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Super Smart Car Hacks, Tricks & Tips for the family car or van

by Ünal Güler

Looking for car hacks and tips to keep your family van or car organized and clean? Perfect for any family car that needs a little help staying organized, these car hacks can save you money, time, and hassle. <–couldn’t we all use less trouble? Read on for the best car hacks…

Tips and Tricks for Cars with Kids - 3 pictures of different car hacks including water bottle with pens, car binder and bucket
Let’s try these car hacks for more fun in the car, minivan and SUV!

Car hacks to make life easier

As a mother of many, we spend a lot of time in the car going to the various events. Since we spend so much time in the van, we need to make the travel time worthwhile.

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With these simple car hacks, you can make the time you spend in your vehicle more organized, efficient, and less stressful with some of these car tricks.

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Genius hacks for family cars

1. DIY travel book hack

Entertain your children with a DIY travel book in the car. You can create pages of activities for your kids to do on their own in their car seats. above Mom Dad Bubba

2. Write yourself notes travel entertainment

Submit yourself message in a bottle to remember all the fun you have on a trip together. above Sarah Macher

3. Bucket Pulley System – Extreme auto hack

A… create paddle wheel system. This is great for transporting things in the back of the car without having to stop on long drives. Be sure to secure or remove the bucket between moves. via the Kids Activities Blog

4. Condiment Sauce Container Hack

Keep the baby binkie clean. Bring in spare parts containers for condiments. If one gets dirty, just open another container. above Amazon

5. Temporary tattoo to keep your child safe while traveling

A… create washable tattoo your phone number. Put it in your child’s hand when traveling or at a busy event. If you get lost, you can tell someone how to reach you.

6. Keep your child calm in the car

Have you tried everything and still can’t calm the kids in the car? Let them play on your phone, but give them an app you can learn from this! above ABC Mouse

Car tips and tricks for families 1

Refined car hacks: tips & tricks

7. Silicone Cupcake Liner Cup Holder Hack

No more trying to dig coins out of a cup holder (not to mention trying to clear out those little fluffs and crumbs that get stuck in the crevices). Use silicone cupcake cases as inserts for yours cup holder. If they get dirty, wipe them out. above Amazon

8. Trunk organizer hack

Suitcases can become the car’s catch-all. The Trunk organizer can help limit the chaos. It has food sections and a middle cooler. above Amazon

9. Backseat Organizer Tip

Another option is to add an organizer to the back of the back seat, leaving floor space open. above Amazon

10. Car Harness Hack

Have a dish ready for one serving unexpected meal on the way. Stephanie keeps a few sets in her glove compartment. above Modern parents messy kids

11. Easter Egg Snack Packs Trick

Use Easter eggs as snack packs. They are easy to distribute around the car and are perfect for portion control of snacks while driving. above Amazon

more car hacks and tips

Protect your car with these car tricks

12. DIY dog blanket for the car

DIY dog blanket. Bring your dog – and keep the car clean. That is a Hammock style one that attaches to both seats. BUT, if you have a silent dog, consider using a tablecloth. (Note: the original link to this post no longer exists, but here is a similar alternative). above DIY network

13. Seat cover hack

Cover the seats with a Fitted mattress sheets. They will protect the seats. Scotchguard it for added protection from spills and crumbs. via the Kids Activities Blog

14. Grocery hack for your car

I’m not the only one who has bought milk and then all the way home wondering if it tipped over… Worry no more with this nifty product “Hold on” – It keeps food upright in the trunk. If you do end up spilling, here are some genius car cleaning tricks that can help. above Activities blog for kids

Save money with these DIY car hacks

15. Video: Life Hack – Turn any mug into a travel mug

Is your favorite travel mug dirty? That is a genius trick to turn any mug into a spill-proof travel mug! All you need is cling film! More Genius tips on One Crazy House included how to smell a car better & how to fix car scratchesS

16. Trip Bottle to Save Money Hack

Saving the money for a vacation doesn’t have to hurt the budget. Save painlessly for your trip – with a holiday money box travel bottle.

17. Bag of Blessings tip

Collect bags of blessings to keep in your car. When you meet someone in need, you can “be a blessing.” above Joy’s hope

Car tips for emergencies

Car hacks for emergencies

18. Customized Emergency Kit

Put together a kit for all the little things you might need – ideas for things to add include antacids, nail clippers, extra money, band-aids, Advil, etc. Organized Junkie has a great tutorial on how to do it Customize your emergency kit. above Organized Junkie

19. Pre-packaged first aid kit

You can also buy pre-packaged First Aid Kits that can help in an emergency. above Amazon

20. Jumper Cable

We have jumper cable in our car but the times my battery died I lost how to connect the jumper cables. above Amazon

21. How to jump with a car hacks

Even if you don’t have a jumper in your car, Print out this nifty label just in case you need to skip another vehicle. via the Kids Activities Blog

Car hacks for families

DIY car accessories you need

22. Hack for reusable tote bags for your car

if you use Reusable grocery bags, you will love this idea. Fill a container with the bags and keep it in the trunk. You have one stop for all these bags. above org junkie .

23. Inflatable bed for your car

If you drive a lot, this can be very helpful. I know there are days when my older kids have had back to back games during naps!! The inflatable bed would have made resting on my tyke easier while the kids played/practice. above Amazon

24. DIY sippy cup to keep clutter out of your car

Poke a hole in the cap of a water bottle and briefly add a straw “sippy cup” for an older child. Perk: Throw it away when you reach your goal. For more ideas like these, check out our post on Meals On The Go, which we like to think of as Picnic Ideas for the EXTREME!

25. Tie rod hack for your car

Don’t leave all your bags and jackets piled on the floor. use one pull bar – the kind designed for closets. You can hang all children’s things. Thanks Amee for the idea! above Madam offers

Car tips and tricks for moms and kids

Ways to organize your car

26. DIY car seat belt cover

For those kids who have figured out how to unbuckle their seats but are doing it at the wrong times, this trick will be invaluable! Do one car seat belt “cover” with a small plastic cup. Genius! above Thrifty freebies

27. Magazine Rack Hack

Organize the car and all children’s towels and other items that come with activities – with a magazine rack. No more rummaging through stacks in the trunk.

28. Pool Noodle Auto Hack

Put in pool noodle along a child’s bed when traveling instead of a bed rail. Hopefully your children will stay in the “new” bed. above Amazon

29. Emergency Ice Pack

Use a sponge as Backup Ice Pack with these ice packs for the lunchbox hack. No more drops of ice! Don’t have a sponge or something larger to cool? Try a tea towel.

Collage of tips for trips in the car with children

More car organization hacks from the Kids Activities Blog

Leave a comment: What are some of your favorite car hacks, tricks, and tips?

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