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The Coolest Peeps Play Dough Recipe Ever!

by Ünal Güler

Peep’s Playdough is edible playdough made with Peeps Candy. Kids of all ages will have so much fun turning leftover peeps into sensory play with this easy playdough recipe, and the best part is that the smooth dough is delicious! This homemade marshmallow play dough is even cooler than regular edible play dough because it’s made with Easter’s favorite candy, Peeps!

Easter Candy Play Dough - collage with steps to make peeps playdough and how to play with the peeps playdough recipe - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s do peeps playdough!

Edible Peeps PlayDough recipe for kids

Let’s look at an easy way to turn Easter candy into peep dough! Homemade Playdough recipes are very popular here on the Kids Activities Blog and this Marshmallow Playdough is my kids absolute favorite and you can make it quickly with just 3 simple ingredients as the Peeps color acts as food coloring.

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About Peep’s Candy

Around the Easter holiday is the best time to buy Peeps candy, as an average of around 2 billion Peeps are sold each year. Despite high sales, Peeps candy is controversial, as a recent study shows:

“A full 49% of respondents said they don’t eat peeps, which just means more peeps for the rest of us.”

Leavitt groupMarshmallow Peeps poll results

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This edible playdough recipe is colorful and a fun activity for kids, and if you’re in the 49%, we’ll recycle something you don’t want to eat!

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Easy Peeps play dough recipe

Supplies needed to make Peeps Play Dough Recipe

  • 3 People – One color works best
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar (plus more for dusting)

Note: Each Peeps dough recipe is enough for one child. Repeat the recipe for additional children so you can use the other Peep colors.

Instructions to make peeps playdough

Watch our short video on how to make Peep’s Playdough

Step 1

Place the peeps and coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the bowl for 10 seconds, just enough to watch the peeps “grow” with the heat.

step 2

Add the powdered sugar to the melted peeps and stir.

step 3

As you stir in the bowl, the dough should pull away from the edges.

step 4

Step 4 - How to Make Peeps Playdough Recipe - Child kneads Peeps Playdough in hand over bowl
Now it’s time to knead your peeps putty!

Lightly dust your lump with powdered sugar and work out any extra lumps in your dough with your hands forming a dough ball. The dough consistency will be a little springy, but a smooth soft dough.

How to repair your Peeps Play Dough

  • If your Edible putty is too stickyadd more powdered sugar.
  • If the edible dough cracksadd some more oil.
  • If your Edible play dough is too light in coloradd some food coloring the same color as the peeps candies to intensify the putty color.

How Peeps Playdough turns out

This is essentially marshmallow fondant. It tastes even better if you use the flavored peeps. We had a box of blue raspberry peeps – boy was that delicious!

How to store Peep’s playdough

Text: Candy Playdough Recipe - Kid Eating Blue Color Peeps Playdough - Kids Activities Blog
Mmmm…our homemade dough tastes delicious!

Your child can play with the marshmallow putty as regular play dough, but it doesn’t store well even in an airtight container.

We used ours two days later after storing it in an airtight bag, but it was quite stiff and not as pliable as day one. Rather than playing with it like traditional playdough, we found it worked well for cutting with scissors, allowing for even more fine motor hand activity for kids!

Our experience with peeps playing dough at home

This idea of ​​making Peeps dough came about when our kids got a big box of Peeps and we already had so many Easter treats around the house. The Peeps reminded me a bit of our peanut butter dough recipe, which used three ingredients, including regular marshmallows, and made edible, candy-like dough, and so Marshmallow Peeps dough was born.

If you like this idea but think it has too much sugar, check out this version of Still playing school. They use cornstarch as a “thickener”.

How to add texture to the Peeps Playdough recipe

Want to add some texture to your dough? We had fun adding coconut flakes, chocolate shavings and more candy sprinkles.

active time
5 minutes

total time
5 minutes


Estimated costs


  • 3 peeps – one color works best

  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar (plus more for dusting)


  • microwave

  • Bowl

  • Spoon or chopsticks for stirring


  1. Place the peeps and coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 10 seconds, until the sweet peeps “grow” with heat.
  2. Add powdered sugar and stir until it pulls away from the edge of the bowl.
  3. Dust hands with icing sugar and knead out more lumps.


Add powdered sugar if the dough is too sticky. Add more oil when it starts to crack.

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What did your kids think of edible play dough when they first played Peep’s play dough?

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