft rope
  • two trees (or fence posts, railings, etc.)
  • adventurous kids

The construction of the rope is so simple

Step 1 – Locate the ends of the rope

Find two trees, fence posts, or patio railings that are fairly close together. I used a tree and clothesline pole to attach our ropes to.

Step 2 – Set up bottom rope

Ropes tied to trees
  1. Position a rope about a foot to a foot and a half off the ground and attach it to one of your trees/poles.
  2. Wrap your rope around the tree or pole several times before tying it in a knot.
  3. Pull the loose end of the rope as tight as possible – this will keep the rope as taut as possible when your child is standing on it.
  4. Secure the other end of the rope around the second tree or pole in the same way as before.
2 year old playing on a rope in the backyard

Step 3 – Build Higher Rope

  1. Depending on your child’s height, position the second rope several feet off the ground.
  2. To get a good idea of ​​what height is best for the top rope, have your child raise their arms slightly overhead. This is where you want to position the higher rope. You want it to be high enough that the kids have to reach for it when they are on the floor.

Note: Ours is about 3 feet tall.

Safety note: To ensure this activity is safe, do not leave the ends of the ropes dangling loose. Secure excess length by wrapping and knotting or trimming.

That’s all there is to it!

Backyard rope rope for toddlers and preschoolers

Walk the tightrope

Now it’s time to summon those adventurous kids! Depending on your child’s age, it may take a few minutes to get the hang of it.

Children climb a rope in the backyard

The bottom rope will be pretty shaky as they work to figure out the mechanics of it all. But just watch! It doesn’t take long before it clicks and they can balance on the tightrope like the pros.

My boys love to walk sideways from one end of the rope to the other. They also love to sit on the bottom rope and swing and hang from the top rope.

Benefits of rope activities for kids

  • sense of balance
  • coordination
  • gross motor skills
  • core strength
  • muscles
  • climbing skills

Best age for backyard rope activities

Toddler uses rope in backyard

If you’re wondering how old a kid has to be before they can enjoy an outdoor activity like this, check out this little hooligan.

  • In the photo left, she is 18 months old. She was obsessed with the rope from the moment she discovered it. It didn’t take long before she could stand on it.
  • In the photo on the rightShe is two and a half years old and is clearly an experienced tightrope walker.

Our tightrope walking is a perfect garden activity for a child or a great little hangout for a group of kids! What are you waiting for? Head to the backyard and tie up a rope for your kids today!

Tightrope walker and slackline kits to buy for your backyard

  • Slackline slackline kit Includes a 57+ foot slackline, training line, and tree guards suitable for both kids and adults.
  • Trailblaze 60 foot slackline kit Comes with a portable slackline kit for beginners both kids and adults.
  • The Ninja slackline line With 8 obstacle course setting stations is a complete outdoor ninja warrior equipment set for kids with swing rings, jungle gym, ninja knot and climbing rope for tree and garden.

More outdoor backyard activities and fun for kids of all ages

How much did your kids love their own tightrope walk in their backyard?

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