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Seashell Santa | DIY Santa Ornaments

by Ünal Güler


These seashell Santa decorations are SO CUTE! These DIY Santa ornaments are super quick and easy to make, with no special painting skills required.

Turn your summer treasures into homemade Christmas decor in just a few simple steps. Then hang them on your beach themed Christmas tree, or use these Santa seashells to celebrate Christmas in July!

DIY seashell Santa ornament in front of the Christmas tree

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DIY Seashell Santa Ornaments

These seashell Santa ornaments are SO CUTE! It’s so easy to make these DIY Santa ornaments. It’s a fun Christmas craft for kids and adults!

Author: Debbie Chapman

Check Out The Video Tutorial:


Step 1: Find what you need

Step 2: Paint the seashell white

Step 3: Paint Santa’s hat and face

  • Add red paint to the palette and paint the top third of the shell red. Paint down a little further in the center, angling up on the sides, creating a curved line at the bottom of this area.Then paint a line of red (about 1/4 inch thick) down along the left side of the shell, following the lines of the shell.
  • Now paint a small section of the shell with the peach coloured paint.Paint a curved oval (or an elongated kidney bean shape) with the peach paint in the center of the shell. Make sure there is a strip of white paint between the peach and the red.Allow to dry, and add a second coat of red and peach, as required.

Step 4: Draw Santa’s nose, eyes, and mouth

Step 5: Add a pom pom and an ornament hanger

Helpful Tips:

  1. Add sparkle to Santa’s beard or hat! Simply brush a thin layer of glue overtop of the dried paint and sprinkle with glitter. Allow to dry and shake off the excess glitter.
  2. If you don’t like the rustic look of twine, add a Christmas coloured ribbon or metallic baker’s twine to the back of the seashell Santa ornament.

Seashell Santa Claus homemade ornaments

Where to get seashells to make a seashell Santa?

These seashell Santa ornaments are the perfect way to use up beach treasures you’ve collected in the summer or on vacation. Simply wash and dry these shells before using them for crafting.

Or you can easily buy seashells that are clean and ready for painting. Check the dollar store first, since they’ll be the least expensive, but otherwise you can find a good selection in craft stores and online.

DIY Santa ornaments on the Christmas tree

What type of paint is used for making a seashell Santa?

We used acrylic paint to paint our seashells. Keep in mind that dollar store acrylic paint definitely works, but tends to require more coats.

If you don’t already have paint at home, we suggest buying multi-surface acrylic paint. This paint has better coverage and needs fewer coats.

Santa ornament painted on a seashell

Can I paint the face on my DIY Santa ornaments?

Yes, if you have a fine point paintbrush and the skills to do so, definitely feel free to paint the Santa Claus face on your seashell ornament.

But we definitely like the control of using a marker to add the small facial features. You can use regular permanent markers like we did, or you can use paint pens.

Do I need to seal the paint on my seashell Santa?

You don’t have to seal your Santa Claus ornament, but it will help preserve the ornament for years to come, ensuring the paint won’t flake off.

Once the paint is totally dry you can brush the ornament with mod podge or spray on some acrylic sealer.

DIY seashell Santa

This seashell Santa is such an easy, adorable, and inexpensive DIY holiday decoration! Each ornament will be unique, and they look so cute hanging on the Christmas tree.

Don’t forget to write your name and/or the year on the back of the ornament!

Seashell Santa Claus ornaments

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