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Make the cutest rain boot Easter basket

by Ünal Güler

Rain book Easter nest? YES… and they turned out so adorable. This year I decided to skip a traditional Easter basket and opted for this super easy DIY Rainboot Easter Basket. My kid loved the Easter basket and also loves that they have new yellow rain boots to enjoy throughout spring.

Rain Boot Easter Basket Idea - yellow rain boots filled like an Easter basket
Oh, the cuteness of the Easter basket! Yellow rain boots with Easter treats…

DIY rain book Easter baskets for kids

Not only was this Easter basket easy to make, it was also very affordable! I love that I can gift kids something they can use over and over again instead of giving kids a basket they only use once a year.

The first year I made these rain boot baskets it was theory. But after doing this for a few years in a row, it’s one of my favorite Easter ideas because the “basket” is used year-round.

Rain Boots Easter Basket Idea for Kids - Kids Activities Blog
These rain boots are filled with Easter basket treats!

Necessary accessories for rain boot Easter baskets

1. Best rain boots

I ordered a pair of rain boots from Amazon for $10. They have worked really well for us. I noticed that there are a lot of really cute character and themed rain boot options. Here are a few of my favorites (they generally run a bit longer than the regular rain boots I’ve bought):

2. Easter grass

My next purchase was some easter grass to put on the rain boots. I chose green because it goes really well with the bright yellow of the traditional rain boot style, but there are so many colors to choose from!

3. Goodies from the Easter basket

After that, it’s all about what you’ll stuff in the boots for an Easter morning surprise. We LOVE SweetTARTS in our house so we were sure to include those SweetTARTS chick, duck and bunny toppers.

Not only do they have an Easter theme, but they fit perfectly in the rain boots and are a delicious mom-approved treat as they’re free from artificial flavors!

Rain boots Easter basket close up with grass and candy inside
The boots are full of Easter fun.

4. Easter for children

We usually always include a “big” box of candy to give to each child in the family, so this year we took part SweetTARTS Jelly Beans Bunny Shaped Box. The second best thing about the bunny shaped box is that the packaging is so cute, we didn’t have to dress it up in anything to make the gift cute!

The first best part of it was… SweetTARTS + Jelly Beans. Can you think of a better candy combo? Seriously, we had never tried SweeTARTS jelly beans and were super impressed with them.

Instructions for making Rainboot Easter Baskets

Step 1

To make these I used 2 bags of Easter Grass and stuffed them into the boots making sure there was just enough room to insert the SweeTARTS chick, duck and bunny toppers.

step 2

I then opened up one of the jelly beans bunny shaped boxes and scattered some of the jelly beans on the easter grass in the trunk. I think I’ll even stuff some Easter eggs full with the jelly beans!

finished rain boot easter basket
What a fun Easter basket idea!

This Easter DIY is super easy to make and if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll be crazy about the fun idea.

More Easter basket fun from the Kids Activities Blog

Speaking of boots, have you seen these cute Frozen boots?

How did your rain boot Easter baskets turn out?

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