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This baby float is the perfect way to swim with multiple children

by Ünal Güler

This baby float is awesome because it’s always easier to spend an afternoon swimming with a baby or toddler with a float, but if you have more than one child, there’s a problem! I didn’t even know this toddler pool solution existed… a double pool solution for more than one kid!

Baby pools are swimming in the pool with 2 babies and mom and dad on a sunny day with cute sea pictures and blue and white stripes on them
Two babies can swim in this baby pool! This is great if you have several.

baby pool

This pool float for mom and me is awesome. There is a version for one child and a version for 2 children plus one adult.

Sunny days, warm temperatures, swimming just got a whole lot easier!

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Swimming pool for adults and 2 children

Baby pool - Mom, Dad, 2 babies in the pool with sea pool
This baby pool float makes pool play with multiple kids easy and stress-free! Courtesy of Amazon

The Poolmaster Mommy & Us Pool Baby Driver for 2 kids is pretty cool. It has actually been one of the top products among Kids Activities Blog readers since we first found it on Amazon in early 2021.

That makes sense as the double float helps keep your kids in the pool! And that solves a big problem for parents, grandparents and caregivers when you have twins or two small children or are hosting a poolside game day!

The pool float can accommodate 2 children

Baby swimming pool with a sea theme and white and blue stripes against a white background
There are two places for children and even a place for their pool toys. -Courtesy of Amazon

The Poolmaster Mommy and US Float is definitely a solution we all wished for when our kids were younger.

Unlike most flotation devices, it is designed for two children and their adult!

Details of the multi-seater pool for children

Two babies in baby pool swim with mom and dad in hat and sunglasses in pool on sunny day
This baby pool float is designed for children from 8 months to 2 years old. Courtesy of Amazon

Instead of a typical inner tube, this float features a U-shaped tube for adults to lean on and two round baby seats that stick out like mouse ears.

The baby seats are similar to traditional floats, with seats that fold down to allow little legs to kick in the water, but the adult section allows parents to stay extra close to both children. The comfortable drop-seat construction offers enough legroom for children.

The half ring opening allows parents or other adults to easily get close to the float and float there without being buckled up or plugged in.

Best Ages for Mommy & Me Pool Float for more than 1 child

Family playing with baby pool and swimming in a pool with pool toys, hat and sunglasses on a summer day
Plus, this baby pool float can hold up to 40 pounds EACH! Courtesy of Amazon

The tube is designed for babies from 8 months to two years old and weighing up to 20 kg each!

There are even four small inflatable sea animal toys for little ones to play with. Oh, and the middle pocket area can be used for poolside snacks.

Where can you buy the Mommy & Us pool float?

Cute baby swimming pool with sea characters and white and blue stripes against a white background
Get your baby pool float that holds multiple children today! Courtesy of Amazon

The Poolmaster Mom and US Swimming Pool Baby Rider is available on Amazon for $23.15.

It could be the solution to all your double swim problems this summer!

More baby floats for babies, toddlers and the elderly

In our research, we didn’t find another easy solution like this for more than one child, but here are some of our favorite baby pools for one child at a time:

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Do you like the idea of ​​a Mommy & Us pool that has seating for more than one child? do you already have one?

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