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This dinosaur sand mitt is the perfect way for kids to start digging and digging

by Ünal Güler

Check out this excavator toy! Children will laugh out loud at this fun invention! This dig toy looks like a dinosaur! Dig in the sand with this dinosaur sand glove! This digging toy makes outdoor play so much fun.

Excavation toy that looks like a dinosaur boy playing with a dinosaur excavation toy outside
This excavation toy is great for adding some excitement to the outdoor area!

Dinosaur Excavation Toy

Next time your kids want to dig in the sand, look for dinosaur bones, or even dig in the garden, have this dinosaur sand mitt ready! This is perfect for beach fun, yard fun, and backyard fun! It’s also great for role-playing! Your little ones can pretend to be a dinosaur, roar!!!

Guess what? You can also play with it in the snow! Isn’t that so cool?

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Excavation toy looking like a dinosaur on a white background
This digging toy is perfect for ages 3+.

Dinosaur Excavation Toy Dimensions and Specifications

This dinosaur head easily attaches to your child’s hand, allowing them to open and close the dinosaur head for digging!

Dimensions of an excavation toy that looks like a dinosaur head on a white background
This dinosaur dig toy has plenty of space for your hand and is lightweight.

This toy is 5.4 inches tall with plenty of room for your hand! There is a strap inside for hanging. It’s great for kids ages 3 and up. Also, it’s not heavy, it weighs 3.52 ounces, so it’s not heavy at all!

Cultivate your child’s activity sense and love of nature with this dinosaur-shaped sand digger.

Excavation toy that looks like a dinosaur head under the sand with grass
Play in the sand, dirt or snow with this digging toy.

Reward-Winning Toy

It’s the proud recipient of the 2015 Family Fun Toy Fair Favorite Award and from the reviews, parents seem to love it! Oh, and out of 5 stars it gets a 4.8! That’s super impressive. 324 people seem to love this dinosaur dig toy!

I have to say it makes the perfect gift for any dinosaur fan! Whether you give it to your child as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or Hanukkah gift, it is perfect for all children who love dinosaurs or like to play outside.

Excavation toy that looks like a dinosaur boy playing with excavation toys and another dinosaur digging in the sand
Find this dinosaur toy on Amazon!

Where to get your dinosaur dig toys

you can grab this Dinosaur Sand Glove at Amazon for just under $20 Here.


What do you think of this dinosaur dig toy?

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