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Rice Soup, Cigra Pastry, Cherry Cake

Rice Soup, Cigra Pastry, Cherry Cake

by Ünal Güler

Even the dishes prepared by two cooks using the same ingredients and the same cooking method differ in taste. Experience has an effect on this, but I think there are two other factors that affect it. The first is something I read somewhere years ago, but I don’t remember where it came from. According to this theory, since different kinds of bacteria in people’s hands are transferred to food, some people’s food is better (Do you think this is utopian?) In fact, I think that my father always makes good food. I see it as something passed on from him to me.

The second is to cook with pleasure. Most of you already know this. Meals made with love are always better. That’s why my mother-in-law, who always cooks with great skill and even loves the roasted liver, did not eat the Uzbek pilaf she made for the guest on Friday. Because her mother had an angiography the night before and she learned it the next morning. When a guest was invited to dinner in the evening of the same day, he cooked his meals with sadness and fear. The orange colored rice seen above is our share of the Uzbek pilaf made that night. When there was a lot of rice left, he filled it with other dishes in storage containers (moreover, it was difficult to consume) and gave us rice. As someone who has never made soup with rice, does not even like rice soups, and even if he puts rice in lentil soup, he cannot eat it if it is not thoroughly blended, I loved this soup!

I drank a big bowl of soup with love. As for how I made this soup: First, I heated some water in the kettle, put some tomato paste in the pot and added the boiling water little by little to the tomato paste and crushed the tomato paste. And I filled it with the amount of boiling water I wanted. I crushed 2 cloves of garlic in it, threw paprika and boiled it a little. I added the rice and chickpeas from the meatless part of the rice to the pot, and it boiled a couple of times and I added salt, pepper and sumac syrup on it and turned it off. I heated some olive oil in a separate pan. When the oil got hot, I turned off the heat and added mint and poured it over the soup. The garlic-sumac-mint odors along with the cozzz sound enchanted me. As I wrote above, the result was great.

The second rescue effort was for the leftover phyllo dough I made for the guest last Sunday. If the dough was whole, I would have made pancakes, but when it was in pieces, I decided to make a spring roll. But I wanted to try a method that I saw on blogs and was curious about, not the classical method: frying the pastry by dipping it in breadcrumbs. Since there was no breadcrumbs left at home, I rolled a small amount of home-made bread and made breadcrumbs, spread a little yoghurt inside the phyllo dough, and wrapped it with a mixture of white brain parsley. I dipped it in a bowl of water and took it out, squeezed a little with my hand, squeezed out the excess water, covered it in breadcrumbs and threw it into the hot oil. The result of this was very nice. It was a little different than a spring roll, it was crispy on the outside.

The third attempt is not a rescue effort. But when I was very satisfied with the result, I wanted to share it. Cherry cake made by Rabia. I did not prepare and spread chocolate with cream on the outside, but even this state was loved. Friends at work liked it very much, and one of them even commented, “This is perfect for me, it was one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever eaten.” I recommend you try it. You can find the recipe here.

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